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After i ordered this book We thought it would be like the other evil genius books, where you get some interesting projects and learn some new concepts. We was shocked and excited that the first thirty pages are about how exactly trip works. This book goes into such interesting details for every of the tasks. I have read the book, and now We am working on getting the parts to actually acquire.

I hope they come out with a second book on development these drones, as We believe that would be a large hit, as children love drones and if you can quickly build one and then they can look at programming it, that may attract more people.

But, considering the topic, this book is incredible, and they are very thorough, as additionally they talk about how exactly to get a drone license from the FAA, so your hobby will not help you get in jail., Fantastic book for someone getting into drones alot of info easy to understand, Enjoyable book I am still building the drone. We would get a little more expensive first drone to experiment with., GREAT, I’ve been interested in drones for a while but didn’t know where to start. Instead of buying a prebuilt one (like a DJI drone) I thought it would be more fun to build one from scratch and really learn how functions. This specific book was perfect!
The first area of the book teaches the basics of tail wind engineering. I admit We skipped ahead a little directly to building the drone, but the first area was obviously a great reference later after i was curious about why it was traveling.
The guide has shopping lists of parts (almost all of which are available on Amazon) which makes life SO easy. I built my drone for under three hundred, and it flies as well as a 00 professional drone. Plus I can upgrade or do the repair easily!
HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone interested in drones who wants a little more on the job experience., " DIY Drones for the Evil Genius" (by Ian Cinnamon, Romi Kadri and Fitz Tepper) provides a very effective overview to move from the many available toy drones to the more serious hobbyist level. The guide is well organized, allowing you to dive into the theory as strong as desired or decide on and choose specific subjects of interest to rapidly meet their needs.

For me, I was undoubtedly after more of the " get your hands dirty" portions of the guide to get right in and start building my own drone after " outgrowing" my more " toy" drone. But for those more interested in taking a " theorist" approach to the flight of drones, the book also provides aerodynamics of aviators flight and supporting physics, all very useful based how much you desire for theory vs. only the practical aspects. Regardless of which extreme you drop into, or a balance of both, the guide provides the information in a well written, easy to understand document, together with great illustrations and organization.

In conclusion, the reader can immerse by themselves in just as much or little of the idea needed to build their own drone, or more likely, come back to the theory later on as building and traveling the drone progresses and the interest level for the theory increases.

Several key considerations make this book a great purchase. First, its very well priced, and supplies ever so important specific drone first class component sourcing references and vendors to build a top notch drone, and at attractive pricing. One of my concerns entering this purchase questioned if the supplier references would be limited to purchasing from authors of the guide, which refreshingly was NOT the truth. In fact, the references provided in the book take you to various Amazon vendors, many of them " Prime" in fact, selling the precise components and at very reasonable and competitively charged. For me, this will be significant keeping the presentation/learning materials very separate from the purchasing side of the components and so the book does what its supposed to do, provide objective guidelines and references.

Finally, and something one does not often see when purchasing " how to" books is the outgoing support and accessibility to the primary author, Ian Cinnamon. I had several questions regarding following my initial reading of the book. A link is provided to reach out to Mr. Cinnamon, which We honestly did not expect almost any effective or well-timed responses. To my surprise, this individual responded within seconds of my first inquiry, answering all questions with a willingness to continue helping me personally as needed which he has. So the author will take a wonderful " hands-on" approach through his well-timed availability.

I look forwards to progressing towards the start of building my first drone which is anticipated shortly, having self-confidence that the book will provide such a broad amount of information, but most important, knowing that the author openly is making himself availble via email to help, creating this home-built drone nothing short of a success., Great book! Ian Cinnamon and his coauthors do a great job making complicated subjects extremely accessible to just about anybody. The book not only tells you how to build drones but precisely what each section of the drone will. Mr. Cinnamon does not push you to do what he does; this individual explains the parts, offers ideas as to which ones to buy, but then leaves the choice upward to you. I emerged away feeling very confident within my new knowledge of how drones work and how I could build and/or customize them could want using my creativity. The book even informs how to customize consumer drones. It is so interesting that even if you don’t plan to develop a drone I would recommend it! Definitely a five celebrity book! - John, This specific book is PERFECT for the holidays. If you know anyone who likes technology, engineering, or perhaps making things, this book will give them weeks of pleasure. It includes many methods from a drone building explained an overview of aerospace engineering… you can get as technical as you want with this book.

TAKE NOTE FOR HOLIDAYS: go on the book’s website (diydronebook dot com) to see the shopping listing of components and buy the drone parts ahead of time. That way whoever offer the book to can begin building immediately!

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