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Best way to describe this publication is the clearance of doubt for a lot of Muslims dealing with rational debates that make you question certain aspects of the islamic belief and deen. A worthwhile intellectual adventure for one to reflect and reinforce their Islam. Very organized in explaining aspects of creation and creator, questions raised by intellectuals on atheism and theism, and the Islamic ans quranic take on addressing those question. Must read.,... especially in this point in time where ignoring God out of your lives is revered and celebrated. This book gives detailed and relatable explanation of each possible question or doubt regarding a Supreme/Higher Power. Within addition, this book is not only a excellent source of such discussions but additionally can answer many questions of even believers who are not comfortable asking difficult questions and can remove any doubts in their own minds.

I'll admit, couple of chapters in this book do are likely to get a lttle bit philosophical and may not be for every reader nevertheless they all serve a purpose. Highly recommended for both believers and who don't believe in any thing... this may make perspective., Hamza starts from the personal story of his own journey to Islam. He delves the background of atheism and new atheism in the beginning and covers the incompleteness and irrationality of atheistic worldview. The particular most fascinating would be that the publication deals with a lot of argument for the presence of God and irrationality of atheism from natural theology but maintains an Islamic flavor from real options and highlights the significant works of classical Islamic scholars and theologians related to these arguments. The particular book reflects not only an intellectual defence but a spiritual one. Hamza develops a structured circumstance for the reliability of Quran as a Divine book based on epistemic testimony and inference to the best explanation of linguistic inimitability of Quran. He presents a total and persuasive case for Islam in both perceptive and spiritual perspective.
I believe the work will be a millstone in modern Islamic viewpoint and apologetics., I always wanted to read a deep and thorough analysis of Islamic thought and logic on divine organization and why it feels right for that entity to exist, but all of the works were in Arabic which I don't communicate. This book is to date my ultimate ride through intellectual roller coaster that I necessary to further reinforce my spiritual and perceptive confidence while going of life. Pretty much most of all of us have those deep mindful questions on everyday schedule that we just ignore and leave them unanswered which is pretty risky considering what it does to our spiritual and psychological lives in the long run. I highly recommend this publication to anyone who has those " deep" questions., Mashallah Hamza's writing style is clear yet advanced and more importantly the content is great. He does a great job putting things into an unbiased point of view in which the reader can arrive to their own results. If you're somebody enthusiastic about the concept of The lord's existence and understanding who God is, then this is a must read! Also i would advise anyone who sees this remark to see Hamza's debates and big brother. Keep up the great work Hamza!, Very recommend this for anyone who wants to understand the intellectual foundations of Islam. Rather than providing pure reasons 'why Islam is true' the publication takes you by the hand on a warm journey, the one which captures your mind and heart!, This book is something I really recommend every person enthusiastic about the the muslim point of view of truth or anyone who wants to really understand why Islam poses such a strong case for the rely on a divine reality.
This book will enrich you - read it!, Just as described with great product packaging and fast shipping! I recommend this product for anyone looking just for this particular product!

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