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I have become a real enthusiast of historical efforts that deal with an person event or series of events that strongly concentrate on one subject. This is certainly one of those and frankly makes me think my appreciation of this sort of effort is right on.
Lewis disects and presents the whole story (and a bit more) of not only the national highway initiatives of the 50s, sixties, and 70's but has gathered a whole multitude of information about the builders of the system, the designers of the system and the political figures involved in it. Not really only has he collected the information but he has put into one good tale Separated Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Lifestyle   the history of how our interstate system got to be the way it is. He writes exceptionally well, researchs fully and just adds a lot of good information to anyone who choses to pick upward this book. I highly recommend it to all those who have not only a curiousity about this issue but might be thinking about the subject as it matches the total historical stream of the later 20th century.
Enough of these books about these sort of matters and one need not take a survey course ever, just enjoy great reading and writing about a variety of matters of a certain era.
This is an A., Too bad I only read one publication every couple of several weeks. Lewis's "Divided History" is somewhere in between a conventional history of the building of the interstate highway's in the United Says and a journalistic accounts of the builiding of the interstate highway's in the United States. Both way you want to slice it- that's almost three hundred pages on the building of interstate highway's in the Combined States. It's a boring book- not merely because the subject matter itself, but also because Mr. Lewis has apparently never been west of Denver. Apart from a brief two page write up on the 15 running through Vegas, you would feel that the "Interstate Highway System" stretches from the Northeast to the Midwest and stops.

I pride myself on not needing a highway to get to or from work, but take perverse pride in residing less then two hundred feet from Interstate 5. The interstate system and southern california material culture are intextricably intertwined, though the move to the "freeway" system in Southern California predated the national, federally funded "interstate" system by a few many years.

Mostly, I learned from this book that once it got rolling, the Interstate highway project was as formidable a behemoth as the "new deal" ever produced. Ironically the interstate project (and by "interstate highway project" I am mentioning the massive federal spending program that was literally totally in charge of the construction of the interstates everywhere in the United States) was initiated not by Franklin Roosevelt, but by Dwight Eisenhower, who had a sick bed conversion to the reason whilst recooperating from a little light surgery.

Together the way, the Interstate highway project gave nourishment to a generation of civil engineers and bureaucrats (or "technocrats" as Lewis enjoys calling them). Right now there is little to recommend this book to the everyday reader- unless that everyday reader is as infatuated with the interstate highway system, I started with a DOT in the early 1970's when the highway building growth was ending, mostly credited to financial priorities actually shifting. I think it is wise and good to appear back on where we have been what we do and what it may mean- and that is what this guide attempts to do. A brief history within the publication is interesting with some actual interviews interspersed with the " facts". Open public sentiment overall, however, was for building these thoroughfares, suburbanization and shifting trade to more diverse locations. This goes on today albeit at a smaller size, even though costly and probably not sustainable in the long run. Mister Lewis' book tends to place what some understand as a huge open public mistake with many negative effects. It does not reach any of what the general public could have taken advantage of from. I see, from personal observation, no compelling, predominant interest in shedding personal mobility or moving a young family to where some grass can grow or benefiting from the diverse commerce we have access to. The reality that traffic growth has stalled in past few years probably has more to do with energy prices and overall economy issues than with personal desires. On the other hand much some of all of us may see something wrong using this, or at least question it, who gets to be assess and jury?

Hopefully this book will produce more reflection and thought in this arena. In the meantime, it is upward to the look and architectural arena to do everything it can, given a very challenging political landscape, to balance public belief and desires with efficiency and safety., I have been slow in finishing the publication. I felt I needed to take notes as I read because I want to refer to some of the interesting items in the book without hunting. You must have a big interest in this subject. The first part of the book is interesting but not as much as later in the publication. It gets better as you read., Very interesting read and good dialogue about the policy issues behind interstate expressways., A new great study book on the American higheay/roads systems., I'm a happy customer., If you take the interstates for granted check out there this read. It was an awesome undertaking with unparalleled impact about how Americans live.

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