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This set includes the trilogy, combined with the extra book titled, " Four". I actually recommend reading Four first. It can the comets set. My 13 yr old triplet kids started reading this article series in school. They couldn't stop talking about it, therefore i bought this series for them, and i also even read it myself. It's very, very good. The movie can be quite good too; although, the books are a lot more detailed. I highly recommend this series. I might caution for younger readers as the two main character types have some heated moments. Nothing that heavy, but on the line. I wouldn't want my 8 year old reading something such as that. I hope this review has been helpful for the fogeys out there. All in all.. Definitely a great series! Essential Read!, Folks almost universally love the first two books and I agree so I will leave it at that. Many people hate the 3rd book for two reasons: the ending, and insufficient differentiation of the two main characters. I disagree with regards to the ending. It was quite complex, very human and a real comments on war, conflict, human being society and healing. I just wasn't Hollywood. I slightly agree about the 2 main characters not being differentiated. The narrators voice is quite similar to Tris, so when we are in Tris's head, it feels quite natural and also you get lost in the character. Once the narrator movements into Tobias's head, the voice doesn't shift enough, isn't distinct enough. This made it challenging to feel that you were experiencing a different character. However, this error was mitigated by the point that the 3rd story was just as engaging, just as complex since the first two. For this reason, I remained engrossed in the storyplot though I identified that there was a problem with the differentiation. It just wasn't a huge enough problem to separate me from the experience of the story., First off, I have to admit that it is difficult for me to rate this book without score the series as a whole, so that is what I am going to do. It turns out I cannot review this series without comparing it to Hunger Games.

Presently there is a lot of similarity between this series and Hunger Games. Teenage coming-of-age adventure story in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society. I really could go further into the premise, but it really does not make much sense outside the circumstance of the book.

Once more, like Hunger Games, I found the initial book grasping and devoured it quickly. The second book did a good job to stay up that pace.

Then the 3rd book comes upwards, and, once again like Hunger Games, it takes the " Us versus. Them" story and includes in " oh look, These Guys Too! Wager you didn't see THAT coming! " plot connect, and things go off the rails for me. The first two textbooks seem to be building your hope for the characters and the world they reside in and the ability for them to make the world better. Then they expand the world, and the 3rd book goes about crushing your hopes of a happy ending.

While reading the initial two books, I was a little bummed that it would be over in three. By the time I used to be about a one fourth through the 3rd book, I was looking forward to it to be done. I used to be looking forward to 4 during the first two books. After reading the third, I don't have any real interest in reading Four anymore.

The real world does not have happy endings for everyone, but this isn't really about happy endings. It is more about building up these characters to great heights with the implication that they will usher in a new age. Then, it turns out in the finish they are a cog in a machine in the end. Important, positive, but used to a finish just the same.

I might actually rate the first two books at five stars, but the 3rd book is such a disappointment that it brings down the complete series for me, and this book is useless without the other two. If you read Hunger Games and adored it, this scratches the same itch. In the end, I didn't hate it, but it lost a lot of shine quickly in the conclusion., ACTUAL RATING: 3. 75 STARS.

I enjoyed Divergent. I truly did. But I had some problems with it.

If you have read several of my previous reviews, you know that I am more character driven than story driven. Well, this book was more of the latter than the former.

I experienced that Tris had pretty much no narrative voice, which is the risk when writing a first person, present tense book. (And, in hindsight, I’ve realized that, while I enjoy the writing style quite definitely, I never felt Tris’s existence through her lien. Most of the time, she seemed too firm [heheheh] and stoic to be drag and blood. ) As far as characters go, I believe I’d say 4 was my favorite, because I felt he had both a developed backstory and a developed personality.

In regards to story, the majority of the novel occurs in the education headquarters. Not really only are we issue to a lot to train scenes–this also means that, halfway through the book, Tris has still not yet been accepted into her chosen faction. For a book almost 500 pages long, that’s considerable time focused on training. As a result, everything leg techinques off around the previous fifth of the book, and, while the finishing was incredibly exhilarating and very satisfying, If only certain plot developments would have began appearing earlier in the book.

Yet this book did keep me reading late to the night, and the remembrances I have while reading Divergent are timeless. This is a total guilty-pleasure read, and I liked the heck out of it. I recently wish Collections had been more developed as a character; this book would have been a solid four stars if I could have connected with her better.

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