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I actually fell immediately for this book, from delightful plot to precocious protagonist, and I’d go as far as to say i think this is a book that all young older people should be reading. That could ostensibly be seen as a book about fitting in and finding your place in the world, but more than that it is a book about power and ambition, and the fantastic lengths that a girl goes to obtain that power.

A lot of reviewers have dissed the narration of this book, with a kind of unnamed narrator telling the story of how Frankie shook things up in her sophomore 12 months of high school, but I really enjoyed it. It felt so very confessional and conversational having a 3 rd party tell the story, and am carefully enjoyed that broken next wall feel of the narration.

As for Frankie, she’s by all means not perfect. She comes across as a bit foolhardy and entitled occasionally, but her heart is in the right place and her drive and ambition make the girl really relatable. Who hasn’t wanted to shake things up a bit to battle against the patriarchy and perceived slight? Within this book, Frankie does that, and her eventual fall under passion with her cause is a fun ride.

This specific book is a crazy ride, featuring secret societies, gender politics, and a lead character that is just plain sick of sensation left out. It is both highly political and wildly funny. With hijinks that could only happen away at boarding college and a delightful sense of revenge, readers will love Frankie Landau-Banks and her endless drive to come out on top., I read this book with one daughter when she was 13. It was a fun bonding time because the novel is filled with wit and teen relationship stress (but in a more upbeat way). My more youthful daughter heard some of the story and insisted that we read the book together, too. That is a book that both girls have re-read and there are some great lines that we will occasionally reference.

I actually learned about this book from a podcast book reviewer who raved about it. It started a bit slowly and gradually but quickly pulled you into the life of young Frankie. It is a must-read!

NOTE: There are some references to kissing, underage drinking, and a prank involving undergarments, but there is a message in the story that makes sense. If you are, however, squeamish about subjecting your daughter into it, read it first. You could determine it is all right - or you can skip something that offends you. But these are small things... I just avoid want you to be surprised, as I hate hearing a great book recommendation that ends up to be more full of cursing and sex than actual plot., I hate reviews that tell the complete story so I will simply say, I wish there was a Publication Two. I hated seeing the ending of the story. This needs to be the best teen read I actually have come across in the last year... and yes, that includes certain more popular books. Lockhart doesn't take the apparent road and she allows Frankie to do the girl own thing. Sometimes writers twist events and figures to fit into a mold that will assist their work more marketable or more appealing to how they themselves would want things to be. Not At the. Lockhart, she allows the girl story to take the path that's weeded over and largely unpleasant. It was a fantastic read that I will be reading again.. since it is sadly not a series., This specific book is even smarter and more delightful than its protagonist, and that's saying a lot. The summertime before her sophomore year, Frankie Landau-Banks has filled out nicely. Now, back at elite boarding school Rock crystal, she finds herself with an amazing-catch boyfriend, senior Matthew, hanging out with his self-assured senior friends.
But Frankie's still is without a doubt the border of things. She'll never be admitted to the Bassets, the school's all-male secret society. Like a lady and one of the few Jewish kids in maybe the WASPiest preparation school in America, your girl will never be part of the future old-boy's community. Even if she's smarter and a much better organizer.
Frankie doesn't like being excluded. She's going to do something about that and shake up the school's administration and patriarchy in the process.
She might get expelled. She might lose her boyfriend and entire circle of friends. Exactly what she will not do, after masterminding the mind-bending pranks of the Species of fish Liberation Army, is go quietly.
A subversive, moving romp about risking what you have for what they is just not let you be, The Disreputable Great Frankie Landau-Banks is a twisting tale of tweaking the powerful and privileged by one who refuses to stay in the girl place. A great read, and one that stays along with you.
--Dean Gloster, Quiet genius sometimes needs the right motivation to flourish. Frankie's genius is her creativity and sharp sense of humor with a dash of vindicte thrown in for personal fun. Tired of being treated as the cute, humorous girlfriend of the very popular boy on campus and not being seen as a whole person; tired of only being asked the girl view on trivial or gossipy topics and not included in discussions of any substance; tired of individuals just assuming she has no brain worthy of any notice, Frankie mounts a history making campaign of genius practical jokes. The girl goal is to make people notice her true personality, creativity, leadership and intellect. I loved Frankie. What a great role model for being genuine, strong and significant. Unfortunately, I think most teen readers, plus some adult readers, will totally miss Frankie's very important message, just like Frankie's best ally, older sister and boyfriend did. Guru is often misunderstood. Go Frankie!

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