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I am impressed that the creator has dedicated so much of his professional profession to writing this book and updates it every four (I think this individual said four)
years. We are informed not to worry if the publication date of the book is a few years behind or ahead of the version of SPSS that you are using as each year the updates are not that significant. When SPSS first came out, it was its own company and I only recently learned that it was purchased out by APPLE. It was so cost prohibitive to buy, the only way I could gain access to it was at school or work. Presently there was a student version but it limited one to the number of instances you could enter the software. Now it is so cheap to buy, I can't say for sure why anyone would want to do statistics on Excell. SPSS is a really easy software application to use if you understand statistics. (I had to learn it in the old days and nights when there was no Windows interface and had to learn coding to do my data operates! ). Back in the day before IBM purchased it, the software came with a lot of manuals. Presently there was a whole cottage industry of men and women who would offer seminars that would cost up to , 000. 00 to teach you how to use the application that came with manuals and disks with practice exercises. I'm pretty sure this book probably put that whole industry out of business. I actually could only afford to take those classes if my company paid for it and am almost always had to fly to some other location to obtain the classes I needed that covered stuff I didn't learn in college. Therefore compared to ten years in the past, being able to have entry to a book like this is unbelievably awesome! It saves you time and its very well written and you have to be able to trust the fact that its posted by SAGE which publishes a sizable series of hand books on a sizable number of statistical methods which were considered the gold standard but written in a really technical language. The biggest problem I have with the book is that the just too wordy. Presently there is a lot of story telling in this book which is very time intensive to get through. At some point you just find out how to skim over the long winded stories and start highlighting the areas where the author gets to the main point. Also, I understand this individual is trying to be funny and appeal to university kids but I actually really don't think mentioning a study on the use of coke as a spermicide was something that added any value to the book. Therefore if you are students just learning how to use SPSS, consider yourself lucky to possess this but if you are a busy working professional, this might not be the best choice. There are online videos now at a website called Lynda that can walk you through the application and get you up to speed rapidly but you won't get the abundant details found in the book., I am currently using this as a textbook for a graduate student biostatistics course. This guide is supposedly intended to get this hairy subject matter " accessible" and better to understand than your average biostats text, with copious use of humor. I was expecting the stats equal of the " How to Ace Calculus: The particular Streetwise Guide" series, which really lives up to its promise. (I love those books and refuse to part with them. ) " Discovering Statistics, " while it strives constantly for humor, fails in the area of making the subject matter more understandable. I have frequently found myself referring to other, more standard data textbooks to figure out what, exactly, Fields is attempting to explain., For a text book, it is pretty good. I don't think anyone would read it for fun in case I actually have to read it (and I do) than this can be the one I would pick to learn. As a middle school science teacher the gross out factor gets my students attention- The book does the same thing. Its pretty humorous! The videos are wonderfully helpful!!, Dr. Andy Field is such an intelligent man and excellent data teacher! This guide was used for my first doctoral level statistics course, therefore I found some of the long " winded" discussions to are difficult when I really only needed a " quick and dirty" way to achieve the conclusions I needed. I found some of the dialogue painstaking due to needing to know the information rather than a long dialogue about sperm and what not. However, I really do recognize that he does this to help pull the reader in and make statistics hell a little better. This is easily the most effective text books I actually have ever had to buy. I have referenced it numerous times and know I will need to reference it in my coming studies.

The friend website is also one of the most useful websites from a book that I actually have ever experienced., I actually love the humor in this book! Andy Field does a great job talking about statistics, and application in SPSS. I possess SPSS v22 on my computer (I get it free through my school) so there are some differences, and add-ons such as bootstrapping are not a part of my version (he discusses this A LOT). Otherwise, the methods are exactly the same. I would recommend this for an interesting, yet informing read. A single of the best statistics books I have ever had. Note: I needed to get the SAS-associated book, but the reviews are horrible and I didn't want to do it. That is unfortunate, because Field definitely maintains you interested throughout the read with personal reports and humor!, An awesome resource. I've taken several statistics courses at the undergraduate and graduate stage. This book provides clear explanations and practical exercises. Whenever I am faced with a statistics questions, this is my now go-to resource. I have yet to think of a statistics question and not you should find an answer within the text or maybe the good examples. While limited to SPSS, the book is useful for understanding the rules regardless of your decision in statistics packages.

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