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Discipline Equals Freedom. A male's entire philosophy boiled lower to 3 words. This is usually what is most outstanding about this book. The depth paired with the particular brevity. At 190 web pages it isn't designed to spend your time and which why I really like Jocko's writing. It has an intent and it cuts out all of the clutter. He stays disciplined even within his writing. The book is broken directly into 2 parts: Thoughts in addition to Actions. Part I (Thoughts) discusses his philosophy in addition to Part II (Actions) talks about physical conditioning (diet, extending, etc. ). There is usually also a bonus appendix with very, very comprehensive workouts for different amounts of physical condition (i. electronic. beginner to advanced).

Just what most impressed me concerning this book was Jocko's ability to discuss the topic in detail in addition to then summarize it succinctly in one line. This particular is his gift and uses it in practically every chapter. Glory in solitude. Laughter wins. Bane the warmth of the particular bed. All of these kinds of ideas, and others, are usually included in Part I actually (Thoughts) of this discipline manual.

While originally studying Part I (Thoughts), I actually thought it was fairly unorganized. Why is he or she referring to Regret then talking about Focus? However, since I kept reading I actually realized that Jocko has been just attacking the same problem from many various angles. It absolutely was as if Jocko were rotating around his core truth (Discipline Equals Freedom) and explaining it using different viewpoints. For example, how carry out you view Discipline Equals Freedom with the lens regarding stress? Through regret? Via negativity? Through positivity? That is harder to follow the particular structure initially, but I actually believe this makes the particular work more accessible to the wider audience. For example , I actually found that some chapters spoke to me even more than others, and I actually am guessing you will sense the same way.

Inside Part II (Actions) Jocko summarizes what actions you can take to start transferring the right path physically. I completely acknowledge that thinking is no place near enough to really make changes in your current life. You have to be able to act, and this part discusses the practical part of acting. For example, how to wake up early, how to consume, how to work out whilst traveling, etc. I advise spending as much moment, if not more, upon acting (Part II) when you did on thinking (Part I). While the pondering can get you engaged, the particular acting will keep you engaged, and this is the particular key to staying self-disciplined.

In conclusion, this is not a typical motivational book. When reading it you can tell that the particular author means business. This individual lives this lifestyle. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. His Instagram account illustrates this better than anything. 2 everyday photos. One at around 4: 30 AM to be able to show he is conscious and acting, and 1 after his daily workout. Simple, but to the particular point. He lives it and I hope you may make some inspiration from this book to live nearer to your truth. With that being said, I actually will leave you along with one of my favorite quotes from your book:

" We are defeated 1 tiny, seemingly insignificant give up at a time that chips away at that we should really be. That isn't that you get up one day and decide that's it: I was going to be weak. No. It is the slow incremental process. That chips away at the will-it chips away in our discipline. "

I actually hope you enjoy Discipline Equals Freedom as very much as I did., The good: the book is beautiful. An excellent coffee table book for a guy cave or gym. I actually will echo what some other reviewers have said, the particular book is difficult to be able to read with the photos behind the white words, I see the actual have been going for, but my eyes get tired constantly changing from white on dark, to white on gentle grey. Frankly, the photos don't add much in addition to don't really seem to be able to have much to do with the particular topic.

If you listen closely to the podcast or even have read Jocko's some other books, there isn't the lot of new content here. The passages seem like something from the motivational speaker without the added context that Jocko earns their longer books or podcasts. It seems to myself such as this was an effort to take the wonderful movies Echo produces for youtube, and put them in book form. I just don't think it works. I actually find myself occasionally flicking it open, finding the random page, reading it, and feeling kind of icky as it feels like an additional motivational speech that Jocko despises so very much.

For people fresh to Jocko, the content will sense corny and will likely turn them off to be able to him. For hardcore followers like me, there just isn't much new here. If you are looking for a real hypostatic book, pick up Extreme Ownership. This book feels practically like an outline for EO., I’m a 400lb desk jockey who hasn’t been active in athletics in 13 years (since high school wrestling). I have battled with weigh issues and over indulgent eating considering that 2008, when food packed the holes in our emotional life. Jocko provides been a huge impact in changing that, but nothing like this book. I actually didn’t make it past page 10 before I actually realized Required to make now. That me adding off the things I desired were due to our fear of how hard it would be, not due to the fact I didn’t know it was possible. And certain enough, after a week regarding Jiu Jitsu I’m having up with my security alarm instead of snoozing, reaching my macros every day time, and following through upon the little decisions that I would always put off out of laziness. Thanks a lot Jocko. I’m looking forward to being free!, Dare I say too brief. The book grabs you and provides you with the compromise for discipline. Really beneficial on how Jocko relates war time leadership in addition to discipline to real civilian life. It is absolutely a must read. possessing the rest of my family read it., Expected even more from the author for all those his experience and information. There was not very much coherency in the way material is usually presented available. Bit disppointed., Great book that kind comments the podcast, extreme possession, and the warrior youngster perfectly, plenty of workout routines, diet tips. Its simply old kick in the particular ass when ever you need it, Great motivation tool. Don’t overthink your current goals and problems. Get it done! Solve it! Conquer! Rise up!, Great summary of details from Jocko. Use it for quick reference to be able to help on getting right after it. Use it to DO.

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