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Inside my never ending search for a kick-ass plot, I actually stumbled across an creator named Rhys Ford, known by many people for her amazing food tease and adorable pet pictures all over social media, many other things. This was a year in the past that I picked a book called Dirty Kiss (or, Dorthi Ki Seu if ur Korean but bear with me cause I'm bad with phonetics) and met the total and most beautiful (or at least inside my top 3) book boyfriends of all times: Kim-Jae Minutes, better half of the primary character.

Enter Cole McGinnis, PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY, L. A. resident and very lucky when it comes to getting shot at. He's the center and soul of Rhys's phenomenal series. As you can imagine, the mixture of Cole and Jae together is simply pure ENERGY. And where Jae is a smooth, sweet, very gentle Korean guy scared to death about his family finding out he's gay, Cole is surely an ex vice cop turned private investigator, troubled after a few years about the (still) secret surrounding his partner eliminating his lover and then commiting suicide.

Yea, garbled, but KILLER PLOT.

This particular book (and the subsequent 4, including 'Down and Dirty') are possibly one of THE GREATEST homosexual romance books I have ever read. Really. The particular plots are phenomenal. The particular writing style
is phenomenal. The characters are phenomenal. Jae is hot. Cole is hot. His brother Ichiro is hot. Bobby, well, Bobby is NOT as hot as Cole, Jae and Ichi but he's in the range, and Scarlet reminds me of Conchita Wurst. Also, the secondary characters are hilarious, the nice instances are sweet, the hot instances are hot and nobody who hasn't SUFFERED from the famous and worldwide feared, Lord forsaken L. A traffic know how 2 ldescribe it as good as Rhys does. Ha! Tell myself that I don't go Downtown other than to see my Dentist every six months and I conclusion up w anxiety attacks, OMG, I loved this book!! I very rarely buy books that cost as much as this one (. 99) when I don't know the author (been burned by poor writing way too many times) because I have kindle unlimited and I actually have many books to choose from for just ten bucks a month; however , this book was reduced to. 99 cents for one day and I actually purchased it.... great decision on my part.
I am also leery of buying publications written in first person narrative because so many authors do it so poorly--Rhys Ford is not just one of them. She is probably the most effective authors I actually have read using the first person narrative style. She also has a lot of humor in her writing:
Tipping the bottle back, I doused my face with beer. In some way my mouth moved when I wasn't looking. Wiping off the foam, I actually muttered at him, " Laugh and I'll punch you in the nut products. "
" You couldn't find my nuts right now basically had my trousers down and was waving them in front of you. "
She can also make you want to cry consist of more serious parts of the book:
The sentient part of my mind-the part that knew I was in a dream--screamed to get out. It realized Rick never made it to the hospital..... as Rick died all over again in my scarey dreams. Again. Always dying and I'm always helpless to stop it.
This is also a book with, what I call, real people sex….. in other words, they actually make a move besides have sex constantly. Some books have the MC’s having so much sex that it becomes totally unbelievable—even the energizer bunny needs new electric batteries to keep going and going and going. This particular is a book that has a lot of plot with some sex (instead of the lot of sex and a second plot).
I actually have already purchased the 2nd book(I will be buying all 6 in the series) and I feel loving it just as much as the first.
I highly recommend this book and a further suggestion—if you like audio tracks books(and you buy this on Amazon) go for the extra . 99 for the audio tracks version…. the narrator is fabulous.
This is actually the first book I have read by Rhys Ford, but I am obviously going to buy at least 5 more to complete this series then see what else this talented author has written., Holy crap. This storyline is relentless! There's a lot that isn't spelled out because that is not how the primary character rolls, and it definitely adds to the tension.

I cherished Cole's humor; it is a sharp and prominent contrast to the harm he's taken and how he struggles to live with his experiences. This fascinated me that in the sex scenes, his sentences became very long and complex, sometimes nonsensical, but extremely sensual. Plus Jae, his humor and his emotional strength, and in particular how his culture (Korean) colors his life choices, challenged Cole at every turn. This is an unsteady but heady dance as convincing as the murder Cole is trying to solve.

Highly recommended., This is one of my many re-reads. The characters have a reality that brings you in and keeps you and before long you love them.

And, they piss you off. In a good way. The secret is interesting and you probably won't figure out who did it until the very end. Yes, is actually that kind of guide. We are pretty good at figuring out who-dun-it before the reveal, but this book did surprise me, and i also wasn't disappointed by it at all. And the writing paints the picture you need without unneeded wordiness.

With regard to an added treat, the Autiobook brings this alive in ways you can't believe.

Grab this guide, you won't be disappointed. Listen to the book- You'll enjoy it again.,.. but better late than never.
I actually gave this book a 5 star rating after reafing it. I have now read it over and over. This is one of those publications that stands as a treasure with every reading. The characters are complex and intriguing, from the primary characters to the side bit elements. I cannot recommend this book, this series, and this author, highly enough., Wow- I didn't find Cole and Jae-Min's history until after the first four book had been written. Lucky me. I actually had a four guide reading binge. This history grabed my heart from the being. Ms. Ford weaves the back story of these two men while we read their history in the present. I actually couldn't put the guide down as I read how Cole fights to restore from a betrayel that took the life of his life partner and Jae-Min when he fights through the demands of his culture by loving a man. Anyway all I could say is get this book. You will not stop reading till you've read them all. Thank you Microsoft. Ford.

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