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When you think of fairy reports you go back to your childhood. Where baby wolves are big and furry creatures, what nightmares are made of. Where Cinderella is a weak woman who needed a fairy godmother and prince enchanting was just that enchanting.. In this adult version.. The herione are badass and lucious.. The heros Alpha AF.. These reports weaved you in a realm packed with emotion. A person will squirm in your seat. You may fantisize and you will wish, your lifetime was a fairy story.. Each author did an amazing job in holding you to their words.. Be careful going in Princess, you might just come out a broken Queen., What do you get, when you take a bunch of today's best Indie authors and add some of your favorite fairy reports?? A book of brief hot stories!! Each of the authors out their own modern twist on stories from Peter Pan to Beauty and the beast. Each story will have you chasing these author's for more!, Perform you remember as a young girl you cherished to read fairy reports? Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Rapunzel and the like, was stories you have read repeatedly. And of course, like any woman you wished you were in their shoes; thinking of your prince arriving along to take you away so you could become their princess.

The truth is, while those days have long since gone and you’re a grown woman now, your fairy tales have produced program you. Today youre involve fantasizing about finding your one true love, no matter where they may be. Today these fairy reports are no longer nice the way you keep in mind them to be; they can be quite hot and steamy with an alpha male as your knight in shining armor charming.

These stories will remind you of the fairy tales you cherished as a little woman, but however they’ll will have some sort of filthy erotic twist to them, twists which might cause you to wet yourself.

There’s will no longer any limits as to where you’ll find your real love; they could be sitting next to you at work, near where you live, another town, or even from out there of this world.

Thus, should you be considering reading filthy fairy tales as the grown up little girl you know you are, why don’t you join the 12 authors in this anthology and step into moccasins of the woman protagonists they’ve created in their stories, and feel all the lust and passion these protagonists are going to experience.

For giving those readers who are considering experiencing fairy tales like the ones they’ve remembered as little ladies, but are now big ones, I’ve given these authors and their reports 5 STARS, My inner little girl is excited at all of such Fairy Stories being retold in a very dirty way. I couldn't pick just one short to review because they are all amazing pieces of work. I will say I would kill to have every single book a full length novel. Just saying authors occur you give a little then take it away. I won't give away what Fairytale is which dirty Tale because i want one to figure it out.

The Savage Little princess by Cheri Marie
Fallyn is the chief of authorities daughter. Emilio is the Mob Boss's son. They shouldn't be seeing one another in secret nevertheless they can't make it. When another man tries to take what is Emilio's he can stop at nothing to protect precisely what is his.
Yes, what a way to get started on an anthology with a bang. Fallyn is such a strong woman and Emilio is ideal. I can totally see why they fell in love. Their dad's are a couple of men I wanted to kick them. This book was brief but packed with craziness and greatness.

Pure as Snowfall by Brandy Dorsch
Angelica Snowfall lost her father only to have her mommy remarry the worst man ever. With the wicked step father comes another evil man. After years of dealing with it all she wants is to be free she never took into account what that means. On the best day of her life it turns into the worst.
I loved this guide. I went through an array of feelings with this short story. The subject is ideal for this guide. I loved all the secret around this book and the characters.

If The Shoe Fits by JM Schalm
Collins left her family and evil step family. She has never looked back. She lives her life the way she see fits so when the Prince of England landed in the bar she isn't sure if she should go through with all her hidden wants.
Oh man Miles sent my girly bits a tingley. Collins you go woman get away from the life. I instantly loved her. Miles I loved him then hated him then cherished him once more. This was a meet cute brief.

Beauty Lives by LB . Russell
Blair was in a coma for 3 years due to a car accident. A year ago she awoke and had to do essential. Now with put patient therapy she meets Alec the handsome therapist. As sparks fly will they make it the long haul?
This was such an adorable story. I loved Blair and simply needed her to remember her past. I was stunned about Alec and what he did after just meeting her but it made for such a cute short.

Hooked by Reagan Hollow
Peta was an orphan who banded together other orphans to outlive the trials that life plonked at them. When a new score came up it turns out that as opposed to playing James Holder they got played and Peta must pay the price.
I loved Peta. I felt like she played the hand that the planet felt her very well. The girl might not have it all but she has an amazing daughter she thought she would try and arranged them up for life. In walks James and it because a kitty and mouse game. Loved it.

Secret Moans by Carissa Laryea
Kaia is the daughter of the chieftain. She has never strayed from what is custom in her village. Yet that all changes when Jake comes to her village on vacation. Will she give up everything for him or will her father give her no other option?
This brief made me cry. This specific forbidden love story got all the perfect things. A cute meet upwards together, a clandestine conference, and a choice. This specific book had my center warming only to make me ugly cry and then throw my hand in the air in a you go girl moment.

Essential Beauty by Ava Harper Kent
Rosalie is a beauty blogger and get the dream box fro. Alexander's company, Essential Elegance. Having a note saying to text him they start a romance over text message that contributes to an interview. Any time confidential material comes to light for the competition Alexander will stop at absolutely nothing to determine who, even if that means ruining something great.
Alexander is such a beast but this individual is a sexy beast. I loved how he required over and ran with it and wasn't your typical CEO that doesn't tune in to other employees suggestions. Rosalie is strong and so very smart. I loved that she desires to learn and be apart of everything. Of which she wants to know everything about her dad's research but she desires to create a name for himself. Be her own woman. Yes sweetie slay.

Exactly what Big Teeth by Barb Shuler
Angel is on her way to her granny house. As soon as she gets there her world turns upside down. Everything that she has ever known is offered away with just one look at a very sensual scene. She is drawn to Jarrod but she isn't sure why. The only person who knows what is heading on is grandmother.
Wow, this short gave me goosebumps and tingly bits. I wasn't sure what to make of this brief. At the beginning I was like is this your typical fairytale then bam the author send me on such a sensuous journey. It was amazing to see and very well written.

Letting It Go by Jaime Russell
Lizzy is a workaholic and at the request of her granddad and sister she requires a essential vacation to Hawaii. There she operates into her contractor Liam. Liam is there for his older brothers wedding. When these two choose to get started on something there and see what it goes everything is going amazing. Which was until his more mature brother tries to meddle into his life.
Ugh, Liam’s more mature brother is not a nice brother. What he could be attempting to do and pull in his life makes me want to punch him. But it's not just him it's his Fiancé also. Like come on Lizzy and Liam found one another independently. Lizzy is a very smart woman but shy and slow when it comes to the opposite sex.

A Complicated Mess by Ava Danielle
Robyne has never known another life but to be locked in a structure and only visited by her evil stepmother. Of which was until Prince Aaron started to visit her. With Prince Aaron's help she slowly begins to see the outside world. But will she ever get this curse on her elevated?
Robyne is a fierce woman with beautiful hair. I am jealous of it by the way. I cherished how she started to try and get away from the evil step mom. And Prince Aaron such a very smart man. Did I mention sexy because he is that also. I cherished this spin on this fairytale.

Down Where The Wetter by Bethany Loughlin-Frost
Atmosphère has this insane need that every started with a kiss from a merman named Eli. 2 years later with no Eli and being sated insight she does whatever she needs to scratch that itch. When she find out what her step family has done it merely requires may put her at risk.
Alright now this one went fast. It was very sexy, descriptive, and amazing. I loved how strong Aria was even with no finish in view. Eli even though he wasn't in it so much a absolutely loved him. I have a beach vacation soon and i hope to meet my merman.

Sweet by Kelsey Jensen
Hadley only has her father left so when he married again she tried to get acquainted with her step mom. So that it came as a surprise when her stepmother has a son she never talked about. There's a reason behind that. Grant will stop at nothing to take his mother down. What he didn't anticipate was his new stepsister stirring something inside him. Will he stray from The mission for love?
Exactly what a perfect ending to an amazing Anthology. Not merely was this short well too short it was packed packed with intrigue and had A fantastic wow factor to it. Hadley and Grant are perfect for each and every other.

This anthology was perfect. I loved all the Fairy Tales and the way each author wrote. I even went and bought a few books by every author just so I can continue to read their amazing work. I wish you enjoyed every brief in this amazing Anthology., This review is merely for " Savage Princess" by Cheri Marie, I read it together to post my review straight away. Items come back and up-date the review once We have browse the other stories in the anthology.

This was a fantastic quick read. Fallyn and Emilio are from opposing sides of the law, neither father desires them together. The storyline is quick, extremely well written and HOT! The bad guy is truly terrible, while Fallyn and Emilio are amazing. I'm definitely reading more from Cheri Marie!, I read addicted by Reagan
Holy cow batman when this author writes reports she knows how to write! I read addicted by Reagan and amazing did she put some crazyness in this brief story! We meet Peeta and James! Peeta will try to steal from Wayne and what happens when she gets caught? These kinds of two are something different! Now i'm looking forward to reading more of the fairytales In the anthology and more books for this author!!, Hot! Sexy! Warm!

Holy moly!! These are those stories we received to read as slightly girl... only difference is these princesses have produced up into women... with needs... and their Knight in shining armor Charming can there be to meet their every need...

Loved reading all the brief stories!! I had formed to fan myself a few times... totally recommend reading!

***Review Provided by Dianela’s Details***

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