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This specific ebook is offered for free right now so at that price it's a 4 star review.

I do like this book but I will say it's not the best 101 Super Fun Details book that Janet Evans wrote. One part in the book talks about the Elasmosaurus dinosaur and how its' neck is 25 foot long. It states that it would " take 4 giraffes to complement the length of these dinosaurs' necks. " Well, I took that to suggest that the neck would be as tall as 4 giraffes but what they meant was giraffes necks.

Also, another Enjoyment Fact is that " the Peteinosaurus lived to fly. " A fun fact? That's like expressing a robin lived to fly. This is just something I find strange to say. Kind of effort does it take away from the 101 facts? Properly, not really because many of the " facts" are actually several content with several facts thrown into a mini passage.

I find the numbering of the facts odd in this book. In the few other book I have read in this series, the facts are numbers to 101 and not just random numbers within each part. For example , one chapter has the fun facts listed 1-6 then starts over again after one of the pictures and lists the next facts as 1 and 2. Many of the chapters just start over at one

The book is broken down into 16 chapters with an introduction. Each the 16 chapters is a different dinosaur. Each prehistoric has several facts listed about it. There are several cool drawings of dinosaurs but not as many as the kids and I would like.

As others thought, I think this Enjoyment Facts book is for older children. Difficult a picture book for little kids. It's perfect for my 4th grader and I really enjoyed reading the fun facts as well.

So overall a good ebook free of charge!!

Check away other 101 Fun Truth books by Janet Evans. Seems many of them are offered for free and these are great e-book to keep on your device for kids of all ages

***** I received this book for free as a swap for my honest review. *****, The great nephew and I love to read together. He is five and absolutely adores learning books and quoting facts, already! I figured this series of “101 Super Fun Details and Amazing Pictures” textbooks would be a great choice for people to enjoy with each other. I ordered the eBooks on each of these topics: Snakes, Penguins, Sea Frogs, Spiders, Dolphins, and Dinosaurs. He loved each one of these textbooks.

I thought we would just sit down and read most of these books, all in a row, but these are substantial textbooks, so we did two per sitting/day and this worked out well for his age. Despite them being long books with a lot of information for a 5-year-old, this individual enjoyed them each and they held his interest the whole time, despite having a bit of fidgetiness in the direction of the end. He adored finding the order we read them in and liked each of the subjects equally as much since the others. These kinds of books could be written just for him and his interests. There is a lot of information in them and we both learned a lot. I will definitely see all of us revisiting each of these books over and over in the future, soaking up a little more of that info each time, which is excellent. Excellent experience he will be citing the facts he figured out in these books to his sisters and parents quite a bit.

I received these eBooks free as a swap for writing an sincere and unbiased review. Once more, these are each great textbooks, full of fun and interesting information. We would both recommend them for 5-year-olds and above, in general, based on the kids interest level. I take writing product reviews very seriously, as I rely seriously on reviews of others when considering purchases. I hope this review has already been helpful to you., My second to oldest son is fixing to be 8 and contains had a love for dinosaurs even since he could recognize them. He has nearly every dinosaur toy, and covers every dinosaur book this individual sees. So when I encounter one he at present doesn't have I get it. So when I downloaded this one I realized it would be a hit around here. He opened it up almost immediately of course and enjoyed the whole thing. The pictures are a bit cartoonish, which he mentioned. However they are not horrible and they do a decent job portraying the dinosaur. The facts are nearly all of which he already knew, but he still enjoyed the book greatly. I'm glad I found it and I know he'll read it for a while to come. Its a nice addition to our kindle library., It got a lot of great pictures that children will really enjoy. The text messages, however, are quite a problem. The reading to a child can transform the awkward sentence structure, but for kids who read it themselves, it can get pretty confusing. One thing, too, is when providing the descriptions of the dinosaurs, they keep using the present tense. This specific dinosaur IS 49 foot long, as if they may be still roaming around! That might be enough to make me personally nervous, if I were a kid! If Jesse Evans needs a proofreader for her books, I had created be more than happy to do it!, This guide filled quickly and easily. I had several different age organizations look at the guide and give me their feedback. It truly is written for an older audience but the younger children enjoyed the images. The illustrations are designer renditions of the dinosaurs as they would have looked while they roamed the earth. It is very well done and the facts are concise also to the idea. The author talks about what the dinosaurs got. Who they might have eaten and who might eat them in come back. Comparisons were given about what other dinosaurs they may have looked like. I like that the author listed in which the fossils had already been found as it gives you an idea of where they lived while they were still living. The author also lists the period in which they lived. (Jurassic, Cretaceous, etc. ) This is a good little resource for some quick facts on a number dinosaurs that roamed the earth. I liked the fact that the writer gave the range that the dinosaurs were found in mainly because it included a huge area. An example is the Tyrannosaurus Rex was found in Asia as well as North The usa. I think that sometimes we get the concept dinosaurs stayed in one place and this books help children understand that many of the hunters roamed in large areas. The dinosaurs were more localized and that different dinosaurs existed in different places at different times. Overall a great little book.

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