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I will have paid attention to the negative reviews of this book. Pay attention to them because they are all true. This is the most convoluted method of food storage I've ever heard of. This is not all the constituents in one container for dinner since the title suggests but ingredients in 2, or 3 cisterns PLUS other items from your freezer/fridge (sheesh! ). There are only thirty recipes in the book and they don't even sound very good. It really is mostly soup or casseroles and many of these have both rice and elbow macaroni in them which seems weird (one or the other but both??? ) Her poultry noodle soup recipe noesn't need "noodles" but rather (you guessed it) elbow macaroni and rice in it! There is only one formula out of 30 that I might try. We have many food storage/pantry cookbooks and this is the WORST.

This simple attempt for a cookbook is NOT quick, NOT easy, and ridiculously over-priced. Typically the positive reviews must have been written by the friends and family of the author. I hope you make use of this warning to heart and do not waste bucks like I did. Right now there is a blog on the internet that has (for free! ) some good recipes for dry canning freeze dried ingredients and it has ALL of those elements contained in one mason jar for food intake. Yahoo Chef Tess Bakeresse blog and look at her 52 jar method. If you need a one jar meal that is shelf stable for 5-7 years then Cook Tess is the resource for you., Ok, I have a mixed review. Now, first the pro's. With regard to those looking to use all their purchased lasting food storage, that includes the vegetable based meats, and all the canned sour cream, buttermilk, and so on, it's great. Another pro, it comes with tag pages you can print out from your printer, to label your jars, with instructions which I find awesome. I don't have a lot of the long run products. So the cons: I use some driven products, but I also thought I'd manage to make use of it to prep meals in advance for now, with what I use so We can use them in the crock. Unless We purchase all the canned storage stuff, I aren't really use the book. I will make due with making the few recipes I can, and if I add more lasting powered product, then be able to make other recipes. It also isn't that large. Therefore read the information. It's will not have a huge recipe list., One thing I remember my dear old Grandmother always showing me is " prepare once - eat twice". Our family has always tried to make enough food at one time that we can eat two meals and spend more time together and less time in the kitchen. The only problem with Grandma's theory is my refrigerator was always loaded with leftovers and We never had enough tupperware to store them. This guide is packed with great ways to prepare several meals at one time, store them in jars or mylar hand bags and once you are ready for a delightful meal simply spend a few minutes completing you meal. Certainly one of our family favorites is her vegetable and beef soup. You are not eating an unhealthy can of soup or prepared, harmful, processed food. I use half a dozen of these family meals prepared and sitting in my pantry right now. All I have to do at this point is empty the container in a pot of water. Add on the gound beef and tomatoes, turn on the stove for a half hour and meal is served. Mcdougal, Kathy Clark even included some pages of labels We can print myself and attach to my own " Dinner in a Jar. ", When We acquired this I thought it would be whole dinners in a jar. As well many of the ideas consisted of multiple add on ingredients or extra cisterns. I also found that the book had some typos or missing phrases. I just wasn't impressed and will not have to get buying any other products out of this creator.

Honestly I felt this was put together and ran on a stamping press at the local high school for a class project. It gave myself ideas but I concluded up not using the book., Book is great - even provide you with printable tags to use, Merchandise as described and shipped as promised, I really expected more " complete meal" recipes than what are in the book. Most of them require adding ground beef or cooked chicken or other fresh ingredients, pre-soaking of beans, and positioning each individual ingredient into zip-loc baggies inside the cisterns (which is not how it's portrayed on the cover). What appealed to me about the thought of this book was having a complete meal ready to go inside jars that you could prepare in advance and then just cook when you were ready. A great time-saver However, this book really didn't deliver that., Typically the book is well structured with nice pictures. Typically the recipes seem nice too. Until you realize that each one takes two full pages and that leaves little book for volume. Quality could be better, too. The presentation is excellent, with tbick, rigid pages, but the recipies...

There were only one or two that We would bother to put together. Good information is there how tto get jared dry things to keep. Such things as vacuum sealing, aluminized mylar bags, oxygen and moisture absorbers, etc., but the majority of the "Dinner in a jar" recipies had you needing other things that were not in the jar, like ovum, meat, tomatoes, and so forth Typically the copyable directions were a good idea, too, but it appears that to fix many of these meals, you will need to put together a collection of stuff that made what was in the jar seem like just a tiny part.

That would be nice if these dinners actually were complete in the cisterns, only needing water or something that simple.

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