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I feel compelled to write this review for a variety of reasons, mostly to try to help people who are here, reading reviews and are looking for something that this book is not, also to answer a question i see put up again and again in horror.

This guide is not 50 Colors. Sophie actually has a clue what she is talking about because the girl lives it, compared to Ms. James, whose tale to people who live this complicated life reads like someone who read about venturing to the moon then tried to write fiction on it. It's not even half the tale, doesn't cover any of the feelings properly and is all guestimation for the benefit of selling a story. This makes us look like damaged people who with treatment would be like magic , cured from our proclivities to lead boring sexual intercourse lives like the rest of the world. That is just not how this works. Most of us all, yes there are crazies out there like everywhere else, own businesses, pay our taxes, try to exercise, eat healthy, fail and splurge on romcoms and chocolate and are just normal people. Except when it comes to our sex life. Which is where I think "Diary of the Submissive" shines.

Microsoft. Morgan brings up a fantastic point I wish outsiders looking in could understand: by reading this, or any type of accounts of any person living in a BDSM relationship, no two stories are proceeding to be the same because there is SIMPLY NO right or wrong way of living it. Think about vegetarians. There is no right or wrong way as a vegetarian. You have: pescatarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, vegans, macrobiotics, and raw dieters. There is no rule one must follow because to reside that lifestyle at all is purely your choice. No one gets the right to say "Um, you should not eat/do that. " The field of BDSM is much the same way. Nobody can make you do or like anything, and this is something Sophie mentions at the actual beginning, that everyone practices/plays in various way and that is completely ok.

Now, the parts I do not like. I feel like the title is a misnomer. I think it should be called: "Diary of a Masochist, " so that people who are buying nice, cuddly read have some warning of what there are becoming into. Most people I know would not give Sophie the time of day as a obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable. She does not gain pleasure from submitting (making her partner happy. ) She gains pleasure from be sassy, sarcastic, pissing each other off and acquiring pain. Lots, and lots of pain. If the girl wants to classify herself as submissive, that is, of course, her choice. But I for one cannot see hardly any submissive qualities in the woman. Everything she does is motivated to make herself feel good also to receive more pain, which brings her pleasure. She never obeys or cares about the actual the other person happy in the connection. As a submissive, this is something I cannot understand. It's not about me. Is actually about making another person happy. Period. I think most submissives feel the same way. I don't think about submitting in the bedroom. It is the most natural thing to myself. Like how some individuals inhale out of these mouths and some their nose. I don't think about it. Doing something assertive is like trying to go the whole day breathing out from the other (mouth/nose) than what you are utilized it. Is actually weird, annoying, feels unnatural and before too long starts to irritate you.

Sophie, on the other hand, throughout this entire book, talks about battling to not tell people to go away, to ditch her alone, to snap back at them over the most trivial thing, how humiliating submitting to anyone is. She is a masochist but an eternally awful sub who I think only retreats into this label so people assume she is obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable, and when she obviously isn't, they inflict pain/pleasure on her behalf out of frustration and he or she shuts up, because now she is acquiring pleasure and is happy.

Typically the last point I desired to hit on was all the reviewers saying they could never understand someone who allows another to struck them/abuse them. I explained this last week to someone vanilla also it seemed to click:

Some people like spicy food. Love it even. Those who like spicy food have different degrees of tolerance for it. Some like a little bite. Others are the kind that go and order the hot wings at the "nuclear" stage and complain it’s not enough. Others have NO tolerance for heat. It hurts. They cannot like the pain. That's ok. Everyone is different. The nuclear people need a whole lotta punch to feel that same bite. Everyone likes what they like, and none of us can explain why some pain to us is either a "good burn" that retains us heading back for more but past a certain threshold it is solely painful and it must stop. We just all have different levels of where that threshold is., Book was poorly arranged and did not keep my attention. I've only already been in the BDSM community for a few years but everything on this book I had already read or known. There was clearly nothing informative about it and painful to get through. I kept waiting around for it to get better but it did not, This is an excellently framed piece, which offers an authentic and reasonable reply to the 55 Shades fade that has been sweeping book clubs and discussion groups around the country. Morgan's characterization of an independent lady who seeks to embrace her whole sexual do it yourself is compellingly told, and thought provoking, regardless of how you feel about the particulars. I would recommend it to anyone who liked 50 Colors, and anyone who did not, but is still open to the discussion. The writing is decent and characters believable., This story was half and half for me. I enjoyed it, it was the type of guide that you want to finish to see what happens at the conclusion but the guide became flat for me personally. Typically the same story as any other books of the same genre nothing that really sets it aside., I have this beautiful book and loved the woman journey on submission.... 5 stars!, Enjoyed this. Greatly. I haven't read a non-fiction out of this perspective before, and the author's naturalidad as well as personality are refreshing & interesting., This is apparently a more realistic account of the true nature of D/s relationships. I found myself spell bound by Sophie's words. She is simple to relate with as a obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable. Most of what she published where things I sensed yet some were new ideas and scenarios I never would've imagined. Brilliant!, It was very good. Typically the story was very intense though, it gave me a lot of thought while reading it.

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