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Typically the ten year old read this book. His review is, " It was good but short. "

Here is the question and answer session that followed in order to elicit more information:

What's it about?
A new zombie that has troubles at schools and goes on a couple of journeys.

How old do you need to be to read it?
Uhhhh.... probably.... 4 or 5 to maybe about 10 or 12. Actually probably more like 11.

Is usually there any bad terminology or violence in it?
From what I recall, no.

Is usually it funny?

What did you like most about it?
It was fun to read.

Has been it difficult to read?
No. This was pretty easy.

Might you recommend it to your friends?

Because I know they like that kind of thing.

What kind of thing?
Just like... diaries.

Diaries? And Starcraft2?

Exactly what else?
Idunno., There is a reason why this is the number one best-seller in Amazon kid's Minecraft books, and I am here to tell you why! Obviously the premise of the story is based on the Wimpy Kid series, so you're basically obtaining a point-of-view story in journal form. The chapters are broken down into times and are short and easy to read. They're told from Zombie's point of view, who is midsection school aged and introduces us to all of his friends (who are also Mobs like him). You'll meet Skelly, Creepy, and Zombie's whole family (even his little ankle biting brother). There are little black and white pictures scattered throughout, so it breaks up the history and makes it more entertaining for the readers. Zombie is a very likable character, not frightening or frightening whatsoever. There is nothing gory (but some gross mentions of boogers and such). Zombie tells about his daily life as a Mob and about his individual friend, Steve. You can definitely find some typos throughout the book, but nothing awful (that's the only reason I actually gave it 4 celebrities as opposed to 5). My child is 6 and could probably read these on his own (he's a powerful reader) but he preferred having it read out loud to him. And I actually must say, I loved reading it, too! There were some cute and funny parts that made me chuckle aloud (you will especially appreciate it if you are an grownup Minecraft fan). I particularly appreciated that the creator kept the storyline light and funny, and that almost all ages could appreciate it. Some of the other Starcraft2 fiction out there is not geared toward the younger crowd, but this one, i believe, is safe for everyone. I also have to include that we were given a free copy of the book from the author in exchange for a good review, but I went ahead and purchased another copy for myself as well as book 4 in the series for my child - we loved it that much! Definitely well worth reading, and it's a great price, you cannot beat it., I purchased this for my 9yr old son because I actually want him to get into reading books and since he loves minecraft I actually said hey let's give it a try. Well, he loves it!!! I was searching for a book that would keep him entertained and this book offers that. I actually read a couple of reviews and one mom said that the book was kind of amusing and was making the woman son laugh so I wanted to see if it was actually real and it was. I caught my son laughing at times and he also came to me a pair of times to tell me about what was happening in the history. I asked him if he liked it and he said yes (he also noticed that there are more of its kind, in other words, mommy get more! ) The book is no that big and the story is actually seventy seven pages long but I actually think it's worth it!, I didn't actually get to check out this book totally, but more I turned through it and read bits and pieces. Is actually a cute book for an adolescent who loves Minecraft! I purchased it for a little young man as sort of a " Secret Santa" gift idea, which is why I actually didn't get to read it (and I failed to want the book to look used when I actually gave it to him). But from the things i do read, it's an appropriate book for someone in maybe 3rd-5th grade... I would go older than that, really, but that all will depend on the development and interest of the child would you be reading it.
It's a pretty short book, which is good because one. there are quite some of them in the series and 2. long books don't really hold the attention of kids.
I actually would recommend this guide for any young Minecraft enthusiast., My son, age seven, has recently found out Starcraft2. He's also a very, very reluctant reader. Because in, if a book has more than a sentence or maybe more on a page, he won't touch it and often does not want me to read it with him any longer. However , I got your pet this for Christmas, and the day after Christmas, he didn't put it down, until he was 3/4 of the way through. That's right, almost an hour of solid reading from a young man who loves stories and being read to, but not reading himself.

Typically the writing is light, fun, easy and humorous. Is actually the things i like to call brain candy or brain bubblegum; fun to read and enjoyable, but nothing to serious or meaty. I totally plan on buying more in the series as my son asks for them. And hopefully this will lead him to reading other, slightly more meaty books., Bought this for my Minecraft obsessed daughter.... she read it in one day and was laughing up a storm. She likes the Diary of a Wimpy kid series and loved how this mimics that series but with Starcraft2 characters. After she finished the book she begged for more so I got her book second . Completely worth the money for any kid who loves Minecraft., i read this book in below a day. i am in First grade. i like it when Zack Zombie survived being crushed by an iron golom., The 8 year old son has never really been into reading but he loves Minecraft. He recently began taking an interest in the Diary of a Whimpy kid series and when I saw this I knew we had to buy it for him for Christmas. He has no idea this course even exists and this individual will probably be so stoked when he opens this Christmas morning! Good plan to get kids reading!

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