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MODIFIED 9/27/2012 - I completed the book. There was an enormous chunk missing between Sierra coming back to her home town & marrying her husband. That part may have explained where she finally found restoration & how she emerged to the discovery. Total my thoughts and opinions of this book hasn't really changed. I still think it was incredibly sad & heartbreaking. The only positive message was that if ALL OF US want to change ourself, WE CAN. I wouldn't even declare it can be done through the power of Christ (altho that is what I believe), but that in Sierra's case it had to be self motivated. Once more, the "christians" she knew were NOT instrumental at all in getting her again to Jesus. It appeared like pure will power onto her part. I performed appreciate Pastor O's apology towards the end. It would have been helpful of Pastor O to get a servant's heart throughout as her pride didn't help Sierra at all, but better late than never.

09/08/2012 - Let me personally preface by saying that I have yet to complete reading this book but have such STRONG feelings about what I use read thus far (about 60%) that I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO COMMENT.

First, I am completely heart broken for Sierra (main character). This specific young woman has had a terrible past, awful childhood & after finding Christ continues to be utilized by other "christians" repeatedly. The lady is constantly belittled by Rollanda (abusive dance instructor, "mentor" & lover who initiated the relationship by basically molesting Sierra), informed she is living "in sin" by Pastor Um & other ministers who bring prophetic words that are supposedly from the Lord, and lives in frequent fear that she can/will lose her solution & possibly her LIFE because she constantly struggles with her bisexuality.

The business that I have read thus far does NOT discuss Sierra's own relationship with the Holy Spirit. Inside fact, it seems that because she does not blindly follow the advice & prophetic words of others, she is in sin & bad things keep happening to her. Nobody encourages Sierra to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance FOR HERSELF. She is expected to follow the prophecies given & simply take that they are of/from God. However, the Bible tells all of us differently.

1 John 4: 1 Dear friends, do not believe every nature, but test the state of mind to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

1 Thessalonians 5: 21 Test everything. Maintain on to the good.

Also, as it doesn't show up she is in the word very much, she allows herself to be abused repeatedly by Rollanda and accept what R says/does as from Lord & acceptable to make her an improved servant/follower of Christ. While Pastor Um & other ministers CARRY OUT let her know to withdraw himself from Rollanda, their requests fall on deaf hearing because Sierra has already decided that they are against her since they have already been against most/many of the decisions she has made thus far. No, she shouldn't feel this way, but one can dispute with someone else, but there isn't much argument against God or the Holy bible.

2 Thess. 3: 6 Now we command you, brethren, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw her from every brother that walketh DISORDERLY, and not following your tradition which en received of us

We will finish reading this article guide & I may keep coming back & update this review IF my thoughts and opinions changes, but I will say regarding what I have read thus far, I will NOT recommend this guide to ANYONE I know. This specific story could have/should have been one of God's amazing love, forgiveness & grace, yet there is too much condemnation, concern & judgement. Pastor Um may think she is "challenging" Sierra to follow Christ but she is so packed with herself at times it's ridiculous! ("Don't EVER disrespect me, I'm your prelado & phophetess! " Umm... conceited much? ) You can also get several "christians" who lead her astray as well (the boyfriend who constantly prays with her, tells her the spirit is letting him know that something happens to be going on with her, but sees absolutely nothing wrong with having premarital sex with Sierra & Trisha who is merely as messed up as Sierra is). This book just BLOWS MY MIND, & NOT in a good way. I'm hoping the end is MUCH better than the beginning because after reading this I definitely would NOT be attempting to find God if His people are so messed upward yet still so "holy"!, this is an wonderful testimonial of GOD's ability to lift and deliver us from all things... no challenge is too great. I would recommend this guide to anyone who is struggling with their flesh, secular behaviors and the relationship with/service to our creator., I like the book--very well crafted. I am 50 percent way through the guide, but needed to stop reading for now because elements are disturbing for me. We am a praise dancer, and I can see this happening (the distressing parts of the book) because many dancers are filled with emotion--myself incorporated. I can also see why some pastors do not want praise dancing ministries in their church, as a result of drama. I minister alone at nursing homes in TN. I am anxious to complete the guide, and hope all visitors can find out author's struggles., I read the book and it's a good example of what goes on when a person continues to deceive themselves. Sierra was doing what she knew in her heart was incorrect, but for some reason, could hardly or wouldn't repent and confess to Lord for deliverance. Only He or she knows why but He or she wants us to have truth inside our inward elements according to Psalm fifty-one. She would go to church and expect anyone to prophesy her out of her situation which Lord will not do, because He wants us to exercise our free will.
By today's standards and the way people live, what was written needed to be written because there are so many in the church in same sex relationships. It had not been a book that I would re-read because Constantly relate to it personally, but actually will keep it on my computer for someone who needs it in the foreseeable future because it is obviously needed. A lot of young women like to read urban fiction, and although this is non-fiction it is truth telling and I think credit rating open minded to what Lord says, they would benefit from it., It was average; but didn't have much of a plot. Fairly much predictable. Just an average book. Ok for a fast read., It was OK... It got type of boring at the end after she left FL. It felt almost henry it dragged and that she didnt have anything left to say. Furthermore, some spots seemed too preacher like for a novel particularly the end., This specific book was awesome made me to check out me personally and see some of my flaws that We need to work on. awesome i recommend this book to anybody that is struggling and you are trying to determine out getting because of this situation this is the guide, It is a awesome book. Shoes us just how much GOD loves us unconditionally. All we have to do is, pray and tell hi I'm apologies.

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