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just purchase just started reading ready lost 10lbs blood sugar drop from 132 to 109. A must read the best guide on diabetes I have read. Its hats off to Dr. Poothullil A new true gem., Dr. Poothullil has opened my sight to the true primary cause of my type 2 diabetes. I have already begun to implement his remedies in my normal daily diet. Give thanks to you for all of your efforts in bringing this disease into the light. I always thought I would be stuck with this " disease" for the rest of my life, Doctor Poothullil has given me fresh hope in changing that outlook., This particular book explains Type II Diabetes in a clear and concise way. Prior to reading it I had started to make partial changes recommended by Dr. Poothullil. The results has recently been significantly lower HA1c, lipid panel numbers and blood pressure, as well weight loss (more than 13% of my starting weight). Also off 2 of 4 medications. I feel looking forward to implementing further changes suggested in this book to fully restore my health. I hope doctors will check out this guide and take it seriously. I have suggested it to several doctors. Thank you Dr. Poothullil for making alleviating my anxiety and providing answers and motivation., Happy, John had condensed in under 200 pages the real root cause of the diabetes epidemic and simple non expensive ways of reversing it by staying away from unnecessary medications.
What I like about this book is:
It is under 200 web pages.
It eliminates complicated medical jargon and is not hard to understand.
John doesn't seem to be to toe the collection of big pharma companies or even the medical profession and strongly questions their theory on leads to of diabetes which require closer scrutiny.

The method to reverse diabetes is simple.
Eliminate or Significantly reduce intake of embryon.[Use more lentils, veggies, sprouts and nuts. ]
Spend full attention to what you take in and enjoy every bite of the food you eat.
Pay attention to craving for food satiation signals to avoid overeating and thus steadily bring your weight nearer to your genuine weight.

Diabetes is a deadly disease with serious consequences to our overall wellness.
Do not believe the medical profession that says it is incurable and progressive.
I believe if one places into practice what David has outlined in this book, one can see significantly success in a brief amount of time. Individual owes it to yourself to give it a try that doesn't cost you anything., I have read many books on Sort II Diabetes, that we have, but none have both persistently pointed to the cause--grains, sugar, an excessive amount of all of it--while gently demonstrating how to change it. I stress eat and I love pasta, bread, toast, bagels, rice, especially at night. Somehow, Doctor. Poothullil's clear but also kind direction about why and how we get diabetes really helped me recommit to changing what I am eating. I also like the simplicity of it--avoid these foods (unfortunately, those you want), and eat other foods. Eat these new foods slowly and revel in them. Enjoy being alive and watch your blood sugar numbers drop. Here goes...., This really is an outstanding guide, intelligently written with a lot of recent scientific knowledge included. I am looking forward to curing diabetes by using these techniques. Dr. Poothullil is very credible and gives a lot of great advice. I'm impressed and highly recommend this book., Logical justification and remedies for type 2 diabetes

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