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The political cycle is swinging back into presidential strategy mode. In preparation for the upcoming elections, a new voting system called e-vote will be developed to make tabulations faster and more efficient. Contracts for the equipment and software are in place and subcontracts are being put in place for various pieces of the system. Everything is on trail to be in place so that is promised to be a safer system nationwide in time for election. What could possibly go wrong?

The old rule about whoever counts the votes controls the polls is front and center in this novel. Numerous voting machines, touch displays, optical readers, and the infamous punch cards of suspending chad fame in Florida a few presidential cycles ago have all been hot news topics. These will continue to be as long as the hazards of these poorly audited or easily hackable systems are still in the field or are being developed. This book takes those hazards to another level through a specific conspiracy that aims to insure that the voting systems used in the United Declares are not secure and are specifically hackable by the enemies of the country or those who want to retain power against the will of the people.

The private investigative agency described in the storyplot could possibly exist in some form, that is one which only deals with large corporations or governments for various fraud or company espionage issues and similar cases. Utilizing it as a framework for the off-the-record investigation of the voting system worked. Referring to it as The Organization did not.

What did not benefit me was the character of Alex Hoffman, an operative for The Agency. She didn't seem to be to have the skills necessary for the position, yet she was hired and then commenced training to get those additional skills including martial arts. Fine as far as it will go, but I cannot buy that the agency with the resources that one is supposed to have would use what amounts to a trainee in a hidden assignment, especially a possibly dangerous one and one with very high buy-ins. Her personality, giggling, and flippancy also did not seem to be suited to such work much less an executive level position with the company.

The other subplots worked well, particularly the ones dealing with the strategy manager for the drunken presidential candidate, the at the rear of the scenes political maneuvering, and the government service provider placed in the position of betraying his company and country to save his wife's life. The interspersed news flashes that were sprinkled throughout the story provided context to the the general action of the book. It all combined well for a complex, engrossing, and believable thriller.

Advised., I love political thrillers and the stakes are never greater than around a large election. Author Leslie Wolf, who is new to me, has written an intriguing and fast-paced story centered across the Oughout. S. election system with her " Devil's Move". There is a mixture of international conspiracy here and down home corruption tied to new election laws. The main personality, Alex Hoffman, is incredibly likable and quite a force to be believed with, which is something that I like to see in a strong female role. There was a great mixture of action, suspense, techno-thriller elements, and much more here that do this a very entertaining read. Definitely recommend and was looking forward to reading more from this talented author., New with this author, I had been captured by a book-blurb and also have not been dissatisfied. Ok last one, there are a few grammatical errors, however the story covers any sins. It was continually interesting in order to the story collection with the recent US election and candidates. This was fun to see Democrats portrayed as bad, as well as out to win any way they could--just like real life. It was satisfying to see the bad fellas reduced to smithereens. Many interesting was the leadership of the cabal by the Russian president. Suppose! a Russian leader attempting to get control of The usa thru the newly elected president... hmmm a bit toooo realistic there. Calling the Russian " Abramovitz" is like calling Putin a Jew. Putin has said that after he was a hungry son, a Judaism mom in his apartment building used to bring him or her in and feed him or her. Ever since, they have had a soft spot for Jews. So he's not a Jew, but he does have some emotions there. I kne" Abramowitz" would not perish like the others. I was a little disappointed in how Helms met his end. Overall, the storyplot techniques well, the plot is fresh and imaginative, and I will look forwards to reading the author's other books., Ms Wolfe is a truly gifted author who was able to write Devil's Move in 2014 also to foresee the bothered US elections of 2016.

Devil's Move is about the devious Russian plan to create a person chosen by Russia and a few of Russian cronies in the White Residence through tampering with the program of tablets for e-elections.
Though some technical aspects of manipulations with election software were lost on me, the book has everything otherwise any reader would enjoy - the intricate plot, smart team of workers and fast action.

Devil's Move is the book worth reading and is a proof of Leslie Wolfe writing talent., I started out reading the Watson Girl, then Daybreak Girl, then found this series with Alex. I am hooked on this author. These books are usually the same, but different! At first I was leery about the style of writing since it is just a little different, and also never was really thinking about espionage/political terrorism novels, but I love it. I am going thru the other titles too fast, we need more!, Another entertaining read from Leslie Wolfe. Russian manipulation in our elections, spies, terrorists, unskilled presidential candidates. A little of everything. Written in 2014, it seems she could have been talking about the 2016 presidential contest. Some eerie similarities. Slightly far fetched at times, and i also wasn't crazy about the ending. Looks like she may clear some loose ends up in the next book in the series. I like the lead character of Alex Hoffman, but she needs to be developed a bit more. Look forward to reading the next installment., This novel is as intriguing and exciting as the previous novels I have read from Leslie Wolfe. This wounderful woman has gained a fan with the woman edge of the Seats tension and excellent and building plots. The main character, Alex, is realistic and believable. The team is well constructed and provide an excellent balance to the primary personality. My only complaint is that the novels should be plainly numbered to facilitate reading them in order, even though each one of these stands on its own.

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