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Could not put it down. I love that, while the author obviously doesn't discuss Bannon's worldview, to put it mildly, the book isn't very polemical -- it becomes out of the way of the story. And what a story. My goodness. I suspect that if you hate Trump you will be horrified and amused, and if you love Trump you'll be delighted and entertained, and that's very high praise. I didn; t know that the wall wasn't Trump's idea; that's sort of ironic., I dislike politically-focused books written by authors with a slant. This is not among those. Instead, it is balanced and quite well-timed.

Green characterizes Bannon as a fantastic ideologue from the outer-fringe of American governmental policies, and an opportunistic entrepreneur with a great distaste for Hillary. Green disagrees that DJT's being embarrassed at the 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner by President Obama and Seth Meyers was the catalyst that put Trump on the path to the White House. Obama zeroed in on the birth-certificate controversy that Trump had endorsed, produced a copy several days before the dinner, and then joking proposed to also to produce movie of his birth (a The disney produtcions jungle tiger cartoon film). Soon afterwards Trump fulfilled with a few long-time Clinton haters - one of whom was Brian Bossie. Bossie asked Bannon to provide informal counsel on a potential Trump presidential bid. Bannon did not think Trump would run, but this didn't stop Bannon from imparting his hostility to illegitimate migration and Hillary.

Bannon had been a Naval officer during Carter's disastrous effort to rescue U. S. hostages in Iran. That disgusted Bannon, who went from being a Democrat like more of his family, to learning to be a hard right Republican, avid Reagan fan, and Islamaphobe. He also realized that it would take eternally for him to gain major influence as a Naval officer --> resigned to attend Harvard Enterprise School, then join Goldman Sach's.

Trump thought of running for New York governor in 2014, vs. Cuomo. Kellyann Conway put together a paper indicating he'd do well, unlike what the poll data actually showed. Meanwhile, Trump learned from his appearances that anti-immigration provided a strong position.

At the time, Bannon was chief of Breitbart news (lots of Clinton stories, also immigration - including the child migrant crisis at the U. S. -Mexico border in 2014, eliminating any chance of migration reform during the time, ISIS, competition riots, and 'the collapse of traditional values - drawing about 21 mil viewers/month), an alt-right site that would help clear out Trump's 16 Republican competitors. He'd taken that role after the website's founder (Andrew Breitbart, a former Matt Drudge apprentice) unexpectedly died in 2012. Bannon's biggest success to-date had been acquiring a stake in the 'Seinfeld' show. One of Bannon's biggest contribution to the Trump campaign was selling the 'Clinton Cash' facts (he'd helped nurture the book's writing) to the mainstream media. Bannon then encouraged Trump to visit the U. S. -Mexico border, developed mutinous madness among house conservatives that led to Boehner's resignation, paid trackers to follow Anthony Weiner's Twitter account and eventually intercepted a crotch shot Weiner inadvertently experienced made public.

In 2012 he became founding chief of Government Accountability Start, a nonpartisan research corporation staffed with lawyers, data scientists, and forensic detectives that helped result in the 'Clinton Cash' uproar. The particular focus is on providing rigorous, fact-based indictments against major politicians, then joining up with mainstream media stores conservatives typically despise to disseminate those findings to the broadest audience. Bannon had previously learned that building stories on facts motivated professional investigative reporters, even though they might have recently been personally liberal. Their access to the liberal Ny Times and Washington Post was seen as invaluable by Bannon. Prior traditional efforts to impugn Hillary (eg. House Oversight Chief Dan Burton's portrayal of Vince Foster's 1993 suicide as a murder) were seen as killing conservatives' credibility and influence.

ROND published an e-book 'Bush Bucks: How Public Service and Corporations Helped Manufactured Jeb Rich' oo- California land deals, corporate board sinecures, and a seven-figure salary with Lehman Friends. (He'd raked in almost million in the eight years after leaving behind the governor's mansion. )

In 1990. Bannon and a couple of Goldman colleagues launched Bannon & Co., an investment financial institution specializing in media. They used VHSs cassette sales and TV ratings to value intellectual property. Then, while serving as the go-between Westinghouse (seeking to un-load Castle Rock Entertainment) and Ted Turner, Bannon took an ownership stake in five shows, including Seinfeld..

Hillary added to her problems by refusing to list foreign donors, or release her Wall Street speeches. Various people had been attacking the Clinton's for years, with limited success - Bannon's secret was sticking to what could be documented, and staying away from unnamed sources. Works out that the set of characters donating to the Clinton Foundation was nothing one would want publicized. When Trump ran into the issue together with his off-color comments about women, Bannon countered by having Bill Clinton's former afeitado accusers sit on the stage with Trump during a rally.

Green ends by posing his sense of why Trump has had so many problems as President:

1)Trump assumed that Congress needed him; in fact, they have their own constituencies.

2)He ran against Republicans in general, Wall Street, and Paul Ryan - then adopted their agendas.

3)His 'agenda' is constantly changing., I could not put this down--the characters, the wit, the intensity. If you still don't understand how Trump became president against all odds, simply read this book. You may well not like the folks you meet in Joshua Green's epic, but you will not soon forget them., Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Obama administration

The 1980 magic consisted of an all-amateur USA Hockey Team busting an undefeated all-professional team of Russian hockey players.

The 2016 miracle consisted of Donald J. Trump -- a man with zero political experience -- defeating a Democrat political machine that had outspent him by billions of dollars.

How did the US hockey players -- the youngest team in the tournament and You. S. national team historical past -- pull it off? The answer is that the group in Lake Placid, New York, with their nonstop chanting, " USA! USA! " willed it.

How did Donald J. Trump make it happen? The answer is that -- late amongst people but not too late -- he selected Steve Bannon to concentrate him. Before long, massive crowds were once again chanting " UNITED STATES! USA! "

Suggestion: Don't open this book before you have sufficient time available to read it from beginning conclusion because, if you are like me, you will find yourself not able to put it down.

Simply stated, Joshua Green has created a spellbinding history of how two humans from highly-dissimilar backgrounds combined each’s distinct subset of skills to create what would become popularly referred to as unstoppable Trump Train., The particular five-star review I give this book is possible mostly due to the strong reliability of the writer. Joshua Environmentally friendly has proved his journalistic chops with a quantity of great publications, but it was his time at The Atlantic that endeared him to me personally. This is a captivating account of the most controversial, upsetting presidential selection of my 72 years. Full disclosure: I'm a Democrat, but I was a Biden girl. Green's revelation of the Clinton Foundation workings was very disturbing to me. Pity on them. The paperwork in this book is precise, the story is informed with little embellishment, and the overall effect, amazingly sobering. I predict many reprints of this book as scholars of the future look back, scratch their heads, and wonder, " How did this happen? " Green fingernails it. God bless his family for hanging in there while he had written this important book.

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