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This is certainly set in a period of history when religion and politics were poorly mixed, and culture was undergoing major shocks. Within the middle of this, we have a werewolf apparently doing away with individuals in a town. There is an inspector, and a hunter recently returned from war, and enough odd individuals in the town to keep guessing. Since the relationships untangle - or do they? - there are more deaths. Many are by the werewolf while others the result of the inspector's guesswork. Typically the plots gets tangled at the finish but there are a couple of characters that held my interest throughout and I'm still uncertain about the ending. But well really worth the read., Rare to give a 5. We also don't normally like Historical Fiction quite so much. This was a really engaging book. Difficult to set down for very long. But alas, We do have a job...

This chunk of historical past is a tragic period in our European heritage, and it seems fairly introduced not to take edges. There are no real obvious exclusively good or bad characters or groups. That is a war, after all, and the victor, should there be one, will rewrite history to suit their marketing position. (in this case while battles were won and lost, eventually it resulted in an uneasy truce as it played out over the centuries)

The wrap-up might have been skipped. Writing excellently modified. There is a very interesting tidbit of activity in the wrap-up that subtly hints at an alternative interpretation of events in the book. Very interesting indeed.

Typically the author clearly states there is a probable follow up, and I might have to keep my own eyes open for it. I feel intrigued by that piece.

The werewolf? Certainly you don't rely on actual werewolves in 16th century European countries, do you?, The storyplot will take place in Germany. The season is 1588. People are being murdered, torn to pieces in what seems like a vicious animal attack. Rumors abound that the Werewolf Of Bedburg had returned.

Investigator Heinrich Franz is tasked with discovering who or what is behind the killings and putting an finish to it. He’s joined by three people who, whether willingly or by choices not their own, incorporate their knowledge to kill the beast and save their town.

This specific book reads like a movie. I seemed We was watching events as they took place. Typically the settings were so creatively written and it was steeped in suspense and horror because the characters delved into the mystery and more people were ripped apart.

The historical aspect was well written. Especially the religious and politics agendas of the days. That was a bloody battle on both sides. And there is quite the cast of characters. We wasn’t sure some of them could be called good people. They all had strategies and hidden agendas.

And is also there really a werewolf? I wasn’t sure right up til the end., First time reading from the author.
Thought the story was well written, with a nice steady pace. The storyplot had had me thinking who or what is doing the killing? Once We indexed the book We had to keep reading to learn what was taking place. I liked some of the characters and several made me worried about them.
Some were so set on injuring Heinrich, or him carrying them in when not really enough proof who did what. The turn and turns, and some pointing fingers at others. I don’t understand how many I said guilty of something as the story went on. The story kept me on the edge of my seat as the story unraveled info for me to learn about. Hope to learning much more from the author.

Got from Hidden Gems ARC Club for an honest review.
Thank you for letting me read your story., Mcdougal said this book, Devil in the Countryside, was dependent upon true events in Germany in 1588. We googled the Werewolf of Bedburg. Sure enough, Wiki had an interesting article about it. I’m not proceeding to copy and paste the article because it would be a vender.
This is a who-done-it, which was very well written. Not a lot of laughs in it, very dark mood. I suppose Goths would benefit from the tone of the story. After meeting the characters, you will be glad you weren’t moving into their village. They are mostly folks headed to hell on a freeway paved with good motives. The backdrop for the werewolf’s killings is the Reformation with Catholics and Protestants going at the other with tooth and claw, a nightmare in itself.

We think the author, Cory Barclay, has a future., Kindle Unlimited but must have gotten it on freebie day because Amazon shows 'bought'. My understanding is that this is considered historial fiction style but for amazon it can listed under mystery. That was rather strange and rather different, at the very least for me and which hard with as much as I read. There was clearly a little 'romance' ick factor for me, but was able to overlook it. The different faith based and other tensions overall were well written/descibed as well. Not so much horror as might have thought from reading the blurb or just guesses, which suits me fine, as not fond of horror because find it rather 'eh, whatever'., Based on a true story, Cory Barclay's historical novel took an event in 16th hundred years Germany and created a riveting tale using some facts and a vivid poetic license to describe what could have transpired. The historical research of the times added to the idea of what might have really happened to the author culminate to the infamous werewolf trial of Peter Stubbe (Griswald). National politics, power, money and religion being used to justify the evil humanity inflicts on the other is a universally ageless story. It is heartbreaking to think of the powerful few exploit events, spreading propaganda, worry and superstition to induce the masses to mafia violence.

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