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Powerful, compelling story. Interesting mythos. Nadine's gift is compassionate and heartwarming. Victor plus Micah appear to be the two sides of the same coin. Yet is that really thus. The story leaves me wanting more: in the best possible sense. I completely enjoyed reading it plus hope that you will feel the same way.

We received this guide as a great ARC; however, the review is my honest viewpoint., What a great Imaginary Tale. Filled with incertidumbre Adventure and entrigue; this particular is the beginning of a beautiful series. Typically the characters are Gods are you able to believe that; and they will are as human because you and me. The Adventure that they Embark upon will have you sitting on typically the edge of your seat. We am eagerly downloading typically the second of the collection., I picked this guide up after reading a blurb somewhere and in cui right in. I've recently been reading so much modern romance lately that this was nice to get back to my favored genre--paranormal. This book in fact is a blend of new adult/contemporary and dukun, which I loved. NYU student, Nadine, lives in a post apocalyptic world wherever human sized bats attack men and women and plagues plus disasters hit randomly. Nadine thinks she may be going crazy as a result of dreams she's been having of a gorgeous guy known as Victor. When she satisfies Victor in her lucid world, things begin to get interesting. It gets insane compelling when Micah comes up and now you have got the potential love triangular. Nadine's visions are in fact typically the telling of what led to the apocalyptic globe she lives in plus you find out that Victor and Micah are even more than meets the attention. Typically the romance is light plus sweet, although it heats up a little towards typically the end.

This can be the first guide in what seems to be a trilogy. Miss Haygert's writing style is beyond fantastic. I was hooked in the first place. She builds a vibrant and realistic world. Her characters are all flawed however, you love them in spite of that. One of typically the true tests for me with a book is how well I can hook up with the characters plus Nadine, Victor and Micah will stay with me for a long moment. Loved, loved, loved plus look toward the next!, What an interesting story. Very creative. Love typically the plot and the characters. Love all the twists plus turns and adventure. Although it frustrates you to definitely go through about the setbacks for the characters its nice to learn something different. Truly a good book. Onto guide two., I finished this particular in about nine several hours, from begin to finish. Seriously could not put it straight down before I was midway through it. If We had started reading this later inside the day, this would have been one which kept me up reading later than I should be., Honestly, I have got no idea how you can level Destiny Gift. On one hand, there were many things We adored about the guide. I loved the globe building, the gods/goddesses plus their society, and We liked the plot general. With that said ,, there were a few things that detracted from the experience, like the Mary Sue main personality and the awkward pacing of the relationship building all through the book. Overall, We think this story has great potential, but this in the end missed out on some key things. 3. 5 rounded up to be able to 4 stars.

The good:
* The post-apocalyptic setting that isn't very based on zombies or fallen angels (I think this is overdone and usually underwhelming)
2. A unique society of gods/goddesses
2. Generally fast-paced plot. It especially gets going anywhere around the 50 webpage point.
2. A heroine who isn't very a fighter although not a burden either.
* A heroine who else doesn't totally destroy typically the villain in one go with her super wonderful special powers.
* Some reasonable justifications for the numerous coincidences and oddly fast-paced partnership building or plot movements.
* Relaxing writing style that amounts seriousness with sarcasm. A couple of well-placed curses to make it feel genuine to be able to the age group.

* Nadine is a Mary Sue: she's beautiful, she's gifted (can sing better than a professional, in accordance with 1 passage in the book), she's smart (at least enough to get a scholarship to NYU dependent on SAT scores alone), she gains the commitment of minor characters within a few lines of dialogue, she has a special power that was given to her by a goddess, and when she insults a love curiosity or is rude to be able to them, it's totally alright because she's special.
* The associations were weird. I failed to like either in the guys that much and they will felt kinda creepy at times (especially Micah). Nadine was on both of typically the guys back and forth throughout the second half of the book; it had been beginning to get ridiculous. I'm a very manipulated particular person, therefore i find it difficult to relate to a personality who is so indecisive.
* Typically the relationships were awkwardly-paced. One minute, there's little to be able to no chemistry, then BOOM they're all over each and every other. I also felt of which the relationship picked up vapor too quickly between Victor and Nadine. Slow plus steady is more thrilling and satisfying. Too quickly like this and it also feels like infatuation, not love.
* Basic lack of character depth or development., " In 2047, the world is present in permanent darkness. " So for the past 19+ many years the sun has been protected up somehow. If of which was the case, and then the background for this particular book doesn't work. When there is no sun, the vegetation don't grow and fail. All over the globe. And if she has lived through it for 19 years, there would certainly be no city of NYC where you could go to a eating place and grab a cup of coffee. THERE WOULD CERTAINLY BE NO COFFEE DEVELOPED TO SAY THE THE VERY LEAST! After all, maybe some men and women can grow things inside hydroponic farms via gas/electric/coal/etc create indoor sunlight, but not enough to maintain a whole world human population of 8 billion or more.

There would end up being mass chaos everywhere. Zero food, men and women start rioting. Famines. Sickness. People would certainly kill the other person brutally so that little food is remaining. Yet this person who else has never seen typically the sun can work at a restaurant, have foods in her refrigerator, plus go to NYU.

Zero, the premise just doesn't work. I don't know how this guide is so extremely rated. I mean, I possibly could also complain about typically the stupidity of the love triangle, but I only got through 24% of the book before We just couldn't take this anymore.

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