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First-rate history writing, and a suspenseful page-turner even though we know how it all turned out. (Spoiler notify: the Allies win. ) Hindley has full control of the history of the functioning associated with the people involved, and the pacing and thoroughness of the woman writing never lag. Depictions of the people included -- Americans, Europeans, Moroccans -- amount to totally rounded portraits, but she never attempts to speculate over and above the facts at the woman command, derived from diaries, letters, official memoirs and other documents. Descriptions of the physical surroundings and the importance are also helpful and very effective. I originally got the guide because I thought it would be fun to achieve the actual historical context for the Bogart/Bergman movie, but in the process of reading I've gotten so caught up in the true tale that it's taken complete precedence over the movie -- the history of the invasion and the ensuing battles and final results are thrilling even though (as I've said) we know the outcome. Beautifully informative and energizing guide, learn to finish, and highly recommended., " Destination Casablanca" explores the Moroccan theater of Ww ii, especially Casablanca, colonial French Morocco's major port, that has been taken by Allied forces in Operation Flashlight in November 1942. Meredith Hindley is a vem som st?r and senior writer for " Humanities", the quarterly review of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and she has written as well as of French Morocco's role in World Conflict II for the common reader. She tackles the topic in three components. Part 1, " Cooperation and Resistance", the first half of the book, covers events and circumstances leading upwards to the American attack. Part 2, " Torching Morocco", takes place generally in November 1942 and offers blow-by-blow details of the military functioning and following cease-fire negotiations with the French military. Part 3, " Men Pass, France and Morocco Remain", address the challenges of the American occupation and arguments over the provisional French government.

Hindley provides some history of Casablanca, including what metropolis was like in the 1930s, in her prologue. It was a city of 350, 000 residents in 1939, one-third of them European. As there does not seem to be enough World War II interest in Casablanca to load a book this size, the author pads it out there with stories of men and women who passed through: American performer Josephine Baker was convalescing in Casablanca throughout the attack and later performed at the opening of the Liberty Club, a social membership for both black and white GIs. Author Arthur Koestler passed through Casablanca en route to Lisbon after joining the French Foreign Legion to escape France. Capt. Antoine de St, a French pilot who flew reconnaissance, wrote a popular memoir about his time flying for Aeropostale in North Africa and South America. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's daughter-in-law and granddaughter spent time as political refugees in Casablanca while they attempted to get permission to enter the usa.

Hindley tries not to miss a colorful character, but the story of Casablanca's engagement in the war is mainly a story of the complex politics of Vichy and Free France, delicate negotiations with the revolving French High Office for North Africa, the obstinate Resident General of French Morocco, Charles Nogues, the adventures of indefatigable Robert Murphy, FDR's special envoy to North The african continent, and the American intelligence networks in Morocco, established by David King, Stafford Reid, and Arabic-speaking Lt. Col. William Eddy, who were subsumed into the OSS in June 1942. Hindley periodically cuts to battle planning between American President Franklin Roosevelt, British Primary Minister Winston Churchill, and their Combined Chiefs of Staff, which planned and coordinated the war. The particular author returns repeatedly to the plight of political refugees in Casablanca and French Morocco, emphasizing the charitable work of Jewish organizer Helene Benatar.

In several passages toward the finish of the book, as well as in a postscript, the author address what is and is not realistic about the popular 1942 film " Casablanca", released before the Us invasion. This is a nice addition, and Hindley is a good author. She's writing for a well known audience, hence the focus on personalities and saying in 426 pages what could be said in two hundred fifity. But Hindley is a historian as well as raconteur, so there is a lot great information here. " Destination Casablanca" is a little piece in the history of Morocco and a piece of the World War II puzzle, so the guide has two audiences. It is a little disturbing to read about FDR and Churchill plotting an invasion of French The other agents in defiance of the advice of their militaries, but that is governmental policies. Readers may have benefitted from more discussion of the impossible situation of French army brass were, caught between two opposing French patriotisms, but generally a good book., Meredith Hindley has written an entertaining, eminently readable history of Casablanca’s role in World Conflict II. Most of us know our “history” from Humphrey Bogart’s classic motion picture, “Casablanca”. In DESTINATION CASABLANCA, Hindley reaches a good of detail that makes you feel that she was there.

It is not a simple tale. French were fractured between Petain and Vichy, De Gaulle and the Free French, Occupied France, and a great many other groups, many supportive of the Allies. The Usa States, a new comer to the battle following the attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany’s unilateral declaration, were seeking a victory on the planet stage.

DESTINATION CASABLANCA is a book that outlines the balancing act between the Allies, the fight of ego between officers, honorable soldiers torn between country and conscience. The particular dé tente between Jew and Muslim in Casablanca frays throughout the war as Vichy anti-Semitic laws are enforced since the behest (though willingly supported by Vichy) of the Nazis.

The historical past reads like a novel. Josephine Baker makes an appearance, with her role as a “spy” well documented. Maurice Chevalier comes off as a collaborator. In the game of power governmental policies, Charles De Gaulle shows as the uncanny winner, brushing aside his peers with a haughty disdain. Basic Mark Clark and Basic George Patton are sharply drawn, warts and all. Patton comes off the better, and in fact he was the superior battlefield commander.

Hindley makes a reference or two to the movie. One of the better scenes of the guide is the Roosevelt White-colored House viewing of the film on New Year’s Eve 1943.

Be ready to a new lot about French North Africa, The other agents, Casablanca, the practically two week conference in Casablanca between Churchill and Roosevelt.

The port of Casablanca was also the picture of a massive nautico battle, pitting the Vichy fleet against the Us force sent for the invasion. There is certainly not home field advantage as practically the entire French fast and hundreds of sailors met their collective finishes.

A masterful work of scholarship.

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