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The very first chapter was published in the Appalachian Mountain Membership magazine, and it was so compelling that I purchased the book. Because another reviewer stated, every chapter is riveting. Now i'm a search and save volunteer, and appreciated the in-depth analysis of how each mishap occurred, what the search and save reply entailed, and training learned. The book plainly required a major investment of time and energy to thoroughly research each occurrence. A must-read for everyone who is enjoys wilderness pursuits., This book, " Desperate Steps", exceeded my expectations for a vicarious true life adventure experience. As an RN and retired EMT and firefighter who took just one emergency care, rescue and survival course at Pinkham Notch with Mountain Treatments Ed, Inc, and was left mystified by the allure of these severe places, these stories of real people burst off the page and kept me reading through the night until this guide was read, cover to cover. The author brings to life the reasons a lot of people seem drawn to go to mountains to face the unknown. This book is all about examining the process of advance planning and in-the-moment choice making. Almost clinically, Mr. Kick uses a formula of sympathetically bringing out the adventurer and environmental surroundings they have entered. Typically the circumstances that impacted the outcomes of each of the situations reported are brought to life along with maps and clear information of weather, snow, hill and trail features. There are no typos or clumsy wording to distract from these tales of adversity. Mountains are the key characters of this story. Human choices provide the action. Leaning from the experience of others is the moral. Evaluations of what happened, how the situation was responded to, and impacts on lives and rescue policy follow each story.

The rescuers who put themselves in harm's way, and the rescue systems who have evolved to try to save people from the effects of their own steps is another interesting insight provided by this guide.

The reader does not be an expert to find interst in these stories, but those experts who do pick up this book will likely find meanings beyond the understandings of those of us who prefer the low countries. This book is for anyone who believes in the value of planning ahead. This book is for anyone who can put aside their arrogance to be able to learn from the experience of others so that they might be forewarned about what could happen to themselves. This precise report of accident, success or death in the mountains is a good read and I'm giving my copy to my favorite Appalacian Trail trekker to take to center., If you just walk for the day or are a thru hiker, I recommend knowing these tragic stories that others have experienced. This is how we learn. Several people or documents may say "always do this or that"....... sometimes is actually just words we notice. This book brings incidents that involve people, feelings, loved ones and real effects to front side of your consciousness therefore the next time you go out, you bring the bivy. Exactly why? Not because a certain list alerted you to, but because you will bear in mind what happened to someone who didn't. All the stories have excellent training to learn from and the author does a good job summarizing the training as well., Whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert, this book can make it very clear that the backcountry can be very unforgiving, and that proper preparation and common sense are crucial to experiencing the wilderness.

" Desperate Steps" gives beautifully shaped lists of what to consider, as well as making one realize that there is no substitute for experience, and that stretching beyond one's physical limits and skill sets, can prove extremely hazardous at best, and fatal at worst. And what is even worse, is the peril that people can put others in, because of their over zealousness.

A fantastic read for anyone who enjoys the fantastic outdoors, and it will leave you with a whole new explanation of " respect"., I enjoyed this guide thoroughly! Because I read through the book, I thought about my own excursions in similar territory and how privileged I had been. This book is written well with many factual details that were well-researched. The author arranged the incidents according to sections classifying risks into categories such as weak planning, etc. Good training to be learned for anyone who is a hiking junkie. I feel re-reading sections to help me avoid any such risks for planned future endeavors. Would recommend this book for anyone interested in serious hiking anywhere!, Well written. The book is divided into categories based on the reason behind the accident. The end of each accident provides a critique on the mistaken decision that brought to the accident and what could be done to prevent it. However, there were instances where no mistakes or miscalculations were made; high-risk activities inherently contain dangers. Well worth your time if you often hike or ski. I came away with great respect for the people who risk their own lives to rescue others., Terrific, particularly when one discovers some lessons on preparations and actual hiking. I was hiking on Mt Katahdin in the summer of 1963. We met the Placer stationed there. He was a terrific guy, who needlessly died because a woman didn't have the sense to remain on the trail. He couldn't save her, got caught in a blizzard, and just sat down and perished after his futile efforts. I am so pleased these day there are fines and expected payments from those who disregard all the warnings, (see 2d story), and enhance a dozen others in a horrendous storm, and then do NOT REALLY even make a contribution for the efforts of these wonderful guides.

These types of stories make everything real, and can promote good habits. I became a Girl Scout leader, a Den Mother and was very careful with my own family, after reading of " our" Ranger back in 1963., Lots of great history and tales of caution.

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