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The makings of the Vietnam War on serious study and retrospect will make one want to shout. How our White Home under the leadership of Lyndon Baines Johnson progressively minus the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff got involved in a land war in Vietnam.
In a length of two years of frequent arguing and intrigue the Combined States found itself hopelessly entangled in a conflict. Much of the armed service leaders advised against getting active in the war. The sole White House official who argued against military engagement was George Ball who did not bring his dissent outside the walls of the White Home.
H. R. McMaster brings forth the wrong thinking and mistake prone analysis of President Johnson and Robert McNamara who stumbled their way in making a full military commitment. In doing so in a stealthy way and laying to the American public they found themselves fully immersed in a politics civil war in which we could not succeed., Outstanding book. I offered in Vietnam and thought I knew a lot about the politics of the war. After reading this book I now have a much better understanding. No blood and guts or description of the battles. Just the politics., For those of age group during the Vietnam conflict, there is no doubt that objectivity is difficult as to why America got involved and eventually pulled out. The view of these who fought the war is usually quite different from those who instigated it and were in charge of its disastrous end result. It takes courage to go into battle and fight for a cause that through the aborrecible bureaucratic legislation called the draft one is required to fight for. It requires just as much valor to voluntarily fight in a war that has been marketed as being necessary, unavoidable, and winnable. This book gives further evidence that the catastrophe of the Vietnam conflict was not the result of those who fought against it, but rather with the DC clowns who feigned competence in armed service matters and those who remained silent or acquiesced in the horrible festival of political maneuvering.

Right now there are some who may hold to the basic that Lyndon Johnson and his nearest advisors showed real guts in attempting to combat the Vietnamese Communist danger and to “save American face”. But it does not take any intestinal guts or keen intellect to indulge in the deceit and verbal machinations that are delineated in careful detail in this guide. For those readers who want the raw, naked fact about Vietnam, this guide is highly recommended, and its study will reveal that the author has definitely done his homework.

Having its origin in the National Security Act of 1947, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) during the Vietnam war is portrayed in this guide as more of a variety of “technicians for planners” when compared to a body of people who carefully planned strategies and tactics. Some readers may be shocked as to what little influence the JCS had on genuine policy selections during the buildup of the conflict and its actual execution in the many years movement that followed. One can only wonder whether this was the result of tacit agreement with those policies to be more exact from an excess of veneration for the Presidency and his cabinet officers. The author seems to claim for a superposition of both of these, and frequently the JCS is accused of placating the president.

Robert McNamara is rightfully portrayed as a possible wicked demon in this guide, as a government bureaucrat who cannot engage in self-criticism and smug in the knowledge of his analysis and assessments of progress in the war. McNamara’s house at the time was definitely a cesspool of apodictic certainty as is well brought out in this book, especially in the manner in which he interacted with the president and the JCS.

Johnson failed along with his vision of the Great Society. The JCS failed. Robert McNamara and Cyrus Vance failed. The sole success of that time was the drive to finish the debacle of the Vietnam war. This book is a microscopic view of these problems, and the biggest lesson to consider away from the study of this guide is an appreciation of precisely how removed from actuality a government bureaucracy can be, and exactly how uncritical adulation for a president or an idea can bring about horrible destruction and stress., This books is just excellent: if you're enthusiastic about the Vietnam War, or more broadly in military-political background, you can not find a more significant book to expand your understanding.

I've read extensively on the Vietnam war, both ground-level accounts by soldiers, as well as higher-level perspectives that cover the political circumstance and strategies. I can't say for sure why it took me too long to get to this one, but Now i'm really glad I did.

The writing is articulate, detailed, and honest all through. The account is completely believable, because it is fully consistent with other information that is available, this seems at once like a more detailed account of what has been known, as well as a brilliant revelation of the lies and inefficiencies (and arrogance) that led to the military and political disaster, and so many lives lost (on all sides) for no purpose.

There are many detailed reviews of the book available, so there's very little I can add that would likely be useful. I strongly recommend reading the book., As a retired senior armed service officer who just skipped Vietnam, this guide confirmed all I had heard about the managers of this discord in Washington from Chief executive Johnson on down. It was a horrible way to run a war and McMaster masterfully ties all of the facts with each other to provide a well organized overview of the events of the war and its key players. It is a long read due to detail the author goes into but it is a necessary read for anyone enthusiastic about this conflict and how its lessons can apply to how the military has evolved to address today's flash points., Well written & researched history of the Manley many years of the Vietnam conflict. Eye opening indictment of the political impact on what must have been mainly military decisions. Will clarify the reason for a lot of the selections that led to the ultimate loss of the war, and also storage sheds light on whether the US should have prosecuted the war at all. Frightening to see how totally self serving individuals can subvert facts to advance their own self interest. Timely read!, We am still on Section 4. The detail and perspective of this guide is actually astounding. Stripped of the political fan-boism, and read in combination with other accounts of Presidential history, it reveals a very dark and troubling side of almost all presidencies - the monumental apathy, neglect, and sometimes, active scheming - that costs everyone dearly in lives and money, Americans and non-Americans alike. To all those who put Presidents (of either affiliation) on a pedestal, this must be read slowly and gradually and loudly - poste we forget that all politicians must be placed accountable for each of their actions - irrespective of party/ideology/popularity.

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