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I had been really surprised by this story. Aside from the many typos, it has fairly good characters and a moving storyline. If not for the typos- I'd have awarded 5 celebrities. I really could see this book as a great series, the author certainly launched intriguing characters. In general, it's worth a read., I actually loved the Story. The uniqueness. The characters. I actually believed it. I wanted it for all of them to find the happiness and believe in love. It was different and refreshing., Loved it! There were a few typo's but overall.... can't wait for a next one., This was this amazing novel! It can so difficult to find paranormal romance novels that feel fresh and original. I actually feel like lately I actually am reading the same novel over and over-the same brooding hero, the same chick who believes she's tough and independent but is a continuous damsel in distress, and the same plot with the bad guys showing upward in the end, almost hurting the heroine, and then she's saved by the hero. Demon My very own is such a refreshing change of pace from this tired structure. We saw the hero, Sytrius, develop from a self-disciplined drone to a loving, caring individual. Alyssa seemed a real woman with faults, fears, and an inner strength she clung to with all her might even when skirting on the brink of insanity. (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD)

The overall story focuses around Alyssa who has been taken captive against her will so that demons can feed on her sexual energy. Overtime, however,, her handler, Sytrius, comes to care for her and helps her avoid setting them off on a journey for security, healing, and understanding. Based off of the preliminary premise, I was afraid that this novel would be an erotic fic with a poorly thought out there plot. Just like a lot of captive paranormal stories conclusion up being. Soon into reading the free chapters on Amazon, it was evident that this was not the case. Marina spent the time to help the viewer feel Alyssa's loneliness, hysteria, and her continuous effort at maintaining hope. It felt genuine and I actually came to really feel for Alyssa and her plight. She felt like a person, not an interchangeable romance heroine. We can also see Sytrius's struggle to maintain the circumstances that he has known for hundreds of years but through various interactions, he or she can't help but feel attached to the woman under his care.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a " love at first sight" story or a disturbing, aggressive rape fantasy. I actually absolutely can't stand those types of novels. No, in this novel the build-up of trust, respect and friendship is a nice, believable burn that means it is all so much more worth while ultimately. I arrived to value these two characters and their history because Marina took the time and care to tell it properly. It also made the moments where they were intimate that much more enjoyable as well.

The secondary characters were also very well-written. These types of characters, like Sytrius, maintained to be demons; underworld entities incapable of creating things on their own such as love. They will can only feed from what humans create and they are constantly hungry. Marina really does a fantastic job of making them feel like a different species and not just arrogant humans who look like they hit the gym a lot (like I am inclined to find in most paranormal romance novels). Despite missing feelings like humans do, I still got a sense of what each of the secondary demons personalities, fears, and (or) weaknesses were. They sensed like individuals rather than interchangeable personalities that seem in the novel exclusively to move the storyline or cause odd, contrived conflict with the two main characters. They all felt like these were intended to be there and served a purpose.

I actually must also commend Riva on taking on a type of demon, an incubus, that individuals don't come across too often in these kind of works of fiction. Heaven knows we have enough werewolf, vampire, and weredragon stories to final us the next one hundred years (not that there aren't any exceptional works of fiction during these categories because there definitely are). The different type of entity is really one of the things that first drew me to this story and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Total, Marina has a great writing style. She does the perfect amount of displaying and telling and her pacing is spot on. She does a great job of immersing you in the story; making you seem like you are right there experiencing it with the characters. Unfortunately, I actually had to take off half of a celebrity simply because there was a good amount of incorrect term usage. The odd thing is, is that it was typically the same thing over and over. For example, using 'loose rather than lose' and 'that rather than than'. At one point I got to thinking that it might be an odd Canadian vernacular or something that We have never heard of (I am assuming she's Canadian based off of her descriptions of Canada) but I had been not able to find any proof of this on the internet. It could be a little distracting but I still absolutely loved this book because the other aspects of her writing style, the characters, and the story more than made up for some grammatical issues. This specific was a beautiful story and for three dollars, well worth the price. I actually now have a new author to watch out there for and I can't wait around to see what Riva has available next!, Termes conseillés:
Alyssa was being sexually taken good thing about by the demons and she was clueless as to the reasons. Sytrius becomes her devil handler and he was distinctive from the others because he talked to her.
Sytrius on the other hands see's her less a source but a person and he knew he or she had in order to save her. Alyssa finally had some wish of escape with the help of a demon who seemed to care. I loved how the both protagonist increased to love each other.
I found the last few chapters dragging though. The supplementary characters were having their own story which would have been better told if they had their own book.
But I do have to say this history is a good amaze. It probably would have stayed in my " I will read it eventually until I ignore it" if it wasn't recommended by a book recommendation group. The cover should be overhauled since it really isn't eye catching., Just what a fantastic book! I actually am in love with the story of Sytrius and Alyssa! Please explain to me we haven't seen the conclusion of the Eastern or Western Local authorities! There is too much that may be built upon. I actually wanna see Raim get his! What about Andras and Natasha? What about the incubi in Heavy Sleep, starving and in pain? It can't stop there!
This history does have trigger issues and for many who don't like dub/non consent with a very dark plot, miss this. But if you can, keep reading, push through it. There is this fantastic, heart stopping, moving, knight in shining armor (literally! ) make you gush romance.
Riva Simcoe is a must read author and I wish she doesn't keep us all waiting for her next book., Someone suggested this book in a Facebook group I'm in, and when I first looked at it I didn't think much of it. Following Amanda Milo's "Stolen" book I've learned never to assess by the cover at all. This holds best shown for this book as well! There were several typos especially towards the conclusion (I assume her fingers were flying as fast as her brain! ) - this was a wonderful, unique history and I hope there are more!, I absolutely adored Sytrius. He was kind, caring, and caring. He knew what was happening was wrong, but was stuck, unable to do something regarding it. Until the instant he could…then he beat all the rules so that he could protect Alyssa. She was a great match for him. Not really saying she didn’t have trouble with the fact that he or she was an incubus, but in time, there was acceptance along with her compassion that this is what he is. That he or she needs those feelings to feed, to be strong. They grew together and we were able to see the changes in Sytrius throughout the book. There were so many scenes that I loved with them. His growth towards finish, his carefree attitude, and faithfulness despite his need, was wonderful!

Overall, this was an entertaining, wonderful read. The story was sweet, and there were occasions of suspense where you were not positive what was going to happen. Marina also has an interesting take on the incubus... but I actually won't say too much so I don't give it away! You just gotta read for yourself. I'm excited for the next book, which I believe is Marcus.

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