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A very smart look at what it takes for democracy to work. It's messy, it's hard, but is actually the main fight. Condi Rice draws on American history and our very own institutional problems with freedom and democracy as well as case studies from her own career in government -- Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kenya, Columbia, and of course the center East with a focus on Iraq. The publication also talks about the 2016 election, and details forward optimistically about America's role on earth and how we must remain cautious about our own democratic institutions. This is a great primer and properly timed for the problems we face on earth!, great read, Really enlightening., Together with roughly 145 democratic, or quasi democratic governments, out of roughly 200 nations, this book reinforces a powerful message.... democracy can be difficult, inspiring, challenging, and engaging, but at the conclusion of the day it is about individual divinity., Graceful and useful with a deep sense of patriotism from an untapped source of Durability., The Puritan, John Winthrop spoke of America as “the city on a hill” as he gazed after the shores of his new home from the confines of his ship, the Arbella. Chief executive Ronald Reagan inspired independence lovers across the world as he too spoke in glowing conditions of the “city on a hill. ” Winthrop and Reagan captured the very heartbeat of every human being with that phrase as they echoed the cry for independence - a freedom which is made possible by democracy.

Former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice paints a beautiful symbol of freedom in the woman most recent book, Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom. Rice explores the early fundamentals of American democracy by providing a basic framework for freedom.

Almost all of the book is devoted to telling stories about the hope of democracy in countries like the Russian Federation, Columbia, Poland, Kenya, and the Middle East. Readers are not surprised to learn that while democracy is on the rise on earth, the assure of democracy is usually a long path and it is usually accompanied by pain and bloodshed. Some countries like Germany and Asia are “stabilizing forces for good. ” But other nations like Russian and China “seem determined to disrupt the global order. ”

Dr. Rice makes full use of the woman experience as Secretary of State by sharing stories about her role in assisting various nations move forwards in their quest for democracy. Readers will quickly note that Secretary Rice has a passion for freedom and it is quick to defend the downtrodden. Rice adds, “Giving voice to the voiceless is a moral cause for a rustic - America that is based on an idea: that individual freedom is the source of human dignity and progress. That cannot be true for us and never for them. ”

Democracy by Condoleeza Rice is an e book for each and every American. Liberals and conservatives alike should digest this book and be reminded of the great price of independence. Indeed, “The United States has been a north star for those seeking liberty not because it is perfect, but because it was born imperfect and is still having difficulties with imperfection. That has always been the best argument for America’s example - and America’s proposal. We are living evidence that the task of democracy is never done. Regarding those who are just starting - stumbling, and starting again - that is reassuring and inspiring. And it is reason to be a tone for them as they struggle in their independence - just as we do - to chart a better future. ”

Dr . Rice tells about the time she visited the home of Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk, Poland. 1 hundred thousand Polish employees were waving flags and shouting, “Bush, Bush, Rose bush … Freedom, Freedom, Independence. ” Rice turned to her colleague as said, “This is not exactly what Karl Marx meant when he said, ‘Workers of the world unite. ”

So the atheistic worldview of Karl Marx is relegated to the ash heap of history. And the town on the hill shines brightly, still. However, there are still forces that loom large and forged a dark shadow on this liberty. Democracy is a celebration of our freedom and a vivid reminder of the freedom we enjoy as Americans.

Very recommended!, I was drawn to DEMOCRACY while hearing to a popular morning politically oriented roundtable news program, known for the diverse and opinionated members. They verbally joust and interrupt one another good-naturedly throughout their discussion of current events. Their friends routinely appear in five-minute segments, but if they’re especially interesting, the talk may stretch to ten before a commercial break.

Former Secretary of Condition Condoleezza Rice was just lately introduced towards the top of the hr to discuss her publication. This often rowdy lot of journalists and politics dignitaries sat, mesmerized, for a solid 35 minutes listening to her state responses to their clever questions as she talked about what democracy is, was, can be and, most importantly, could become in today’s tumultuous world.

I promptly fired off a request to my Bookreporter editor because I actually wanted to know more and reveal my thoughts.

This review is not a identifying discourse on the items of this meaty volume level; that could fill pages. Rice’s illustrious background in international affairs qualified her to deal at the highest levels of diplomacy with foreign leaders --- from sheikhs to kings to authoritarian rulers, prime ministers, Arab monarchs, UN and NATO leaders, and minds of state of every information while holding key case positions under two Us presidents. She writes in the first person of those activities while imparting thoughts on the democratic principles involved.

As Socrates famously explained, “There is no solution. Seek it lovingly. ” And, of course, Winston Churchill has been offered often as saying, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others. ” Democracy is not easy, Rice simply states. And creating a democratic society is even harder. She covers the developing democracies in Kenya, Colombia, Poland, Ukraine and more. Fluent in russian, she met with Ruskies leaders from Gorbachev to Putin and offers sobering insights into each Ruskies ruler.

I have to confess that when I hear the tribal names just about every day on the news --- Shia, Sunnis, Kurds --- it is confusing. Rice clearly and concisely describes the differences, the history and the ongoing struggles to bring, if not lasting peacefulness, then at least co-existence to the war-torn region. These segments are among the most compelling areas of DEMOCRACY and by yourself are worth the price of this fascinating publication.

Reviewed by Roz Shea

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