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BC's Delvers 2 is a fantastic book that We strongly recommend anybody interested in fantasy or LitRPG read! Sequels can always be iffy but Delvers 2 is a solid enhancement and I enjoyed it more than Used to do the first book in the series.

I've seen a number of negative reviews regarding a gay character in the book, so let me simplify on a single very important point: that character made this book. This specific character is absolutely hilarious and my most favored times were the scenes with this character. The original introduction can be construed as BC pushing the LGBTQ agenda, but as We thought regarding it it really made sense to provide the level of in depth explanations that he do as the MCs are trying to clarify a wholly different culture to the Ludites.

Loved the book, information fun!, We recently submitted a vital review of the first Delvers, now I wish I could take it back. Commitments Incurred is a wonderful enhancement. I highly recommend the Delvers LLC series to all fantasy readers, yes, and even those who are not yet hooked Will enjoy. Unlike so many of this relatively new game lover stuff, one doesn`t have to be a game lover to understand it and really get into it. If you like adventure, this is it, no issue that it resembles a game board. I wish I`d purchased the whole series to start with, this from another published novelist. Can`t wait to get into Adventure Capital., Publication 2!

Recommend reading the first book first, but this continuation of the Delvers Company adventure is an excellent addition to any catalogue. The storyplot continues with Henry & Jason discovering new aspects to the world they have been decreased on - Ludus - and an increase of understanding and progression in the direction of defining their magic styles and exactly how they want to survive this world.

Now i'm a system geek, and the magic system is absolutely top notch in this series. I would recommend that folks not expect a " hard numbers" litrpg, you don't see the author speaking about " character sheets" or " quests" - it is more like the magic system has been set up and the characters experience it much like RPG players would.

I especially loved the ending, and the way the story has increased stakes - and is apparently increasing stakes and interest each and every turn, but my favorite is the magic systems and how they work together. We look forward to extension of the story. Absolutely an experienced purchase., How do I say this... this book was good but it was one of those novels that had too much and too little at the same time... You will get action, nuanced characters and decent micro-level pacing but on the macro level this is kind of.... One of "those" stories where products happens and it's convincing but it happens in bits and pieces on the small scale and smaller parts and pieces on the top scale... it's still a great book though., I had developed the possibility to read the first and second novel in this series by Blaise Corvin back to back. The author is able to yet again show a strength in a multi-viewpoint story, while maintaining the readers interest in the immediate adventure, and overall story arch. While We did enjoy the story, there were several elements that I felt were overdone. In what I believe would be attempts to show that human prejudice, difference, distrust, and/or ignorance are not exclusive characteristics to just one group of people, We have to say that there was too much emphasis on this, and it might have been over-done, which led to a muddiness from the story range. Interestingly, I felt that you still had this theme in book 1 as well, but was better balanced there. In publication 2, I think I understand the author's intent, but would submit which it simply fell out of balance and became a point of friction that crowded out the story.

Length: A
Writing Style: B- (Probably a little tough, but think that it was a step back from the talent shown in book 1)
Environment: B+
Story: B (Again, sensed there were elements there were competing versus complimentary)
Character Development: A-
Enhancing: B+
Advise: A, Ok, I think only my second review ever, so that will let people know how much I enjoyed the publication. Unlike many other textbooks similar to this, it does not spend pages and web pages on stats, the writer a few you fill in the logical parts and allows your imagination fill in some interesting what if situations. Maybe I am a sucker for game lover style books, but this series has been one of my favorites so far. Will not put the characters in a video game, and get it kind of does put them in that kind of environment. The God interaction is like dealing with an admin in a odd way that I am not always clear on, but honestly I am nitpicking. Really enjoyed, aren't wait for the next in the series, continue the good work Blaise., Amazing book, another writer I've added to my list to follow closely and greatly looking forward to book 3!, I haven't really slept in 2 days. These types of books have been fantastic. You know it's a good series when you hit the end of the publication and feel pain in your soul at the thought of having to wait for the next one... I can't wait around.

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