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It was an enjoyable read. The characters were pretty well developed. There is action, relationship and drama throughout the complete book.

I came across myself transforming the pages easily and the writing style was enjoyable and fun. I like Lauren’s cadence in her writing with times, I just had to stop and take a deeeeep breath and enjoy.

Some of the explanations got too lengthy for my taste … some of them. Some of the dialog and scenes were a little unbelievable and a little hard to follow however the characters always kept you right there, on the page, clipping together and so … the dialog and scenes were forgiven quickly. Does that make any sense? I simply found myself rolling my eyes sometimes and at other times, I truly could not bring the scene into full view because the description left me lost.

But perhaps the biggest turn off to me was that I could not resonate with the story. The most enjoyable books to me would be the ones where I can see a item of myself in the storyline, whether it’s with the characters or the history line. I had been nowhere to be found in this story. The term, “Dystopia” can be used by the author to describe the theme of this story and … it nauseated myself. There was many times, I had to sit, gather myself before reading any further. I wanted to read further however, I just had to get myself together before moving forward. The story nauseated myself and am felt overwhelmed sometimes. Perhaps that is the sign of a good author and quite frankly, Lauren’s writing is very well done.

There are two more books after that one and I will not be picking them up. With regard to me, one book was enough even though I was left hanging at the end of the story. I did not enjoy it enough to dive into the next one and that is not because I do not enjoy this read, it was because the genre was not to my liking.
And so … I am going to go looking for me personally in another book. Not sure where, but I’m sure it will find myself. They always do., In order to be honest this publication has been sitting in my collection for a long period. I kept putting off reading it. I wasn't sure I was rely proceeding to find yourself in it. I was so wrong! This history really touched my coronary heart. What is the opposing of love? It's not hate...... it's indifference. The thought of a world without love, without passion, without true caring, that's just devastating. I wish I never know a time when my life is not only filled with love. I'm excited to move on to the next book.
Wow and one more thing........ please God let Alex be ok., I will be completely and utterly excited by this publication, I really loved it! It was such a unique concept. I actually did like Lena, even though she was so weak at first the like such a great character development, from being this weak girl so brainwashed by this terrible society to finally fighting off and doing what the girl wants. I also adored Alex, he was what Impegno needed, that little push to as she says " wake up". Now I know I'm slightly late to this but after reading this, I saw the pilot for the show and am recommend to anyone who has not read the publication, please do not watch the pilot. It pretty much shows the major parts of the book, so that it will be a major spoiler if you do watch it prior to reading. I am really upset they aren't going to continue with the show because I possess just became a HUGE fan of the Delirium series and I are unable to wait to see the sleep of the books! Of which ending though... I could've refrained from. I'm just here, wishing for the likelihood that it is absolutely not how the left off. Please choose this book up, the AMAZING., Tonight I finished the first of a four book series called Delirium. The book has won all sorts of awards including NPR’s top 100 teen novels of all time and called a Best Book of the Year by USA Nowadays, Kirkus, Amazon and YALSA. Personally, I came across the publication amazing! Even today I am shaking with the adrenaline from the last chapter in the book.

Delirium (the book) is about Lena, a female of seventeen who is nearing the woman procedure called “the cure”. She will be fixed and no longer have the feelings and dilemma she presently has. The world is a safely regulated place. She needs to score well on her oral examination and then have the procedure and her life is all planned following that.

What’s lacking is that Lena’s favorite color is silver. The woman best friend, Hana reveals her to things that are highly against the law and regulated. This starts Lena’s questions. Alex’s access to her life adds color and feelings to the woman structured world.

Lauren Oliver’s dysotopic world is frightening real, and not only because it is set in Portland, Maine with well known and recognized landmarks. Her main characters are people you can understand – teenager with questions and emotions. Their pursuit for understanding, the future and the belief that they are invincible are still recognizable no matter the time or the place. The hyperawareness and concerns feel realistic.

The emotional investment in the storyline and characters really speaks to a viewer. Prepare to enter Lena’s world, you won’t want to leave.

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