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I have known Gin, the author for a few years now, having met her in the intermittent fasting groups on Facebook. I've been intermittently fasting for more than two years now, having dropped 220 lbs in the initial seventeen months, and maintaining 190 of it over the past year. Gin is so well continue reading this topic, and I've always looked to her for troubleshooting ideas and support when I've had troubles. Her wisdom has been absolutely invaluable. I would not have made it through some of my harder times so swiftly if it weren't for the girl sage advice. I'm so happy to see her finally sharing that same wisdom with the world.

Typically the book is wonderful! Composed in such a way that anyone can understand the basic science at the rear of intermittent fasting, this book clarifies it all without the textbook feel. Easy and light enough to read in one evening, like I did, and uplifting simultaneously. This book is a great beginner's guide to intermittently fasting for weight loss. And I'll inform you from my very own experience, once you try sporadic fasting earnestly, you'll question why more people aren't doing it!

~Nicole H. lost 220 lbs with IF in 17 weeks, This book on fasting by Gin Stephens is an excellent addition to the growing literature on the advantages of IF. It is a clear, succinct, and well-written introduction to the practice of intermittent fasting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is considering trying this way of life. Things I particularly enjoyed:
* very clear explanation of the role of insulin and the reasons fasting is the way to go
* excellent, short explanation of different methods of IF. I wish I had had these when I first started exploring fasting.
* great chapter on OMAD (One Meal A Day) - as someone who is aspiring to this form of fasting, this was most helpful in my own situation. What does it really mean? What sort of overall flexibility is there? I think this may be very helpful to anyone thinking about OMAD. Gin provides real-world examples from the girl own journey that I found very encouraging. What will I do on my cruise in Might?? Now I know.
* loved the chapter on what to eat. Very practical reflections on whether, if or when to do low carb, etc .
* great personal testimonials from individuals who have done it

Highly recommended., Full disclosure: I have been a faster for ten weeks and also have lost 40 pounds. Gin's breezy and fun way of telling the girl story and explaining this way of eating is very useful and entertaining. Beginning with Jason Fung's guide, 'THE OBESITY CODE' and continuing on with his latest book have led me to believe this is not just another diet but a new lifestyle that will help you improve your health PLUS lose weight. The advantages of fasting are just now being recognized and yet have been around for thousands of years., This is the best book I have read in a decade. It shows all the ways we have been feeding our bodies COMPLETELY WRONG and what we have to do to lose weight. Zero diets... just listening to the body. It is hopeful, simple yet references studies and gives references so that you can pursue in more depth if you want.

The reason why stay over weight? Unhealthy? Disappointed? Get this book and read why your 'diet' never works! and then learn how to nourish your body the right way! I am so grateful to Gin for this book!, I carefully enjoyed reading this book and could not input it down!! Gin's down to planet writing style had me personally hooked from the first page... Love the concept and have already started out the intermittent fasting... If you feel tied to your weight loss despite doing exercises, eating clean and reducing foods, I highly recommend reading this and trying it for at least 30 days., All we need to succeed is eat in a particular time frame - (Don’t Deny). No need to cut particular foods off the list. If you want it, just watch for it - (Delay). Then enjoy whatever it is and then wait through the fasting time again. Well described and well written., This can be a great starter book for anybody interested in learning about the intermittent fasting lifestyle. That is an easy read and pretty informative. If you are looking for a scientific guide i would not suggest this one and the author nicely summarizes many publications she suggests in thr back. Great find, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was very simple to understand, and also, it was very well written. The author draws you in by sharing the girl own personal story, but helps to make clear technology behind why intermittent fasting is a rewarding lifestyle-- not a quick fix.

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