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Following reading and falling in love Vicious, I just needed to meet Jaime! Defy was seriously perfect. This may have been a storia, but do not let the size turn you away. That had some serious vapor, and was HOT in its entirety!

“Ballet has always come first. Just before men and before me. Regarding a while I’d actually thought it was enough. Until it finally wasn’t. ”

I love reading strong heroines, and that’s exactly what Melody was. She had some heartbreaking instances in the girl past. She was a little lost at first, but I loved arriving at experience her taking back control and finding passion in her life again.

“Next time you bend over like this, Ms. Gary the gadget guy, make sure I’m not behind you, or this’ll end up on Countrywide Geographic: ‘When Predators Hit. ”

And Jaime—he was possessive, but totally translucent when it came to his feelings. I would catch myself forgetting he was eighteen--he seemed so mature for his age. The way he acted, talked, both casuallyand to Melody. He also had such a huge effect on the people in his life. I CHERISHED him!

“Yes, Mel. Honestly, that is exactly why I still left without explaining. Because I do believe about you before I think about myself. Constantly remember that, Little Ballerina. Always. ”

Defy was one of the best student/teacher relationships I have read. Melody and Jaime’s chemistry was from the charts--hot, raw, and totally forbidden. I only wish their story was a little longer—I needed MORE of Jaime! I seriously love these HotHoles, and I can’t wait to drop in love with the next one in this series!, After having her desires shattered Melody takes a job teaching a number of privileged spoiled kids. This isn't what the lady wants to do but she has no choice and is going with the flow. I really loved Melody because she was sassy and didn't play by high society's regulations and expectations.

Jaime is 1 of the HotHoles but he's more reserved. Folks think they have him or her all figured out but he's not what everyone thinks he or she is. There's a lot more when it comes to Jaime and he has a massive caring heart. I loved the stand upward guy Jaime became as the story unfolds.

“And you feel like a woman worthy of a fight, Ms. Greene. ”

“Because I do believe about you before I think about myself. Always remember that, Little Ballerina. Always. ”

I loved the how you could feel the sexual tension oozing off the pages between Melody and Jaime. Their link and banter eventually developed as the story progressed and it was everything!! This isn't an insta love story. You get invested and fall in love with the characters and despite the fact that their relationship is forbidden, you can't help but want those to defy all odds and be together.

At first I wasn't sure if I would like the book because it was charged as an insta lust/love type book but it was so well done!! Shen has such a way with words. This is the second book that I've read by her and I was completely lured in and couldn't stop until I was finished with the book. This series has become one of my favorites and I can't await Ruckus., What can I say concerning this book other than it was freaking incredible!!! I wish it was a full length novel. I loved Vicious but there is merely something about Defy that made it rise above Vicious!!! I kept thinking that because it was obviously a novella that it couldn’t remain better but let me assure you that this book was packed with a lot of feeling and enthusiasm!!! Some people may think that it’s sick for a teacher to be included with a student but in this case trainees was in fact an adult therefore i personally didn’t see anything wrong with it. You really can not help who you love make sure both parties are consenting adults then I say go for it. Society puts all these rules and regulations on who we are intended to love and who we aren't supposed to love and I think that this is a number of bull****. No one has the right to tell anyone that they can’t possibly love someone. I mean honestly who came up with these rules anyway???

In Defy we see real love and passion. It might seem to be at first that it is merely another rich privileged youngster doing whatever the terrible they want specially when it comes to getting what exactly they want but in this case that really wasn’t the circumstance. Jamie really was enthralled by Melody and his desire was far more than sexual. Don’t get me wrong the sex was hot and intensive but it went far beyond that. And for all the skeptics out there yes an 20 year old can really have actually feelings. True feelings. It goes against those damn rules but I learned rapidly in life that anything or anyone who is “different” is often considered unacceptable. Junk. Complete crap. What Jamie and Melody had was as real as it gets and people would only be so lucky to find it.

This little novella is wonderful and I highly recommend it!!! Its filled with so much feeling and keenness that anyone who reads it can’t possibly be disappointed!!!

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