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Excellent resource on TRT and male hormones. I now discover why my blood sugars, SHBG, ldl and free testosterone are all out of wack and just how they are all related. If if you're a person over 30, this book is a must have., This particular book is packed with good information, and I'm glad it exists. My Ant-Aging TRT doctor informed me everything in this book, once i went for my first visit, so at first I thought it was a waste of as I purchased it a week after starting TRT. As it happens that actually my Dr, has read the book before and those mentioned in here. So because of this book I have a great Doctor For a lot of people that have been looking into testosterone treatment the first 50 percent of the book will be repetitive to most things you have previously read, which is once i remaining my first review. The particular scond half on the other palm is where you start getting more of the modern take on TRT. The particular chapter on nutrition was great along with the interview with Dr. Brett Osborn. He does recommend a lot of supplements and books to read, but with the effect this has had on Dr. 's I feel bound to look into all of these. This can be a great book to start with., The Definitive Testosterone Replacement manual is a must have for those undergoing hormones replacement! This TRT manual is straightforward to understand as it uses person conditions and it is just not be long before you know more than most doctors do in regards to protocol and optimising TRT to get the most out of it. I actually absolutely can't wait for Jay Campbell's next book, there packed with a lot useful information you is just not comes from most doctors since they don't really sit down and talk to you anymore. You need to be your own advocated in these times because healthcare is about seeing as many patients in the allotted time as possible. Read this book will change your life!, If you need to be spoon fed basic information about TRT, which any 8th grade student could find in an internet search, then that book is for you. Yet , if you are buying source of knowledge on " How to Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Wellness and Happiness", save your money and require a move on this book. We have been on TRT for a year and have enjoyed the results. I was already familiar with nearly all of the info in this book. I was buying source to help me personally take it one stage further. I actually think I'll stick with information I can contacts from the internet., The particular book starts off discussing about the benefits associated with having optimal blood testosterone levels, e. g., decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, better heart health, heightened intercourse drive, improved confidence with sex partners, etc.

Jay spent an inordinate amount of time on PubMed to write this book.

Perhaps the most pernicious dogma ever foisted on the unknowing public by morons is that TRT causes prostate cancer. Jay cites to a plethora of peer examined studies that debunk this and many other pervasive myths. The particular book isn't just one bro's opinion. The book goes on to discuss the science of testosterone and endocrinology.

Jay then discusses the optimal TRT protocol, which is done via intramuscular injection. Most anti-aging docs are going to suggest testosterone cypionate. Most patients will inject 1-2 times per week. Jay discusses needle gauge (the scale the needle) and pulling out, where and how to inject as well as how to minimize and/or avoid possible side effects. You will find links to his website if you need to learn more. We have been reading Jay Campbell's blog for many years. It used to be called “the muscle couple”. He later changed the name to “fab fit over 40”.

Jay suggests having your blood done at certain intervals, and discusses specifically what to check for. For example, if you are in your 40's, Jay indicates the anti-aging panel twice a year. Also, when you are in the beginning on your TRT protocol, you need to have your testosterone and estrogen levels checked to ensure they are optimized. The book comes to an end with a chapter on nutrition and one on fitness. TRT is not a panacea. You have to eat great and exercise to get results.

Overall, a great TRT book backed up by science., The Conclusive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Handbook is a Masterpiece!

Over a year ago I was looking for information on TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. I actually was searching the net and accidentally discovered Jay Campbell. I was looking for something to kick start my TRT protocol. I actually had no clue just what a gold mine I had formed just struck.

Jay posseses an uncanny grasp on the art and science of all things TRT. As I immersed myself in his articles and podcasts I realized that this is a man with real life experience and passion for his create.

I had been working with a few different Dr's over the years and not one of them came near matching Jay's knowledge and expertise on TRT. I actually reached out to Jay and he responded immediately with gratitude and respect for my readership. I recognized that Jay was a man of integrity and personality.
Since that time Jay has help guide me personally in my training, diet and TRT protocol. The particular best part is the fact that all of his knowledge and hard fought in the trenches hands on knowledge are now combined in his new book for all to use.
No matter what your experience or age if you are a man looking for direction and guidance in the all to confusing and purposely demonized world of TRT look no further.

Jay's book will educate and enlighten you on the most crucial tools you can use to make the correct decisions in regards to your health and well-being.
Do yourself a favor and purchase this book, It will pay dividends in your quality of life.

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