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We have just learned this author. I see from some of the reviews that several readers have lamented about " too much flying minutia" or " takes too much time to get to the story. " Well, there's obviously no pleasing everyone, is there.

Get over it. This NOT a Smash-Bang-Wallop-Zap!!!! " Gahhh! I can't get him off me! " " Pull up! Pull up! " Top Weapon meets Transformers meets Plug Reacher type of guide. There *is* most definitely a story and it is related in more real-world conditions than the hyper-action style many books now find obligatory.

What is truly exceptional is the ability of the author to put you in the cockpit of a Phantom... you can feel and smell and see what's going on. An individual truly get to be a participant in occasions. If aviation fiction is your thing and you feel you would prefer authenticity to artificial over-cranked 'drama, ' then this would very oftimes be right up your alley.

L. S. as it happens, I *like* to know when the flaps are engaged, through how much..., My usual comment about aviation novels is that they contain too few information about the air quest. However, " Defector" is awash in minutia, a good little which gives little or not the story. The reader must slog through a morass of details and shortened forms before arriving at the meat of the action. Typically the basic plot is good, with an unusual twist in the last quarter of the guide. But, the inclusion of so much trivia acts like a drag chute on the momentum of the story. Also, since most readers are unfamiliar with the area where the story takes place, a few maps would have been very helpful., I possess read many air combat/air war books by Sophie Coonts and Dale Brown plus other writers. In contrast this book is a very difficult read. As well many misspelled words, too many words that didn't make sense, plus many RAF conditions I couldn't figure out. A number of this could be errors in transmission to my Kindle. Also, a few of the scene transitions were difficult to sort out. Found myself going back again to reread pages to sort things out. Typically the actual flying and air combat portions are extremely good. The biggest disappointment or failing is in the ending. It is a total surprise, but not a Wow good one like O'Henry. It's more like...... WTF! As if the last chapter is owned by another book. But there is very neat piece of graceful justice at the very end., This is the sort of book which makes you want not to drop it until finished. A disgruntled Soviet initial, high-ranking officer, decides to defect to the West. You can almost fly as a 3rd crewmen in RAF Phantoms, feel the excitement in mock air combat exercises and then onto engagements with Soviet aircraft. It's gut aching following a damaged Phantom being flown by the pilot's fingertips since it is nursed back to a friendly air station West of the The Wall. Typically the author, who is a seasoned veteran as a frontline navigator in Phantoms stationed in RAF Germany, brings life back to those days when World War III was just round the corner. Completely recommended!, Gledhill's writing style is a lttle bit confusing; put the book down and it takes some doing to recall the situation. Nevertheless, a decent read., This book is well written, laying out lifespan of Phantom F-4E aircrews in Germany, as told through the fictional of a incident involving a Russian pilot defector. Brian tells the story while doing a great job describing how a Phantom functions. Even more important to me, a former US Phantom initial, he weaves in a number of flying scenarios, giving realistic details of air combat that brought back many remembrances of my time in Germany. This thriller would appeal to any mma fighter pilot or thrill-seeking mma fighter pilot wannabe. Readers of Tom Clancy or Rich Herman would also relish this., Great book. It truly is nice to read a guide written by someone who actually flew the aircraft. Even given the difference in terminology between the US and the RAF, the discussion and the story band true. I have read all six of the books in this series and the writer kept my attention through all of them., Fair read

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