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Dr . Gorka makes it clear that American leadership in the current global turmoil is essential. He sets out a rationale and methodology for winning the conflict and advancing through the terrorism era. Multiple changes in thinking and policy are needed. A intricate comprehensive strategy based on American core values and technological development has to be developed along with struggle theory intended to succeed a war. I suggest this book to anyone in the risk and security fields as well as citizens who want to understand the roles of everyone in the nation that require full wedding in order to change from defense oriented law and justice posturing to military offense., Easy, quick read that lays out there the history, development and relationship of the key players. A means to obtain the real truth in a concise non COMPUTER wording that contributes to practical positions we face and some guidance for future activities by everyone of us., Mr. Gorka very effectively brings historical references into concern with current events. Without having being partisan illustrates our country's limited success and disappointing failures in battling terrorism, especially since 9/11, but even going back to the embassy bombings and the USS Cole (ineffectiveness of three administrations).
Reading this book, along with 'See Something, Say Nothing, inches brings to light the failures, and the risks, of the current obsession driving political correctness on police force, the military, and brains organizations. Mr. Gorka gives us hope! (if the right people are paying attention), I had a strong feeling that Dr. Gorka should be CIA Director before reading this guide. Afterwards, I'm convinced that if it doesn't happen we are doomed. We should never, ever be 'buddying up' with any terrorist or country that does. Period. The only one saying that is Dr. Gorka. Complete and utter destruction is the one and only option. Browse the book and you will agree., What you would learn from this book is that you can’t negotiate with barbarians who believe that Jihad against non-believers for their annihilation is a holy goal. The Jihad leaders are incredibly adept at using the Internet and social press to spread their hateful ideology. They are not the “JV” team. They are experts at them. In the final part Gorka tells us we can and must do to defeat Islamic terrorists and their organizations. Major steps is to teach yourself, because the MSM is not reporting what they should., The author very patiently and carefully leads the reader through the political and ideological foundations of Islam. He steadily makes a convincing case using examples of previous campaigns against foes foreign and domestic.
He points out there the fallacies of current US efforts to countertop radical Jihadist movements such as ISIS.
Unlike other books that point out a problem and run away, the author provides a concise plan for defeating the revolutionary extremists.
This particular is a fantastic guide., Defeating Jihad is an excellent read and was one of those books that I have not recently been able to put down. Sebastian Gorka not only has expertise on the subject, having taught at military academies and other prestigious institutions, he is also on the White House staff guidance the administration on concerns of combatting extremism and terrorism around the world and here at home., I can't put this guide down. It's scaring the pants of me only because I'm worried for my Children's future and their Children's future. This particular enemy is right in front of us and we are collectively putting our heads in the sand and pretending it will go away just like Hitler. I don't want this to fester and explode. We should be dealing with this threat immediately. Our own current Political Protectors are Non-existent and helping this evil regime more than they are protecting The usa.

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