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We are THRILLED with this guide! This guide is huge!
I opened it half an hour in the past and devoured the first 65 pages immediately and had a hard time putting it down. I don't want to eat everything up at once: ) This guide is that good! Part diary, part memoir, part along with regional history which provides a very personal framework for this New york menu book. Although calling this a mere recipe guide does not do it justice! It is so much more than that.

Some tested recipes (Stewed Fresh Butterbeans, Watermelon Rind Pickles) is surely an respect to tradition but of course Vivian has also gifted us all with many recipes that have her distinctive modern distort (think Fried Green Tomato plants with Curried Peach Maintains & Whipped Feta or Boiler Room Butterbean Burger) this book is an outstanding present to the food obsessed and to the The Chefs Life obsessed! The best thing about it is that when i have read it cover to cover I get to pore over it again and again as I actually cook everything! I will post updates as I actually cook through the guide. I have previously made her Blueberry BBQ spices and (although the scent is well, lets say, rather distinctive as it can cooking) it is wonderful! So I have high desires for ALL of the recipes in this book.

Vivian has imbued this book with her signature honest, down to earth, relatable " best foodie friend that I avoid actually know" storytelling style that fans of her show are familiar with, and like me were no doubt hoping would carry over into her first book. Yes, Vivian fans, this is everything you hoped it would be! Vivian at her finest! As you read it (if you are anything like me) you will hear every term in Vivians voice: )

Each chapter is dedicated to an ingredient. With a highly enjoyable story about each ingredient, then a wonderful short story/description of each recipe. I have provided the chapter checklist, with each featured ingredient. After which I have provided a sample of one or two of the recipes in that chapter.

Ground Corn - Moms Cornpone, Charred Springtime Vegetables wtih Creamy Scallion Dressing and Hushpuppy Croutons.

Eggs - Warm Clown Pudding, Stewed Tomato Shirred Eggs wtih Ham Potato chips

Turnips -Slow Roasted Meat Short Ribs wtih Herb-Scented Turnip Puree and Turnip Gremolata, Turnip Root and Green Gratin.

Watermelon - Bacon Wrapped Watermelon Rind Pickles, Spreadable Coconut Cheesecake with Ginger Infused Melons and Salted Peanuts.

Oysters - Roasted Oysters with Brown Butter Hot Sauce and Bacon, Oyster and Clam Pan Roast wtih Bacon Fat Toast

Pecans - Butter Baked Turkey with Pecan Cranberry Enjoy adn Warm Sorghum Viniagrette, Speice Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Crumble

Beans and Peas - SHrimp Succotash Salad, Refried Field Peas with Cheesy Grit Fritters and Celery Cilantro Greens

Figs - Fig & Honey Bourban Slush, Cooked Figs & Goat Cheese with Carmelized Onions and Pecans, Whole Fruit Fig & Lemon Preserves.

Good - Blueberry BBQ Poultry (of course) Blueberry Rosemary Breakfast Pudding, Cream, Tangy and Sweet Blueberry Dressing up

Sweet Corn - Refreshing Corn Roasted in Poultry Drippings, Grilled with Bread Mayonnaise and Pecorino Latino, Frogmore Steam.

Cucumbers - Cool Cucumber Crab Drop, Big N's Sour Pickles, Miso Flounder wtih Cucumber Noodles and Gingered Collards
Tomatoes - Tomatoes in Jars, Cocktail Tomatoes with Brown Butter Scallops, Tomato plants and Rice.

Rice - Scarletts Chicken and Grain, Sprouted Hoppin' John Sald with Hot Bacon Viniagrette, Cast Iron Cooked Red Rice and Softshell Scampi

Sweet Potatoes - Grandma Hills Candied Yams, Nice Potato and Turkey Shepherds Pie, Sweet Potato Pie

Summer Squash - Numerous Squash Pickle Salad, Lead capture pages and Fontina Casserole Pudding, Squash and Cilantro Crumble

Sausage - Air-Dried Chicken Biscuits, Baked Pimento Cheese and Sausage, Stuffed Butternut Bottoms

Peanuts - Boiled Peanuts, Fried Mullet with Peanut Romesco, Big Bone-In Pork Chops with Pickled Peanut Salad

Okra - Fried Okra Hash, Prawn and Grits with Gumbo Sauce, A Pickle Platter for everybody.

Collards - Collard Kraut, Twice Baked Collard Potatoes, Collard Dolmades with Sweet Potato Yogurt.

Appricots - Perfect Peaches with Almond Pesto, Canned Appricots, Jalapeno Peach Chicken, Appricots and Cream Cake

Rutabagas - Riutabaga Relish, Rutabaga with Black Eyed Pea Samosas with Cilantro Buttermilk, Stewed Rutabagas

Apples - B&S Applejacks, Apple Pie Moonshine, Lentil Apple Soups with Bacon, Charred Celery with Apple Brown Butter Viniagrette

Beets - Pickled Beets, Hot Pink Lemonade, Chocolate Orange Beet Wedding cake with Cream Cheese Walnut Icing.

Muscadine Grapes - Grape Hull Preserves, Mulled Muscadines with Whipped Feta Toast, Muscadine Braised Poultry Thighs.

That is just a tiny choice of the recipes in each chapter. Each showcased ingredient has a amount of traditional and also inventive Vivian riffs.

One more reviewer commented that he/she was disappointed with the photos. Firstly, in the first 65 pages (that is as far when i have read) only a couple of dishes usually are photographed and i also am amazed with that. Secondly, it seems that the menu book trend lately is leaning towards stiffer, more textured paper. I think the photographs are best described as rustic, that we think suits the style and tenor of this book. We are including some snapshots of a couple of pages from the guide so you can see what you think (trust me, they look better in real world than in my snaps but it gives you an idea) I love the images, I love the recipes and I especially love Vivians stories and i also am heading to be obsessed with this book for a very long time! I will be buying additional replicates as Christmas gifts this 12 months.

If you are reading this Vivian, thank you! You have obviously put your soul into this book. It is truly wonderful! I can wait to begin food preparation these recipes!

Since I first posted my review I actually have made these:
- Turnip Roots and Greens Gratin. I actually am not a huge fan of bitter produce myself, but the creaminess of this two mozzarella cheese + cream gratin received me over. I will without a doubt make this again.
-Sage Honey-Glazed Pig Tenderloin. I used dark brown mustard seeds which extra a bit more bitterness than I think was ideal. Vivianne didn't state which type to make use of but next time I get this I actually will use yellow mustard seeds. The instructions for the tenderloin were perfect. It resulted in an extremely tender, pink in the middle tenderloin similar to the picture and the sage honey with cider vinegar added a floral-tart bite which was perfect with the pork.
Blueberry BBQ Chicken. End up being prepared for the scent of the Blueberry BARBECUE Sauce while it is cooking, because to myself it is a bit get ranking when its cooking (although my husband said it smelled delicious, I thought it smelled like socks, LOL). But the conclusion result was tasty and jammy with an acid bite from the vinegar and not at all socky! Perfect with chicken or pork!
-Brussels Sprouts, Apples and Pomegranite with Blue Cheese Sweetie Vinaigrette. Refreshing with the crunch of the apples, tartness of the Pomegranate seeds, and the great and lemon added freshness that was rounded-off by the creamy blue cheese dressing up.
-Horsey Arugula with Muscadine Vinaigrette, Parmesand and Pecans. I made this to consider to Thanksgiving holiday with the dressing on the side. I didn't want to buy Muscadines (I was in the Southwest) so used black grapes. It was lovely but I performed add additional lemon as I like my salads tart-sweet and this could have been a bit too sweet for me otherwise. The Vivs Addiction Pecans are wonderful. I made two batches in two days and nights because we kept eating them and I had to hide them from family members so I would have enough for the salad.
Butterbean Hummus with Charred Okra and Marinated Peppers. Something about using butterbeans as opposed to Chickpeas in this hummus gives a creamy, whipped, much lighter result. I how to start how or why! We've been really enjoying this fluffy hummus and I have made it at least three times already. I actually didn't make the Okra but I would recommend making the garlic confit and adding the marinated peppers. Delicious!
-Blueberries and Cucumbers with Pistachios and Yoghurt. Oh yea wow! This is a LOVELY salad. Seriously make this. It is light, fresh, crunchy, sweet and creamy. I will make this repeatedly!
-Fried Green Tomatoes with Curried Peach Preservers and Whipped Feta. Ok, I actually didn't have any appricots so I didn't make the peach preserves this time around, but I used this recipe for the sesame breader for the tomatoes. It was terrific and I can't wait until summer so I can get this with the Peach Preserves.
-Grilled Lamb Kebabs with Blumenbeet Tzatziki. We eat a lot of lamb, and I do marinated lamb on the grill regularly and often use rosemary and balsamic so this was a no-brainer for myself. I also regularly make beet hummas or blumenbeet salads or beet scoops. So nothing particularly new here. But I thought I actually would try Viviannes blumenbeet Tzatziki. I really loved the chunkiness of this beet salad, and the honey was a new addition for me. I would get this again., As a fan of Chef Vivian Howard's PBS show, The Chef’s Life, I have been anticipating her recipe book. As a collector of cookbooks, I have seen the best. Howard's recipe book surpasses all of them. This is a book that needs you take time to read every page. As she states this is a storybook as well as a cookbook. Learning about Vivian Howard's life as a child in Deep Run, NC, and then her school life and move to NYC to find her way. She happened onto a job as a waiter and with a advisor found her love of food. She also found her husband and they moved back to Strong Run to open their own restaurant. This is all documented in this recipe book interspersed with recipes and Vivian's Rules and Terms of Wisdom in each chapter.

The chapters are ordered on what is personal to Vivian, and the story she experienced to tell. Each chapter is a surprise packed with benefits and wonderful stories. There are 564 pages, this is a big storybook/cookbook and well worth every single penny. There are 240 recipes all with some form of inspiration from her hometown. If you watch her tv show, you will note that her family, hometown farmers and people who populate the land provide the flavor that has become her trademark. Her restaurant is a farm to table success, and this cookbook follows that world. Vivian elevates the standard southern NC recipes to make them her own, and that is the measure of her success.

The photographs need to mentioned separately. Rex Miller the photographer has incorporated an amazing visual field with each recipe and with many of Vivian's tales. I have not seen a cookbook of this quality. They have taken myself three days just to turn each page, use the photographs, and gloss over the stories. I browse the first four chapters, together to move on to the rest of this cookbook. I will go back to chapter 5 and start reading again. I am enamored with this cookbook, the manner in which the tested recipes and stories are presented. How Vivian Howard could complete this cookbook is amazing.

There is something for everyone in this book. The manner in which the book was structured is very different, and it is apparent time and energy entered this process. There is a set of contents, and then an alphabetical recipe guide from Basics to Desserts. An introduction to the cookbook, which is a comprehensive guide. Roots, which is the story of her family, and then How to can in a drinking water bath. Page 21 starts off the chapters of the food, all the way to the Acknowledgements and Index. Sit aside some time to just look at the book, and then start reading. This is the story of Vivian her husband, Ben, their children, her family, and the lives. Dig in!

Strongly recommended. prisrob 10-06-16, Wonderful book for reading and for finding tasty recipes. I sat down the moment I actually received it, and didn't want to input it down. I feel as though Vivian is my best friend giving me all sorts of good advice on everything. Someday I would like to go her restaurant in North Carolina. I actually also watch her program on PBS and realized I had to buy her cookbook., This guide is wonderful! It's not only a cook book, it's the story of the wedding party life, which I know is not why a lot of people buy cook books but you should purchase this cookbook! It's beautiful, the stories and the tested recipes. It is amazing in my experience how similar some of the cooking styles and ingredients are too where I was raised which is certainly not New york! I look forward to reading more aiming more of the recipes! Thank you!, I am a big fan of the show and was excited to pick up Vivian's guide. To be honest, it has blown me away and much exceeded my expectations. This book is over 560+ pages and wonderfully highlighted, detailed, and laid out there. I love the format if it being broken down into chapters by ingredient.

I'm very much looking forward to tackling some of her recipes and having an opportunity to preference things I've seen her make on her Chef's Life show. Hopefully one day We will be able to make it to The Chef & a Farmer but until this I actually have this wonderful book!

The bargain at the purchase price and a valued addition to our cookbook library!, A serious guide in conditions of both quality content and size. Very nicely produced with good reference tools and interesting recipes. Being fresh to North Carolina this provides a great introduction to both local and local cuisine. Definitely recommend.

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