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Evan and Ethan twins fall in love with Kaylen a nurse that works as a float in several hospital models. She meets Evan 1st as a patient given that he was beaten up as a result of something his twin did as they had been identical. Evan was typically the quiet one while Ethan was a little outrageous and a bit of the playboy. Kathleen can't choose which twin to select. Had too many reward books without much compound., Owesome book really injoyed keep up good work, Adore, Enjoyed, I voluntarily evaluated an Advanced Reader Backup of this book.
When tragedy hits Evan meets a nice and compassionate nurse, Kaylen. They are both very drawn to one other and he doesn’t let the opportunity go and asks the woman out. Evan and his brother, Ethan are portion of a MC referred to as Los Banditos they run on the illegal side of things which Evan does want to alter. When a bit of the miscommunication arises Kaylen fulfills his twin brother Ethan who gives off bad boy vibes like crazy. The girl doesn’t know at 1st until Evan sees them together. Therefore , they type of try and be competitive for her. Who may she choose? Evan, Ethan, or both?
I enjoyed the story very much I recommend it, but I think it needs some perfecting. It is a triangular of sorts. It needs better formatting for the reason that space was weird sometimes. Although there are multiple POVs which I don’t brain, it was still hard to tell who was communicating. For example, when within Kaylen’s POV she has been speaking about Ethan and this was actually Evan. Individuals of you who would like to know if it is a cliffhanger…yes it is usually in ways. I do believe that Evan and Kaylen usually are pretty well finished but perhaps another character may be the focal stage in the next one. It didn’t flow as smoothly as I might like felt choppy and rushed sometimes. I did take pleasure in the characters and I actually don’t think I had issues with some of them. Evan was bad*** but very sweet and gentle with Kaylen. He sure has been hot in the bed room though. Ethan is gruffer and really hot and he’s bad boy personified BUT he’s got a soft side too. Secondary figures were great. Kaylen provides a bit of a kinky side because at 1st she plays both regarding them boys like the fiddle and I mean that in a great way. She isn’t a tramp at all but the lady continues dates with the two without either of them knowing it. I do warn this book ends at 53% and includes the 3-4 short stories. I actually don’t like when writers do that…to me its added fluff to make the book seem to be extended than it is. I actually might read the next within the series if the lady does one. This is better to 3 1/2 celebrities but went ahead and gave 4., I've read the first two books of the series, and they not necessarily full length novels, therefore they seem like they usually are rushed, and so after you get invested in typically the story, it's over. I actually thought maybe the stories would be more connected when I saw exactly how the first story finished, but after reading 2, I am not considering finishing the series., I actually voluntarily reviewed an sophisticated reader copy of this specific book. This book is typically the beginning of a collection. That being said, it can not exactly a high cliff hanger, as much as a to be continuing. Clearly the h and H obtain a HEA, but there will be more stories to come. Within this book we satisfy Evan and Kaylen, as well as his twin brother Ethan. For me that provided a amusing scene, Kaylen ended up with the wrong sibling at a bar. There was a quick love triangular between the three, nevertheless Ethan realized that Evan was the right sibling for Kaylen. I hope that the next story is Ethan's. My simply dislike with this book is something I'm particular about, and I'll admit that I am even worse than most. Kaylen is usually a nurse, which is usually way cool, when i do too. However there have been a few discrepancies that drive me nuts as a nurse. Most authors have the tendency to make their own RN characters " very nurses" By i mean, they seem to be to stay demand of every department plus the hospital can't function with no them. Kaylen was no different. One scene she actually is obviously working the ICU, then there's a conversation about her triaging the pediatric pt in one chapter, and later available it talks about she actually is normally on long-term treatment. If she's a float nurse, that's cool, I actually did that for the while, but please creators say that she's the float nurse. And sure I am aware I'm picky... may watch TV with me or my paramedic husband we'll drive you nuts., Evan saw his twin sibling, Ethan, kissing the girl this individual had kissed. He has been not pleased! They typically shared everything – but definitely NOT their females!

A week before that will, Evan and the motorbike club he rode with were pacing in typically the waiting room of the hospital, hoping for news on their friend’s situation. A driver had strike him at a cease sign and drove apart without a second glimpse. Harrison didn’t look like this individual would make it. Sure enough, a doctor came out and said Harrison has been brain dead. Evan walked away, needing to step out of there for a couple minutes. In his jolt, he just walked and became lost until the kind voice offered help.

Evan and the kind nurse, Kaylen, hit this off right away. The girl offered words of convenience when Harrison was taken off the machines. Not seeking to let her go walking away, Evan asked the woman to go dancing with him. But he had to cancel as a result of a good IRS audit and sent her a text information – which she did not get. She showed up at the club, not so sure he would not end up being there. But after a good hour, she saw him or her and moved into his arms to dance. He was bolder than he had been when she 1st met him. But the lady decided to play his game and flirt back. He got called away regarding business and took Kaylen with him on his motorcycle to the motorbike club. She was totally confused when he once again called for her phone in order to give her his cell phone number! He already had it! Then she walked into the club with him and saw – Evan! And Ethan, Evan’s twin brother, bent right down to her ear and introduced himself!

I really liked this guide. Tough guys usually are not normally so likeable right from the commence, but Evan definitely has been. I was drawn to him or her right from first. Typically the brothers might have looked as well, nevertheless they were completely different personas – and both very attractive in all typically the right ways! I highly recommend this book. It was well done and a simple read. I voluntarily evaluated this guide and my feedback reflect my honest opinion.

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