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This book is a mix of common sense and unique ideas, approaches and processes in the art of decision making. I found it helpful, informative and sometimes reassuring that at least sometimes, I feel like I am taking a good approach. I think the book can be especially helpful to those people who are still in the workplace as it gives excellent examples of processes which have proved successful when working with groups and teams. But the book also is filled with ideas for making personal decisions, as well. Overall, it is a valuable book to boost your self-help library., The writers of this book always produce excellent material. Ever since the first book on speaking, I have read each work, and always leave feeling better for the task. This guide is fantastic. It is a popular level take care of " Thinking Fast and Slow. " Thinking Fast and Slow is a paradigm changing book, but it is difficult to read for the majority of people, but if you love a deep text, it is the book to read too. Decisive, takes a lot of the research in the field of decision making, and applies it to various situations.

The book will help you to learn to process information better. It is broken down into various sections, that spotlight some of the mistakes in choice making. Right now there is a ton of wisdom in the webpages. Here is some: " Our normal habit in every area of your life is to develop a quick belief about a situation and then seek out information that improves our belief. And that problematic habit, called the “confirmation bias, ” is the second villain of decision making. " " If you haven’t experienced any opposition to a decision you’re considering, chances are you haven’t seemed hard enough. Could you create a safe discussion board where critics can air their concerns? "

Typically the first part of the book discusses hindrances to good decisions, and the second part of the book talks about how exactly to overcome making bad options. The book is useful in this way. Everything is broken down into steps, and advice. It is not hard to follow.

This specific book would help ministers and elders in the church. I know people say elders should not be a board making choices, but at the finish through the day, the eldership is responsible for making big choices in a cathedral. This book might be a good study for the management to insure that the choices are wise, and not just poorly done. This is a good one, and I highly recommend this text., Typically the Heath Brothers have written one very smart, clear-eyed look at our mistaken abilities as people to make choices.

They report four "villains" of decision making: framing choices too narrowly; allowing bias to condition decisions; permitting feelings to overtake the process; being overconfident in our predictions. The Heaths handle each of these archenemies of quality choices consequently, offering up a highly effective counter measure under the rubric WRAP--Widen your options; examine and Reality test presumptions; Attain distance before choosing; Prepare to be incorrect. Business mnemonics can be silly, but this one has real substance at the rear of it.

Along the way the Heaths offer up incisive and useful techniques for executing these procedures, illustrated with numerous actual cases. Among the many common-sense approaches the best include "find someone who has solved your problem. " It seems evident, but we often think our situations are unique and nobody else has ever faced similar challenges before.

Other crucial concepts are to avoid narrow options, and get perspective to reduce the impact of feelings on decision making. It helps enormously to put distance, both in as well as space, between you and your choice to help resist an impulsive mistake. They don't use the term "group think, " but it's what they had in mind in recommending that groups and their managers dare to ask themselves tough questions and appoint a true "devil's advocate" for the activity. Another method is for the group to carry out a "pre-mortem, " a review of all the stuff that could happen as the result of a decision, some of which can uncover unexpected risks or unintentional outcomes. And finally, it can helpful to have contingencies--what do we do if things go wrong? It's surprising how often nobody requests that question.

What makes the book so powerful is how intuitive its best practices are, how readily they could be adapted and followed to both business and personal situations, and how quickly one can find success in deploying them.

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