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This one was particularly poignant as it brought up things that caused an emotional volcano. There were a lot of scenes that pulled at the heart strings to an extent which i got to stop to obtain the crying under control! Dannika seems to have a firm understanding about how heartbreaking life can be for teens on the streets. And how much it often means to find your place is obviously, particularly from a kind stranger. How wonderful to be able to convey this stuff in such a way that we feel it, not simply read it. I just wish real life could be like her novels. But she does an excellent job of describing how much damage can be done to the mind and the long hard road it can take to heal.

She has a wickedly dry sense of humor as well making their trials and tribulations better to read. The particular back and forth between laughter and tears makes this volume one of the better in the series up to now. Nevertheless seeing as this was only the 3 rd in the series, it really just leaves me waiting with bated breath for the next! I truly love these books. I've loved each one of her series and this one doesn't disappoint. Thanks, Dannika for a wonderful new series! Extremely very well done!, OMG this was the best Cross types Novel, yet!! Christian has FINALLY evolved from the smart-mouth loner into a complex man. As we see glimpses of his earlier, how he and Raven's lives are more than just " partners" their whole relationship takes on new meaning. Since this is all slowly being unveiled, we also get to experience another wild case that takes them into a dangerous underworld.

Christian Poe has met his match!, I love both of these figures together. They have a grown-ass lurv connection with awesome chemistry. Pretty stimulating, so very good that, Microsoft. Dark. The storyplot moves quickly with lots of action and intrigue, and Chaos abounds, (you'll get that after you read it. ): ) There are several loose threads that need sewing up, so with patience (or not so patiently) awaiting the next guide., I couldn't wait for this book! To see all about what Keystone is up to next is always a joy, but this left me with the questions:
What will happen with this?
What will she do next?
Just what will happen to that?

I am unable to wait to read what comes next...... Almost all the feelings oh gosh I can't even!!, Any time can we get guide 4, please?! Keystone figures are fantastic and interesting... especially Raven and Orlando! The Keystone cases are great adventures. I am ready for more, please! WOW! I didn't think you could beat 7 Series, Dannika Dark, but you keep raising your game... and I thanks to it!, Another excellent continuation of the Crossbreed series. I enjoyed the advancement of the relationship between Raven and Christian, but also the indepth look at other characters--mainly Shepherd. A wonderful mix of witty dialog, fast-paced storyline, and fine-edged tension. This specific is a winner!, The particular broken characters who form Keystone seeking redemption are an appealing bunch, who get high on adventure as they seek rights from the untouchable. Dark weaves plots within plots which unravel over the series though each novel is, to a certain degree, a self-contained thriller., This specific is the 3 rd guide in this series and I'm still loving these characters. Dannika's books are so easy to get lost in, and her figures are unique and so very interesting. The only thing I hate about them is I read them to fast and i also have to wait for the next one. You should hurry.

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