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This really is my first book from Donna Leon's Guido Brunetti mystery series that takes place in Venice. Commisario Brunetti is somewhat of a new blend of Columbo and Monk minus the wrinkled coat and OCD characteristics. This will be the 14th within a series of about 26 Brunetti books.
three or more. 5 stars
Death and Judgement is a straight forward mystery, similar to several you might have read or seen within a film. It starts with an overturned pickup truck in snow covered mountain range in Northern Italy. Spread in the debris usually are 8 women, frozen and lifeless. The next section starts with a murder of the prominent businessman returning over a train from Pudua, to Venice. Of course the two incidents usually are connected. You just don't know how. Thus starts typically the novel about sex trafficking, the perpetrators of this particular crime, Italian corruption and the mystery of exactly how 3 well-known, murdered guys connect to this atrocity. (According to the book, you will find about half a new million individuals trafficked across international borders each year regarding the purpose of prostitution or slavery; the book was written in 95, so it is probably closer to 800, 1000 according to the U. S. Condition Department).

I was thoroughly engaged in this secret and will most likely read others from typically the Brunetti series. Ms. Leon writes a well-known mystery, nevertheless keeps your attention simply by intertwining sly humor within one chapter and gorgeous imagery in another. Then she completely throws your equilibrium by writing dreadful details of rape and murder captured on motion picture in another. Here are examples of the humor and imagery. " Czechoslovakia - one of those countries where they eat potatoes and dress badly - I can remember which. " " A long saffron scarf, as light as gossamer, trailed behind the woman, borne aloft at typically the level of her shoulder blades by the streams associated with heat that flowed up the staircase. ", Even though she has lived in Venice for more than a new quarter-century, Donna Leon has insisted that the Commissario Brunetti group of detective books she makes its presence felt Venice not be translated from British into Italian. There’s no mystery here. Leon’s photo of Italian society will be merciless.

In Death and Judgment, the fourth within her Commissario Brunetti series, Leon writes, “villains dominated the land. All, or what seemed like almost all, of the major political figures who had ruled the nation since Brunetti was a new child had been known as in accusation, named once again on different charges, together even begun to brand one other, and yet not one of them have been tried and sentenced, though the coffers of the condition have been sucked dry. ”

Again: Brunetti “often believed that the only real safe process a person could go through at the Ospedale Honnête was an autopsy. It absolutely was the only time a new patient ran no danger. ”

Invariably, Brunetti will be forced to work around the orders of his manager, Vice-Questore Patta, whose overriding concern is that typically the Commissario not jeopardize typically the favor he enjoys from the local elite. A new typical admonition from Patta runs along these outlines: “‘Brunetti, don’t go stir up trouble with this particular. '”

Despite Brunetti’s amazing detective work, the end result of his research all too frequently is a cover-up, leaving the Commissario despondent. “Brunetti knew this particular mood and almost feared it, this recurring assurance of the futility of everything he did. Why bother to put the young man who broke right into a residence in jail if the person who stole billions from the health system will be named ambassador to typically the country that he got been sending the amount of money regarding years? ”

As typically the long-suffering Brunetti notes within a conversation with their secret collaborator, Vice-Questore Patta’s extremely competent secretary, “‘For fifty years, since typically the end of the battle, all we’ve ever been is lied to. By the government, the chapel, the political parties, simply by industry and business and the military. ’

“‘And the police? ’ she asked.

“‘Yes, ’ this individual agreed with no reluctance whatsoever, ‘and the authorities. '”

Are these claims an correct picture of Italy today? I haven’t spent sufficient time in the nation or traveled widely sufficient there to answer typically the question. Perhaps it’s related that Death and Judgment, published in 1995, had been only the fourth book in the now 25-strong Commissario Brunetti series. Nevertheless, besides the switch from the lire to typically the euro, I suspect that points haven’t changed that much within Italy in the previous two decades. Certainly, the repeating news reports about Italy’s nonstop political game associated with musical chairs isn’t stimulating.

It could be no exaggeration to be able to say that Death and Judgment, like the other books I’ve read in typically the Commissario Brunetti series, will be a work of sociable commentary as well as a murder mystery. Like many of her contemporaries, Donna Leon demonstrates a new mastery of sociology and also skill in crafting a new suspenseful novel., This 4th book in the Brunetti series is somewhat darker than the first three: Venice is far more corrupt and lawless while Guido, himself, will be less admirable as this individual lies to those this individual questions, involves his 14-year-old daughter in spying regarding him, and uses illegitimate means to obtain phone information he needs. The book leaves one with a bad taste within the mouth. There usually are a few pages of which describe violence and are distressing. Coincidence plays too large a new role -- as within it that happens to be able to be given to Chiara, the truck accident Paola just happens to recall, plus the fact that Pata's secretary's sister, a medical doctor, just happens to have got treated the murdered male's wife and daughter. When Brunetti needs information, this individual just happens to have got acquaintances in foreign countries or locally who owe him favors and occur to provide just typically the information he needs as he puts the problem of the three killers together. The killer's purpose eventually doesn't make perception and isn't credible. The book held my attention and was very absorbing until the unsatisfying end. The reader is playing a helpless feeling of which corruption triumphs and typically the little man is slanting at windmills to attempt to stop it within even a single example. The rich and effective always come out in advance., Leon continues to create so well that the tale looks to flow spontaneously from some cosmic supply of all stories. We gave the book typically the rating not because that was fun to go through, but because it deals pretty with gritty, ugly actuality. It romanticizes nothing. It does not preach. It has an aspect of journalism in this article. She quotes facts and numbers of human trafficking, but always as Brunetti's doing his job and doing it well. (With aid from Signorina Elettra and friends. ) The point that sets Leon as an author and typically the series apart from average fiction is her characters and their methods for living with the results associated with an increasingly corrupt and inhumane society.
I questioned using " Judgment" within the title due to the fact characters never encounter typically the judicial branch. In this particular book, judgment is given down surely, swiftly, and fatally. It is typically the concept of justice of which is questionable here. Such as life.

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