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To turn into a dentist, I had to study for 4 years of university and another 4 years (40 hours/week) of dental school. Given that graduation practically two decades ago, I have taken at least 1, 500 hrs of Continuing Education at my own expense. Plus yet, despite my best efforts to be an extraordinarily good dentist, I actually am now more aware than ever of how much more there is to learn and master. Plus that's in my own profession, in which people rely on me as an expert! Nevertheless, every week I hear or read from people that they somehow know more than I do, because they "did their research online. "

A few years ago, I actually read Daniel Kahneman's impressive book, "Thinking, Fast and Slow. " While many of the studies in the book have now been called into question (an excellent illustration of one of Tom Nichols' sections about when experts are wrong), I still found it fascinating how I, a person with a graduate-level degree and intensive self-education through intensive reading, knew so hardly any about so much. I actually became aware of how easy it is to think that I actually know more than I actually do. It was quite humbling, which I need to remember often in discussions on many matters.

At least I was aware of how little I actually know, though. Sometimes. Plus I know that, even while an expert in my own field, I can make mistakes. How much can we see today, though, of individuals without the education or training or experience, proclaiming that their opinion is as valid as any expert, or dismissing experts as nothing more than "elites, " as if that allows them to be ignored?

In a time when our entire world is built around technology and knowledge and the experts who understand them, Americans are forgetting how that all happened. They are so ignorant of the knowledge and experience and understanding that is present, that they don't have a clue that they don't have a idea. Dunning-Kruger writ large. Plus it is slowly destroying democracy and our republic.

Tom Nichols can only recommend what is key, and what even our Founding Fathers understood: the electorate must be an INFORMED electorate. The populace must understand enough to make the judgements to choose both smart experts (Knowers) and policymakers (Deciders) and be familiar with limits of each.

Typically the conclusion of Tom's publication, if anything, offers little hope. Sadly, I concur. We both do hold on some hope, of course, but it will take a massive effort on the part of all sides. If it will happen, nobody can predict, not even professionals. But without experts and policy makers who pay attention, and an educated, knowledgeable populace that helps choose and respect them..... I actually worry for the world of my children.

Strongly recommended., This is the most interesting book I possess read so far in 2017. Nichols discusses a variety of issues and manages to keep it relevant to his matter. He said what a lot of individuals are planning., Therefore the teachings herein. This particular book should be read slowly and often. Genuinely brings home what you really believe but are afraid to talk openly about it., This is s terrific book. I actually teach students and no book encapsulates the pondering of the younger generation that this book. The great read., Very good. A little long and maybe repetitive, however the text fleshes out the title well. The central point is really true and really gloomy., Really great read. I actually didn't agree with everything, but it really helped me think about a variety of issues. I could see that sometimes I had been the problem and how to correct a number of my own mindsets and try to guide my kids from falling into certain barriers., Very well written, clearly presents the arguments. However, the depths of some arguments seems somewhat deficient, relying too much on anecdotal evidence., The author delves into the phenomenon of declining trust between residents and experts, examining its causes and impacts. Someone will come away with a proper concern for the republic and some advice about how to be a better participant- be humble about what you know, be reflective on your problems, and read widely and actively.

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