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Patricia Logan is a amazing writer of M/M erotic romance novels. Death and Destruction is her first novel in a new series of the same name. While the girl with noted for her BDSM textbooks, this one lacks that aspect. It does however contain a graffic explanation of a brutal, sadistic murder which is much worse than any picture in any of the girl BDSM novels. I could have done without my nightmares that resulted. That will one criticism aside, this guide has a fabulous story which is filled with action and suspense and a very hot romance between the two principal characters, Thane Wolfe and Jarrett Evans. Wolfe is definitely concluding a two year private procedure for the ATF which results in the capture of a well known and vicious leader of a gang that markets high end weapons and narcotics. His name is Mills Lang and because of Wolfe's destruction of his business and his witnessing Lang commit a murder, he could be determined to have Wolfe killed before he can testify against him. From his pretrial incarceration, Lang hires one of the best hit men whose reputation is that he never fails to kill his target. Wolfe is given protection in the form of a extremely attractive and lethal bodyguard, Jarrett Evans. Both Wolfe and Evans are gay but as they hide from the assassin they withstand having any sex despite their equal need to do so because Evans would not want to be sidetracked from his protection responsibilities. As part of their hiding, they move to another part of Mis Angeles and go to work in a bizarre hair dressing salon. This specific portion of the book is laugh out noisy funny giving the reader a respite from the strain that thrums through other plot. It also results in Wolfe and Evans finally giving into their desires and having extremely hot and sensual intercourse that could knock your socks off. Altogether, this is a wonderful, thrilling and stimulating book which you cannot miss., Would you think about the audio tracks release of Death and Damage to be better than printed version?
I haven't read the print version, but I actually really enjoyed the audiobook.

What was one of the most memorable occasions of Loss of life and Destruction?
The scene with the lawyer and the grandmother made me so angry, I needed to hit someone. The most exciting picture was the shootout.

This is certainly my review for the audiobook, formerly posted on Audible. com:

Which picture was your favorite?
The times when Jarrett comforted Thayne after a nightmare were especially pressing. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom. I also cherished their snarky conversations.

Any kind of additional comments?
I really enjoyed this story and look ahead to the next book in the series. I am hoping to find out more on Jarrett's previous. I also hope the loose ends from this one are tied upwards. I was given a duplicate of this book in exchange for an honest review., This was well-written and fast-paced suspense. I really like my gay stories to be about real alpha men and this certainly shipped. The reason for the 4 stars is because I felt the story had a few openings that didn't quite sound right. < SPOILERS> Thayne- after being deep undercover for 2 years- seemed to be a bit naive and susceptible while he and Jarrett are on the run. After they both end up in the hospital Thayne isn't first thing that Jarrett asks about when he wakes up, and doesn't seem to be to concern yourself with Thayne's safety, after being madly infatuated with him and practically quitting his life to protect him for 3 a few months. And how can Jarrett just accept the ATF position later? I think this individual worked for an off-the-books private contracting firm? And the last thing, was the fact that unhealthy guy is out and about and they don't seem to be to concern yourself with their safety? I figured, oh no, here comes WITSAC but, nope. According to the blurb for the next book they're 'Starsky & Hutch- Tango and Cash-ing' their way through more police cases. Aren't they concerned they'd have a sniper pointed at them every minute of every day? How many different crazy ways can they get from home to be effective in a given 12 months? I had been hoping that this series would be more like A. E. Via's 'Bounty Hunter series', but guess not. This sounds like it's going to be a serial about the crazy antics of the same two guys. There's more questions that didn't sound right to me but I'd exist all day to list them. Good one-time history, and? No thanks., Jarrett is sent to protect an ATF agent who has decided to testify against a really bad man. He notices how capable and strong this individual is immediately. He just really wishes he was not attracted to him or her.

Thayne knew he would have a target on his back. He can manage himself. His employer has other ideas. Jarrett is sent to protect him. After a while he wants more.

I actually went into this history not really knowing what to expect. This is a new author in my experience. I actually found the book to be not only stimulating, but seriously hot. Those two characters are more than effective at taking care of themselves. Now they must learn to care for every other. I cannot hold out to read more of the Death And Damage series!, Love at first sight? Or dislike at first sight? There is something taking place here with Jarrett, and Thayne; they just wont to acknowledge it. Or maybe is actually just bad because is actually work to Jarrett. Patricia Logan takes us on a good adventure in this story with these two wonderful characters. I liked Jarrett, and Thayne because they were well toned, and strong characters. Two men who knew what they wanted, and knew how to get what they wanted. a well written story, with a strong plot. I enjoyed this story. Off to read book two in this series., This complete series has been amazing so far and this first book was a great launch. Jarrett and Thayne both have difficult pasts and really never were with someone seriously before. Within the other they find a location to call home. They fit so well. There is a story within a story here too and one story in particular is playing out in the setting of each book. This is a series that shouldn't be overlooked!

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