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I am law student who has to read cases (with lots of new terms and rule statements) inside my law classes, using the school's hornbooks or Black's law dictionary, and those books seems to go on and on before getting to the key point. By ending of those paragraph or chapters, I actually still have to attempt to determine what the whole point was or how to generate my own summary of those definition/ history/case factors, or worst, I ending up creating a " booklet" (lots of pages) of notes from everything reading.
BUT the Dean's dictionary just gives you the definition, rule elements, with case name (as a reference point) and just how the definition was used under those cases. Or perhaps Sometimes Dean's dictionary will define a vintage law (mostly Latin words) as a summary of its history which is great because I will retain that information a lot easier than 50 web pages of history, definitions, and cases.
So by the time I read the definition from Dean's dictionary I completely be familiar with whole picture, I then will leave your site and go to my hornbooks, then case books and know where I am proceeding with all their small detailed information.
When you read Hornbooks, and case books first, which feeds you small components of (tons) of information, you ending up not knowing what you are going to get until the ending of all that reading. and usually by then you become puzzled since it just does not make sense to look that route. For example: it is like someone telling you, come to my house, but Let me give you one direction each time, and only until you need to know, and only at the last moment in case you need to turn left or right.
Properly, by the time you arrive at your friend's house, you are feeling like you forced forever and your tired, worn out, and worst off, you never got to enjoy the ride. Why? Because it was stressful the whole way, and you should never know the way to get back to your home or how to return to see your buddy on another day until you review whatever you did and I mean, review really hard.

BUT, Dean's dictionary is like me telling you in the future over my house but first i give you my address, i quickly show you on google how your going to get there, and then you use your own maps (books) to get smaller details if you feel that the information I offered you has not been enough. Nonetheless, you are not as stressed because you know which way you are heading and you know where you were heading to end, plus you should understand how to return to your home or come back another day to your friend's house. You do have a preview of the map!

Well, that is my analogy, and Dean's dictionary is never out of my site when I actually prepare for my blood pressure measurements. I must tell you it is like a light bulb approaching every time. I am no longer walking in the dark. Hope you love it as much as I actually do. Good luck with your studies!!!!, It's ok. Avoid know why Amazon denies to fix the Look Inside feature. Maybe the support team lacks the skills. Told me several times they'd fix it. Suppose we all see how that turned out., Although it has many legal words not found in other Law Dictionaries, the publication is poorly put together in epub format. Very hard to use., Its greater than a dictionary. Does an improved job than some of the outlines. I have the kindle edition. A hard copy would much better, because searching even the most basic issues becomes complicated. That could be a Kindle issue., Poor format, Lots of materials and an amazing value. Like the previous release, there is an alphabetical gap. A good reference source.

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