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Deadpool once again in his epic 4th walk breaking madness, the home run of hit book!! He keeps you entertained with his sheer unpredictability and one liners. Being crazy does have its benefits for the readers!!!, A really fun read, We am not sure what that other guy was reading who said that this is the same as Volume 1... it's not. His/her review worried me to the stage I was heading to skip this buy, but I'm glad We went and purchased it anyway as it was hilariously funny, way better than the first volume. The sole thing I didn't like is they skip Collections #8 and #9 (What the terrible?! ) instead it offers you a tiny brief summary of so what happened between those comics. I am actually heading to look them upwards to see what I overlooked.

This is Collection #6-7 and #10-12, Ill start with saying, this is the DP Ive been waiting for. A mercenary with two swords on his back and two machine pistols on his hips should have alot of action in his comics, Secret Invasion was amusing and amusing but we didnt see him whatever it takes you could consider action packed (it was mostly described or skipped over)
Not so in Dark Reign! Therefore much action and dark comedy I laughed out loud over a dozens of times. He uses his swords on people(Well... a cleaver and a machete) He shoots people, he or she kicks and has special action sequence all while making you laugh. Very mature but... Deadpool is a merc, why wouldnt he be? The very best in this series Ive read so far... buy it.

There exists one little... problem though, it skips a large rather important episodes, the Deadpool/Thuderbolts ones, you can buy this book separate but skipping them made us miss how he or she got his teleport seatbelt and the fact he or she joined with his arch nemississ to handle a band of high-teck mercenaries... would have LOVED to see that rather than summed in a tiny paragraph..., A surprising improvement on volume just one story- and dialoguewise. Typically the humour is better, and volume 1 is better in the context of this volume as well. The artwork is what is stopping me from giving it a 5 star review, it's evidently competent craftsmanship, just not... Idk. Impressive? Not really worth 5 stars despite the comics' other qualities., Daniel Way tackles Deadpool well in this volume. We love the art in this volume ALOT. I feel the best art Deadpool has ever had when it comes to his comics is the start of Daniel Way's take on the smoothness. Preferably Volumes 1-8. I recently feel 120 pages isn't enough for me. i want really this great read, but considering these smaller volumes are fairly cheap, it's understandable.
Buy this volume level, and Volume's 3 and 8. volumes 2, 3, and 8 are the best of Daniel Approach with Deadpool, and the art is beyond satisfying., This was the other Deadpool comic I've ever read and he just retains delivering. He is my favorite character in the whole comic universe, Marvel and Dc combined. I've never seen someone so... unusual. He is hysterical, and crazy, and weird, and frightening. Imagine Bugs Bunny on steroids, immortal, and violent., Why in the hell can I not read it on iPhone any longer? Otherwise quite good., As I said before Deadpool is one of my favorite super Heroes/anti-heroes and I prefer to have the stories in this format rather than contend with missing an issue or the shop selling out of an issue before I get there.

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