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I recently finished A Deadly Wandering last night and was very moved by it for a number of reasons that I feel still contemplating. This is a very well written, absorbing, enlightening and factually well supported non-fiction story. I came across it hard to put down, but even more importantly, found it extremely relevant to my life and my work.

I have not recently been an in-car texter for a decade now, having realized very early how dangerous it is, but was thrilled last year when my new car emerged with hands-free (" legal" in CA) phone abilities, which I have used on occasion. After reading the book and internalizing the sobering science of attention, I turned off the Bluetooth on my new iPhone 6 before getting into the car today.

I have a very long commute to and from work every day and, like many, consider those hours “productive time” when able to take a work call or capture up with a comparative or friend while driving. However , I will now not be using my phone in the car while in motion ever again.

People's lives and safety are unquestionably more important than any of the multi-tasking conveniences these increasingly capable devices can bring us in our busy lives and I do not want to conclusion upward like the book’s protagonist, Reggie Shaw. So, through Matt Richtel, that young man with a heartbreaking past has touched one more life.

For folks like myself who may have proved helpful in the internet technology industry, and particularly the mobile industry, since the early days, it is actually moving to read a true story about how precisely these technologies are distracting people even to the level of death either in traffic creating horrendous and preventable mishaps or in their personal lives, with children tuning-out, relationships being eroded and very real and unneeded stress being added to our lives with the gizmos and services demanding or even addictively sucking away your attention.

Having put in nearly all of my career employed by the biggest names in mobile evangelizing mobile technologies like texting, mobile internet, mobile navigation, and mobile apps, I feel a tremendous amount of duty for increasing awareness for this important new scientific facts for technology’s impact on attention, awareness, brain perform and brain health. Presently there are positives and negative implications and possibilities and as a society should make raise awareness of both and take action. Consciousness is an opportunity to find solutions.

As a yogi, a meditator and a stepmother, I also see the impact of technology on our selves, our associations and on our children. We must think about how precisely our children use these technologies and monitor whether we feel they are helping or harming our or their personal physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

In my opinion this is an important book and am desire that others is going to take the time to read it and examine their own relationship to technology, that of their families and, if relevant, in their work., This book is one which should be a obligatory read in Drivers Schooling courses. It is spellbinding as Richtel takes us through the storyline of a fatal accident the effect of a text messaging driver, and illustrates how much pain and suffering one distracted driver can cause. Citing recent research in neurology, he also breaks down the brain and its behavior in various circumstances. The cast of characters is large and Richtel made each one distinct and memorable. He also follows the family members that were affected; some have moved forward plus some individuals have even had the opportunity to forgive the text messaging driver, but some have not and continue to suffer deeply. The driving force at fault still continues his work as an suggest for safe driving and his message has resonated with many people.

I live in the area where the accident took place and am noticed several errors (i. e. Valley Look at Drive is called a road in certain sections of the book and a highway in others) within the storytelling. A little fact-checking was in order. However , many readers aren't acquainted with Cache County and might not catch the errors. I used to be puzzled with that, as Richtel is a well-respected and honored article writer, and an editor at a large publishing house should have done some fact-checking.

However, the storytelling in A Deadly Wandering is actually the point. And it is a well-told cautionary tale. Today to get it into the fingers of the Millennials, who regard multitasking as an efficient habit. This event also spurred the Utah State Legislators into passing landmark legislation, a number of the earliest and strongest in the united states. Richtel cites the refrain of an old music: " Keep your brain on the driving, your hands on the steering wheel / Keep your snooping eyes on the road ahead. " Who knew those words written in 1959 would resonate so evidently today?, This compellingly eloquent book features enormous importance for our community. Matt Richtel weaves together significant scientific research into the reasons for and outcomes of our powerful parts to our cell phones with the poignant and intricate true story of the particular deadly accident the effect of a teenager who was texting while driving. Every person who owns a cellular phone and drives a vehicle should read this book and absorb the dire reasons why ANY KIND OF use of a cellular phone while operating a motor vehicle is potentially terrible. Richtel's talent as a writer allows him to blend the emotional impact of the pathos of the story of the accident, which killed two talented scientists who were husbands and fathers and completely transformed the life of the youg motorist who caused the crash, with the stark trademarks of undeniable scientific facts about the inability in our brains to focus effectively on more than one thing at a time and why we are so irresistably tied to our devices. Richtel moves our hearts and notifies our intellects to acquire us to examine our own habits and reform them appropriately. The more people who read and reply to this amazing publication, the safer our roads and highways will be., I work at Dawson Law Group, a Portland, Oregon law firm where we deal with car crash cases at all times. We also ride the coach frequently, and make it a point to view to see how many drivers are using cell phones at any given time. Both encounters confirm that cell-distracted driving is an epidemic with near to no law enforcement response. (And how exactly does a cop prove you were doing anything? )

The particular fact is that cellular phone 2 as dangerous and as common as drunk driving. Imagine heading back to the good old days and nights when drunk driving was a mere minor ticketed! That's where we're at with cell phones, during the toughest states!

This guide explains the science of why cell use in cars should be dealt with like drunk driving. It also explains why this will not happen. The car and tech corporations, who, as Richtel shows, are militantly bored with the facts, will not allow it.

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