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Short Version: If you own a gun, buy this book. Now.

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There are many experts who can educate you on how to handle your firearm and survive a gunfight, and Massad Ayoob is one of the greatest.

But Ayoob was the first man to recognize that when the gunfight is over and you've survived, that's only the start of the fight. Mister. Ayoob was your first to address what happens *after* the smoke clears. Everyone else stopped once the bad guy was stopped. Nevertheless some 36 in years past, in his book " Within the Gravest Extreme, " Mister. Ayoob addressed the sleep of the story for the first time: The emotional and particularly the *legal* aftermath of a self-defense capturing. You survived the attack, now how can you endure the legal process?

Massad Ayoob covers what happens: The " Mark of Caine" syndrome, the police, the courts, and what you should expect and what you need to do before, in preparation, and after. There is not any better specialist on the subject. However he writes in an accessible, readable, and relatable way; this is no dry academic text. This is backed by his experiences in the field and in the court room.

Now, some " hoplophobes, " as the past due, great Colonel Jeff Cooper called them, might argue that this is a guide about how precisely to get away with murder. That could not be further from the facts. If anything, this guide is about how precisely *not* to shoot somebody when you shouldn't. If every firearm came with a duplicate of this book rather than an affordable gun lock, I would argue that more lives would be saved. Seriously.

When you own a gun and you are looking to learn, buy this guide first. Actually splurge a little and buy Within the Gravest Extreme too, and read it first. Every thing there is as relevant as the day it was published decades ago. Deadly Force expands upon those concepts and relates them to current events.

This particular is an absolute essential, and I give it my very highest suggestion., Ayoob is among the most knowledgeable person I know who writes about deadly force and the legal aftermath. Anybody who thinks they might need to use lethal force to guard themselves or who carries concealed must read this book. The court room scenes are riveting.

The most important take away I obtained from reading this book is the fact that extensive training is necessary for anyone who might need to use a firearm in self defence. Not just to live through a lethal attack but for survive the legal consequences. Don't draw the trigger, ever, if you don't really know what most likely doing.

Buy this guide if you want to keep away of prison., Good conversation on the justification and morality of using a firearm for self defense. Mister. Ayoob is 1 of the leading authorities on do it yourself defense and this guide is an excellent companion to his other books. Understand that the subject of this guide are the ethical and legal issues involved in using a firearm for do it yourself defense, if you are looking for a book about bring techniques and / or carry equipment, look elsewhere, but if you act like you are looking for insights into the issues you will face in the aftermath of a shooting, this is a good read., Massad Ayoob's knowledge and experience is top notch and heavy. This book is a MUST have for ANYBODY that carries a firearm. It sheds a spotlight on the aspect of carrying a firearm that I think gets ignored by many....... the aftermath. It will compel one to think through your personal protection plan and possibly make changes to make sure a win in the courtroom if you ever have to interact and dominate on the street. Additionally, it evidently illustrates just how naïve and ignorant the general public is about weapons, which I think many of us who live it and carry everyday take for granted. Simply because we've thought it through and it makes sense to us all doesn't mean it will to a jury should it come to that. You have to be able to articulate it to people who've never thought about it. This particular book helps it be clear most legal professionals strategize to protect guilty people. The strategy is different when guarding an innocent person who exercised justifiable deadly pressure. This belongs on the book shelf of everyone serious about concealed carry. A person are not prepared until you read it., Another great book from Ayoob.

The subtitle claims it all Understanding Your Directly to Self Defense

He's a great expert on weapons, self defense and what happens in court. The guide explains the standards to which you will be held and also looks at the risks carried by an attacker or potential opponent who is armed with a " less lethal " weapon.

The writing is concise, focused and priceless. Strongly recommended for anyone thinking about self protection or defending family, friends or coworkers.

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