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An even more personal tone than almost all of the books I read, I enjoyed the development of the characters who had been a part of the story. I also enjoy positive portrayals of police force.. oh, and objective talking about the defence attorneys.
Aside from all that it felt explored and for all of the personal information and relationships it felt fairly even given as far as the guilt and where it needs be placed, Lasseter does a great job of researching this sad adventure of murder, greed, an the ultimate betrayal of any son against his parents then combining those facts and putting them all together in this "just right" book.

I say "just right" because there are those true crime aficionados who like to read the entire trial from begin to finish, and those who want all of that skipped over to just the verdict. Lasseter compiled a happy medium for his readers and inserts the opening and closing arguments, key experience testimony and all you want or need to know.

I recommend this guide for new or veteran true crime readers alike. Each will get what they're looking for out of this one., I have read other books by Put on Lasseter, this was one of the worst up to now. Don't waste your time or money. The guide started fine then it just started to repeat it self over and over again. You can skip through the other fifty percent just to discover what took place to him, if you even want to. Cannot inform you how boring this book got, so not good. Buy only if you really feel a need to., For makes years, Brian Edmond Legg and his wife, Palma Jean "Jeannie" Legg, worked well hard to make their way in the world. In June 1996, both of them managed home businesses as a product to Brian's Air Force retirement pension.

Although Jeannie's three children from a previous marriage would go on to have productive lives, Jeannie and Brian's boy together, David Brian Legg, would not. But that is not to say he more than likely leave behind a legacy in his own style.

Soon after his first wife, Alicia LaFlesh, had left him from their home in Hawaii to return to California, Jesse met and soon (illegally) married 15-year-old Kimberly "Kimmie" Pierce-Taylor of Juarez, South america. A sappy romantic during the honeymoon phase of his affairs, David wanted to whoo Kimmie with a honeymoon cruise from The hawaiian islands.

Nonetheless it takes money to ride a train... or, in this instance, boat. And Jesse had none; his web worth with regards to the red, helped along by his penchant for writing useless checks for automobiles purchased from fellow soldiers.

But David wasn't one to take no to have an answer.

Stealing the identity of a fellow soldier posting his barricks, David obtained a birth certificate, military papers, credit cards, and bank accounts in the name of Darren Malloy. Then he visited his parents with Kimmie by his side, murdered them, and both skipped off to The hawaiian islands for a week long cruise.

While reading true crime author Don Lasseter's book, Deadly Deceit, visitors will be disgusted at all the things Davd and Kimmie did while his parents lay decomposing in their Arizona home, and how a teen bride turns on a little girl voice and walks away scot-free back to her homeland.

The first 200 or so pages of this guide are intersting, even if spotted with some techanical mundanities and filler. But after the first half, it because nothing but fluff on subjects such as infamous Eagle Scouts and the Menendez brothers capped off with the trial that is taken almost verbatim from the transcripts.

Sooo boring.

I think Don Lasseter is a talented writer, but I actually really wish he would stick to short stories. When it comes to writing entire books, they read like reruns by the second half., This specific was my first experience with this author - and it will be my last. Although the story is interesting - an irresponsible son who kills his parents and then goes on wild spending sprees with their money and credit credit cards - the writing is so sophomoric it's a chore to wade through it. Seriously, I felt like I was reading an essay by a high school or college student. The sentences are choppy and the book does not flow well. Lasseter offers "explanations" for things which need no explaining unless you are 5. As mentioned, the story has some merit, so I found myself sifting through each paragraph to get whatever meat (if any) was there. Don't bother with this one, true crime fans., I like Put on Lasseter very much. He is very thorough but the story doesn't drag on. He is almost as good as the best, Ann Rule., the story was interesting but I was left wondering why it was only the one boy that was worried about his parents., excellent

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