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I came across this book to be interesting, informative, and well written. I liked the personal stories mcdougal used to open a section and then use to describe how it linked into one of the " Dead White Guys" so named in the title. And am finally learned what " Hamlet" is all about!

The material could have been dried out and plodding, but the author kept it moving. Thanks!, This book is sensible, informative, and brave. Burriesci takes the theories in our history's great thinkers and connects their contributions to today's world. Underneath it all is an life in the form of a letter to his daughter. There is an element of honesty and vulnerability that explains why the author wants his young daughter to be eighteen years old before she reads this publication that is written for her. Some sections are an homage to his hometown and the people inside it. Other parts are far darker, but all express lessons learned from his life. Well done!, The author pegs together an appreciation of some of the world's greatest writers and thinkers as an instruction how to live to his daughter, who will probably writhe with embarrassment when she reads it. Taking his own life and experiences to illustrate how these 'dead white guys' are relevant, he does make some of the ideas more approachable with a good clear writing but the concept is clunky, and his conclusions about life and what these writers meant do not always flow logically from his exposition of their ideas - rather, he seems to doctor them to fit his very own thoughts. The creator also seems confused about Lycurgus, a mythical figure who has never recently been proved to have been with us but whom Burriesci takes for real. These bookings prevented me reading past Plutarch., Great refresher course in the timeless publication world. Our author maintains it modern by framing this a letter to his daughter, which if is, but enables him to include modern commentary. The good ole USA capitalist country to the hilt doesn't appear looking all that exceptional, except in its founding. And the view to the future? I'm glad I'm approaching 70 and won't be around that much extended. And he doesn't even address global warming. Not good for our descendants., I absolutely loved this book!

Hated the name. Was prejudiced regarding it as a result of title. Bought it on the discount through Bookbub, pondering I should be more open minded.

And there was a wonderful exposition of critical thoughts, which-in this time- I could not assist to welcome, and honor. What this man chooses to see his girl is indeed a present to us now.

We was so taken with this book, I needed to put it on Staff Rec, but it is apparently out of printing.
Please, In Dead White Guys, He Burriesci takes readers on a tour of the fantastic classics of Western Civilization, from Plato to Marx. Though it is evidently a letter to his daughter Violet, it is absolutely a personal memoir from which everyone can learn something. His essays are sprinkled with tales from his own life, making this publication come alive with personal insights. Whenever we read literature, we relate to it on the personal degree. Burriesci does not shy away from this, and his insights and real-life good examples make these old timeless classics come to life. Great refresher on timeless books., Well really worth reading. In a conversational strengthen it gives a much better understanding of many of the great works of materials that are not always taught in school these days., Bought this publication because I was training philosophy to my home school 9th grader and wanted another resource to add to the text messages we had at hands. Then it became a reading requirement for him! Covers the dense things in a lighter line of thinking.

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