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I actually loved the plot and the characters. However, there was so many pages of " filler" explaining and re-explaining back stories of the assorted characters, that wonderful plot was bogged down it and was a chore to read it. I discovered myself just skimming through the 800+ pages to learn the good elements. I also found personally skimming or skipping the " veteran's banter" between Jake and Terrell as well as all the bad guys prolonged interactions - just 1 or 2 pages would have set the stage so the reader would understand those relationships.

I would happily give this book 5 stars if about 400 pages of for filler injections was edited out. bc, I was asked to review the book and once I read the survey of the story I actually said okay.

I offered this a 4 star because I liked the premise of the storyplot. I actually liked the characters and the forward motion of the story.
I had been having trouble trying to explain what troubled me when I was reading the book. With regards to a 3rd of the way through the story I actually wanted to quit. I would be reading and getting into story and then the mood would go somewhere else and I actually would sit there thinking what happened. Is this book for young older people or regular fiction.???? There was too much filler, badinage, persiflage and mutual admiration proceeding on for my preference.

I think the author shows great promise this individual just must fine tune his writing.

Also, note that I am much much older and really wonder if I am qualified to review books., This can be the first book by Mr. Nolan I've read, and it also appears it will also be my last. I actually started this story with high hopes, the blurb having caught my attention. But I can't get past chapter eight. After chapter two, I kept reading and wondering if soon I'd reach a point with the remaining six chapters where Mr. Nolan had written, "April Fools! I actually wrote this when I actually was 15. "

Please keep in mind the next comments (and brief introduction) are merely my opinions. Everyone has a right to their own, so please avoid let my opinions stop you from reading this if you want.

This is one of the most inanely written stories I've actually read. The writing is an insult to any viewer who has more than 6 brain cells.

1 ) I've never read such stilted and contrived dialogue from adults.
2. I'm not certain Mr. Nolan has actually heard of point of view shifts. He head-hopped constantly, including giving the pov of a dog. Yes, Hank, a dog. Most often, inexperienced freelance writers would shift pov's every paragraph. Mr. Nolan has gone so far as to head-hop within sentences.
3. This individual explains what you should us as if we are children.
4. This individual actually wrote the following sentence: "At the same time, they both said in unison... " Afraid we readers don't understand this is of "at the same time"?
5. His characters are caricatures, with no detail, no dimensions. Most author's characters are really marionettes, doing what the author wills. But in this circumstance, Personally i think like I can see their strings.
6. Most of his characters' motivations can be summed in their words, "Oh, well... inch and some excuse has for why they performed something.

I'm going to stop here, with the review and the reading of the story. All the best, Mr. Nolan., It is so refreshing to get started on reading a book and be so taken with the characters. Jake is a photo journalist and generally seems to always be in the wrong place and gets accused penalized a player, leaping the gun on criminal offense scenes but that's exactly what happens. Jake has a past and likes to keep that part of his life to themselves. Jake and his fiancé Gwen, never have been viewing eye to eye with the upcoming wedding. She is kind of proceeding spastic on him. This individual knows how she can be so he units up his phone to record and when the lady starts making threats as he calls off the wedding, he shows her what he recorded. This individual also sends a duplicate to his lawyer. Without a destination to stay he calls his service buddy and crashes there in preparation for the funeral of another service buddy of both of them. From there things go NUTS!!! There is so much action and Jake is amusing with his smart feedback (always the Joker as Terrell calls him. ) The items he gets into thru no-fault of his own gets him in a lot of trouble. He just appears to be displaying up at the criminal offense scenes of the 2 lawyers that are murdered. The characters, of which there are many, are so unique on their own and it also blends well in this book. I avoid like to give anything at all away so I desire you pick up this book and enjoy it as much as I actually did. I am looking forward to his next book, Vigilante Assassin. Now i'm anxious to see what Jake has gotten themselves into next., This was a book I persevered with in the desire it might get better as it went on. It performed not in my viewpoint. Everything was explained as it might be in a childrens book. There were far too many accidental benefits and coincidences to get this a good read. The 2 main characters were able to shoot and strike anything but each other., This particular book was gripping. The writer took the time for you to know the characters which made the book more reading than I would normally have liked. But the way he integrated information about the characters made them more interesting, your bad guys. The book was never slow and right when you thought it might be over, the plot took another turn. I actually anticipate reading his next book., This book is beyond bad. It should have been a comic book book. Perhaps it was a error to publish it. It absolutely was my mistake to buy it., An excellent active read! Great characters, nice relationships, fun folks, and plenty of00 good reading. End up being certain to see the acknowledgements as the author offers credit where credit arrives.

I found the book almost impossible to put down and enjoyed every second I spent reading. I actually struggled a little through the fight scene, loved Cody; in fact he might have been the best personality, and appreciated the author's careful thoughtfulness and gratitude for the sacrifices of our military and police.

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