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It is really an exceptionally informative, entertaining, and enlightening book, but there is absolutely no better way to illustrate this, than by quoting a sample of the editorial reviewers' comments, since their views mirror my own views (see these particular reviewers' comments, below):

"This is a ripsnorting intellectual barnstorm of a guide, a sort of chimeric hybrid of mental genetics from Dorion Sagan, his genius mother Lynn Margulis, wonderful dead father Carl Sagan--surely one of the smartest families on the planet. The result is a remarkably coherent and blazingly original proposal for the next grand narrative of our own civilization (now that we have just about burned up out the Cartesian one). " --Frederick Turner, author of Natural Classicism plus the Culture of Hope

"Brilliant and fascinating, Dazzle Gradually unrolls for us the scroll of life on earth. These essays show us the intricate difficulties of microbes; an atmosphere that performs self-maintenance; our personal minds. Margulis and Sagan do not blink at the big questions or hard answers, and their writing is lively, precise, entertaining, and provocative, their passion for science just about everywhere evident and persuasive. Any person who has ever wondered where we came from, who we have been, and where we may be advancing will delight in this extraordinarily exciting book. inches --Kelly Cherry, author of Hazard and Prospect: Fresh and Selected Poems

"Deeply personal, humorous, and excellent... reading Dazzle is like journeying into two of the most original and creative scientific minds of our time. Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan discuss their most revelatory and complex ideas in succinct essays with accessible language, making this book a must-read primer to foraying their broad academic and intellectual interests. " --Alan Berger, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design and style, An amazing recounting of the microscopic living world. And we thought we were the important species. Germs started it all and are still here keeping it going. Read this and you will think twice about how precisely we should reside in this world., It is a great guide if you are enthusiastic about the life sciences. That definitively presents some subject areas that we, unfortunately, avoid find in high college or university class rooms. Which makes it a great read for anybody in the life/Earth sciences, since it will present new ideas about 'well known' phenomena in nature.

This is a collection of essays, both scientific and personal., "Dazzle gradually" is another great book by Margulis and Sagan. It engages your intellect and emotions in bringing together and taking apart myriads of the living world's amazing puzzles, or (quoting the famous Russian poet Nikolay Gumilev) "as if not all stars are yet counted, as if our world is not yet all discovered".

Let me add to one of those dazzles by commenting on kefir, the Caucasian drink and a wonderful symbiotic consortium of yeast and bacteria.

There indeed is a Caucasian legend about "Muhammad pellets" (or "Prophet's grain") but it speaks about the Prophet bringing it (in his hollowed staff) to Muslim people of Caucasus - definitely not to the Christian believers!

The legend comes from the Karachay, a Sunni Muslim people still inhabiting the valleys of upper Caucasus north of the (Orthodox Christian) Georgia, indeed near Mt Elbrus.
In fact, the legend said explicitly that the secret of kefir should be hidden from the infidels, and its disclosure will bring Allah's frustration and the destruction of Karachay people.
The kefir secret was held so tightly that it became known outdoors of Caucasus only in early 20th century through European dairy producers.

We even know exactly how this happened: Ten pounds of kefir culture were given by a Karachay nobleman Bekmurza Baichorov to a young Russian dairy researcher Irina Sakharova in 1906. The story of their love can be now read on every packet of kefir in Russian federation!

The entire Karachay people (80, 000), along with a amount of other ethnic groups, were exiled by Stalin to Central Asia in 1943. Out of 28, 000 exiled children, 22, 000 died. The particular Karachay were allowed to go back to the Caucasus in 1957. The world never noticed.

Victor Fet,
Marshall University,
Huntington, West Va, Profound science combined with wit and the subtlety of Dickinson. Not to be missed.. Nature enjoys this book!

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