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This book brought our family of four closer together. The husband and I both have busy work activities, and our two young sons have jam-packed institution and social calendars. Zero one knew what the other one was spending, and money was streaming from your bank account like water from your sieve. We never planned meals in advance, we just do what was most convenient at the moment. They knew our names at the local Starbucks. We hired someone to clean the house, organize the garage, mow the lawn, even placed our outdoor Christmas lighting. Then, my youngest child was diagnosed with a serious pituitary gland disorder. We found out that insurance coverage was not going to cover about , 1000 a month of his medicine. (Something he'll need for at least the next 4. 5 years. ) Our spending experienced to change drastically. Alter fast. And, change premaritally. I cried. I panicked. I prayed. Then together came " 31 Days to Living Well Investing Zero, " and what we thought was impossible for us (spending less) became not only doable, is actually a challenge that has pushed the reboot button on our family by giving us a mutual goal. Ruth breaks down spending, without ever being preachy, to show us how much we spend unconsciously, how it adds up quickly, and how we can stop spending without feeling like we're proceeding without. What's that but common saying, " Question: How do you eat an hippo? Answer: One bite each time. " It's true. Plus, that's what Ruth really does in this book. She breaks a spending freeze down into daily bitesize pieces by using impressive ideas, doable action steps, a simple to follow along with plan, helpful resources, and printables (which are beautiful) to guide you like a best friend to success. Her writing is warm and relatable. Her information is solid and doable. This book not only changed our spending, it's teaching our children the value of every dollar, and changing our lifestyle from one of convenience for the sake of convenience to one of experiencing the self-esteem boost in doing it ourselves and being able to say, " Job well done. " After reading this book, you can prepared to manage any financial hurdles life sends your path. You don't even need to do the task to learn valuable tips. This book is wise use of your money that will pay you back a hundred-plus times over!, This book will motivate, inspire, encourage and guide you through a whole 31 times of spending unnecessary money. Initially when i first got this book I thought " how can one book spend so much time talking about a plan to spend zero dollars? " Besides she walk you through how to go about spending no money for a month, but the girl spends time helping you one clean and organize your home so that you realize what YOU DO HAVE, 2. help you to clean away your pantry and make a meal policy for the month based on what you are have, 3. help you find ways to still let your imagination circulation by making projects with things you do have, 4. Encourage you to have a spa day complete with recipes for diy spa products, 5. help you think about selling items in your house or ways to barter for what you need 6. create a plan for future spending/budgeting and so much more! So although you may don't think you want to try a 31 day no spending challenge, this book will still motivate and help you find ways to consider outside of the box to save money. Every chapter is short and also to the point but FULL of resources (printables, websites, lists of ideas etc. ) to spur you on through the journey. I check out this book straight through as I was asked to review this book and provide a non-biased review. We honestly thought I didn't need to do this challenge, great I WOULD LIKE TO DO IT! Not only does Ruth make the challenge sound do-able, but she really really does allow it to be sound practical and FUN! This book will not disappoint. In case you are on the fence about buying this book or not buying it, just know that this book is an investment packed with functional resources that will motivate you over and over again to find ways to reside frugally AND to encourage one to look after & be aware of all you DO have. 5 celebrities!!!, Had I seen this in a bookstore, in person, I would not have bothered. It's only a book telling me to visit different websites to obtain the information that should have been printed in the book. That is why We acquired the book, to see it, and get the actual information from the book. Not to have to get up away of my comfy reading chair to go to the computer and appearance things up. It's ridiculous. Virtually every page has a website I need to go to, to get the information the author mentions, but does not include in the book. Who has time for that? I wish publishers would stop publishing books where you have to go to websites for the details, but sadly that seems like what they are doing these days. If I am buying the imprinted copy of the book I expect the info to be there, in the actual book, which i just paid my salary for.

The tips in this book just weren't that ideal for me. Going through my closet and getting clear of half my clothing that I spent cash on, just to filter it down to forty hangers, is definitely throwing money away, that doesn't " save" me money. Making projects, that I wouldn't buy anyway, is definitely cluttering up my house. And eating all the food in my house for 30 days would save money for 30 days but what about next month when you have eaten up everything you have in the house? You may end up spending a little fortune the next time you go to the grocery store store to restock your kitchen and replace the food for your fridge, freezer, and pantry., We had read a few of the authors textbooks and have enjoyed them. These types of books are in level and have many useful tools and suggestions which keeps you focused., Great book. We am on day twenty one. Saved quite a bit in may!!, Great Book! loved it and it is extremely helpful and motivating., We have done the spending freeze in this book, and it was a fantastic discipline. I've learned a whole lot!, Great book! Gets you thinking. I needed it!

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