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You would think that, as someone who works from home, I would have more time and energy to clean and organize my house. Not too! I actually found that being here all of the time had made me "house blind. " Plus, whenever a decision needed to be made about doing chores or working on the company, the business won every time.

I tried another "home cleaning & organization system" also it just led myself to feeling overwhelmed, accountable and inadequate. This 30 day plan is different. It's simple, straightforward, well organized and not the least bit gushy or preachy. It's practical enough that even my husband is on board.

He and i also split the tasks on the Daily Whole House Tidy Routine and we alternate rooms every day so there's no more justifications for "house blindness" as one of us always catches the actual other may have missed the prior day. We divided and conquered the Daily Cleaning, Organizing and Maintenance duties so neither of us all had the possiblity to get overwhelmed (or lazy).

The particular results have been fantastic. Although it may take us another 30 days and nights to really get out forward of things, we're really enjoying our freshly cleaned and organized home. Zero matter how comfy we get I don't think we'll ever give up the Daily Whole House Tidy Routine or the sleep of the rest of the 30-Day Plan., I actually purchased the kindle addition and my house is finally organized! I'm within my seventies and my house had gotten away from myself because of sickness. Right now that I was better I didn't know where to begin and this guide was a lifesaver! I got it at my speed and I've once again have a clean, organized home. Best purchase ever before...!!!, I am so happy that I found this guide. It is written in clear and concise language and only takes about a couple of hours to read. I'm only on day 2 of 30 and possesses already proven to be life changing. This is actually the first method to cleaning that has felt natural and effective to me. The 30 days will require a huge investment of your time and effort so at times it can be necessary to break the days and nights up a little little, but the payoff will be well worth it in the end., This method is precisely what I needed to truly do the cleaning. I mean, I am aware JUST HOW to clean a house - I just don't DO it. Possessing a plainly organized, logical plan is what makes the difference. The Daily Routine can be accomplished in only a few minutes. The biggest session I learned here is that like anything else in life, preparation is key. Spend some time getting the merchandise and equipment you need (which are minimal) and make certain they're available in the right places. I now have the homemade all-purpose cleaner spray bottle and cleaning rags under every sink - perhaps you should? Is actually inexpensive and makes it really that much more likely I'll take 2 minutes to clean the restroom drain in the morning.

The particular larger daily cleaning duties are less overwhelming because you just deal with one at a time. The order in which they're done is very clever, they build up so that things STAY clean for longer, and most likely not undoing your work by making a mess elsewhere.

Both of us all work full-time, and there is no way we can go through this in 30 days, but that's OK - the house looks better than ever, the Every day Routine keeps it managed, so I don't brain whether it takes 60 days and nights or 90., Spring is coming and I thought this would be the best way to get a jump start on Spring Cleaning... You really know what I am talking about, the cleaning where you race around and try to get everything done as quickly as possible. The first thing I actually saw was the 'make your bed everyday'. Hey, I actually already do this, so that is one thing off the to-do list! I can do this!
One more thing I like is that she doesn't say 'monday, tuesday, etc'. She claims 'day one, day two'. You can start on any day because that is day one. I'm looking through every day and I'm like " That's it.. that's all I have to do that day? " but that is precisely what I actually need. A specific task, a specific location and how to get it done properly.
Thanks, Katie! I know that I actually can follow this program and the house will be sparkling., Great small steps to conquer what i have always unsuccessful seeking to do
There is hope and strategies to a clean clutter free house, Really helpful and organized., Superb guidebook! If you are like me, wanting a clean, organized house but lacking the ability to devise a plan, this book will do it for you. I just open the book every day and do what it says. The stress of deciding how to proceed and when is gone--which opens up my day to consider other things, lol.

One note: I use regular cleaning products, like a spray bleach cleaner, and not the natural ones she talks about.

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