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This is a good follow-up to supplement Publication 1. It probably should have been combined with Publication 1 and published in a single volume, but there were apparently personal implications which needed to be considered. Like Publication 1, it primarily contains interviews of German remainders of the Anglo-American D-Day invasion of Normandy. It gives information about which most citizens of the Western powers have not already been aware. Particularly interesting in this volume will be the information of the relationship of some German soldiers and French civilians prior to the invasion., The The german language view us too often overlooked. To usually the accounts I have read of D-Day makes it audio like every German jewellry that was present was Warden SS. Instead in thus volume more details is given about the connection involving the local French and the German soldier's. Furthermore accounted from people who helped plan the defense's. It had been refreshing to hear that the initial plan got been to have protection in depth. Also one of the officer's informs of his involvement with a wonder weapon that had IIT exploded it could have changed the outcome., If you enjoy WWII history, you will want to read this series. Entirely based on interviews with German experienced in the mid-50s, and published by the interviewer's son. Aside from the unique activities of each individual, you also receive information into what they were thinking and how they justified their nation's violence. As much as I have read, I still learned a lot of things about weapons, personal actions, strategies and what it was like to experience the Allied onslaught on " Fortress Europe. ", Just as good as the first. I'm glad he captured the thoughts and feelings of the German soldiers on that day, and plenty of their feelings as time went on. It really hit me hard, as the battle stories are very vivid, translated beautifully and made me think about war and how it impacts the soldier. I was a history major, and wrote several papers on the personal aspects of the world wars, so it was very fulfilling for me to read these stories and have a more informed understanding., I wrote about my attraction to this fascinating book inside my review of the first volume. When justin was 12 or so I was captivated, even obsessed with how this war had took place, especially since it effected my dad so profoundly.
I became captivated with WWII and how it happened and how did this one diminutive man almost achieve world domination? I read so many books on WWII but never had the opportunity to read things from the German side. This book is the second of two volumes of selection interviews with soldiers who had been on the German front during D Day. The particular interviewer was the father of the man who modified these books.
He did a fantastic job. If you are a student of background, this is a must. It is said the history books are written by the victors, but this guide and their companion volume present a compelling view of what it was like to suddenly see this huge armada coming onto the beach, to hear of the terror that offshore putting by Allied battleships and cruisers unleashed for hours before and during the assault. Many of the interviewees are quite honest in how frightened and puzzled they were. In volume level one, some even discuss about it what happened when they were captured and obtained as prisoners. As it happens that many were sent to England and/or the Combined States, were treated very well, and some even stayed! In volume 2, the few who chatted of being captured were not captured on D Day, but later in the war and say they were not treated very well. I have no reason to doubt them.
No bones about it, as with the 1st volume this is not a book for the squeamish. There are very graphic information of the damage done to humans and even animals consequently of the assault. There is also, from some, a begrudging admiration for the creativeness and tenacity of the Allied makes. The interviews were conducted in 1954, including that time, a tiny few of those interviewed still placed that " only if" certain things had took place they will have repulsed the assault. I read this book as well as companion volume level very quickly. It truly is well organized and is not edited down to make it a " nice" read. This book is about the horror of combat, the confusion of war and the braveness of men on both sides The reader can practically hear the explosions, odor the cordite and perspiration in the bunkers. Greatest recommendation, but not for the squeamish., It's a well-put-together compendium of tales from German soldiers during the war. It had been interesting for me to get another perspective on the war from the other side. It makes one realize that the military are identical - doing their appointed tasks to support their country even when the orders don't always make sense. I found it less entertaining as a tale, but similar in perspective and human interest to the submarine movie, " Das Boot"., This was a riveting read. The stories from the various germans who had been present at D-Day are clentching and horrifying concurrently. From times you might be tempted to believe its embellished or it is too detailed but these stories seem permanently seared into the memories of the german soldiers in a way that only somebody who has been in combat or a life threatening situation could understand.

The format of the book is about 10 short reports in an interview style. I found the telling of the story in the soldiers own words to be a wonderful choice and so very authentic. I have recommended this book in front of large audiences.

G. S. I am a WWII buff so that plays a large part in why I liked this guide. If you were not into WWII or military things then that probably isn't very the book for you., These stories are simply extraordinary. I'm still battling to absorb the previous one. If I were to make one minimal criticism, it is that the voice for every meeting is very similar; but that is not detract from the spellbinding stories told. It seems tragic that we have had to hold out for too long to hear the German side of the D-Day story. I could read another 10 books of these outstanding accounts. Holger - if you have any more, please keep publishing them. Perhaps with your user profile you could setup a web site for other children of these extraordinary men to relate any stories they were told.

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