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And after that started out the battleship bombardment, shells large enough to see coming in, that leave their bunkers cracked and broken and men deaf and bleeding from the eyes. When allied numbers overwhelm it becomes hand to hand for survival. All believe reinforcements are imminent and that few prisoners would be taken. Another soldier in a guard position away from the beach knows an attack is on when in the night his companion is killed paratroopers. A 3 rd soldier survives a tank flamethrower attack on his bunker. The creator interviewed men at all 5 beaches prior to the invasion. He locates survivors and interviews them when they are about 30 years old, the memories are horrible in their detail. Each beach is a chapter. Numerous of the soldiers assist here as a result of injuries in Russia or infirm conditions like asthma. Right after regaining consciousness later in the morning, one soldier finds himself in a wire enclosure with other Germans being treated by an allied medic. Inside low whispers the criminals discuss the beach vision. “Defective equipment is pushed aside with no try at repairs. Where are the horses? Can energy be so plentiful there is no need for horses? If that is so, our war is lost. ” Wow. My best vacation read this year. Greatest recommendations., I haven't finished yet, but impressed by the content so significantly.

It is simply a series of interviews of German soldiers taken years after D-Day. Their stories are haunting and bloody and graphic and brutal. It's like the opening scene of " Saving Personal Ryan" but told from the German side. Tales include how they gunned down Americans storming outdoors, and how they in turn were bombed and strafed and burned by flamethrowers and everything more one can imagine.

Although it presents a relatively dry re-telling of what these men witnessed that day, occasionally you get some unexpected tidbits about their view on the war and their place in it. Informed by the German propaganda machine, as they were, a few them say they were fighting for a " united Europe" against the " American corporations and bankers".

Difficult a fun read (because of all that I just mentioned above), but it is a relevant demonstration of what that day was like.

***Update - this book has remained notable in mind for weeks, so I am raising it to five stars. That is impactful reading., A very informative and academic read. It's fascinating to see things from provided of view like this to see what their thoughts and motivations were during the battle. The vastly different perspective really gives a whole new view of the war., A fantastic bank account of D-day from the Germans view since the defense of the invasion. Any time we hear or read of D-day it is alway from the Sibling view.

This book offers an outstanding perception of what was seen fron the defenders view. Many outstanding testimonials from the German soldier that has been just doing his job of defending Fortress Europe.

I highly recommend this to any WWII buff., D-Day is normally seen through Allied eyes, although Cornelius Ryan's " The Longest Day" does give some German perspective, but generally from the point of view of the high command. This gives one some Wehrmacht's soldier's vision views of the momentous events of June 6th, 1944.

The taking of the Merville Battery is one of the great British success stories of D-Day. Where as the other great success (Pegasus Bridge) was your one where everything went right, Merville was the one where Murphy's Law took over - everything that could make a mistake, did. Yet they drawn it off. It was fascinating to hear the story from the other side, Germans who were surprised by the daring attack on Merville, and how they reacted.

I am urged to read the other volume., Very interesting reading. Usualy this stories are from the allies. In the show biz industry movies germans are often caricaturs of soldiers or nazi officers mowed down by GIs smoking a cigar. Thought the the german language soldier surrendering murder scene in the longest day is removed in the german version. In de Saving Private Ryan the modern camoflage uniforms of the SS where blackend out or they would have looked cooler as the band of hereos we ought to identify with. Some call the book fake. If you read carefully this feedback it seems the reports take away from the picture of the US veterans heroic and sacrifising. But live with it. Even serving an wicked cause and being the loosers of the battle they are in the Normandy meatgrinder to!, This is a very interesting guide. It tells the tale of the Normandy Invasion as seen by of German troops. That's not the view we usually get. You also get their perspective on why they were fight the war, and what it was like to be on the acquiring end., Very insightful, and provides the perspective of the war from several German soldiers. There were some very compelling reports in the German narrative about a " usa Europe" that had people from all over The european countries fighting for the German cause. History is finally authored by the victors, but this book provides useful ideas from the losing aspect. One takeaway is a human perspective on these soldiers, who will be perceived as villains in most european textbooks. These men were fighting for a perspective dictated by their political leaders, and believed they were serving a valiant cause. It is a good warning for all people.

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